Common Places To Find Hookers For Sex

Common places for single men to find girls for sex

If you are looking for common places to find hookers for sex then there are certain spots in every city that you can try. Now every city may not have each of these spots, but every city will have at least a few of them.

Some cities may have a red light district so finding hookers will not be hard, others have brothels spread out around town. Some will have certain known prostitution areas where girls walk the street.

Sites like this and many others on the web can point you in the right direction for the major cities, but what if you are in a smaller city where you can’t find any info? Or what if somehow what you read online isn’t working?

The sex trade shifts around from place to place it isn’t stagnant. Sites like this one do their best to point you in the right direction but can’t be updating every city every day.

So if you find yourself struggling to find them then there are certain areas you should check out. Some of them may seem obvious, others not so much.

Hookers Follow The Money

We all like to make as much money as possible when we work and hookers are no different. Anywhere there is a lot of money beautiful women will be around, some of them might ‘only’ be gold diggers while others are flat out hookers.

So, where is the money? The first place to look would be at the nicest hotels in the city. Hotel bars are a very common place for ‘high class escorts’ to ply their trade. They sit in the bar all night waiting for some rich businessman to get bored and come down for a drink.

There are always guys traveling and many of them do it alone, and since they are in a city where no one knows them getting a prostitute is pretty easily justifiable. Oh ya, and if the girl is hot that helps justify it as well.

If the hotel has a nightclub that works too, or maybe the pool. Another common spot would be casinos. They know that if a guy just won $500 he is going to want to celebrate, might as well be with her.

He now has some disposable cash to give her and it is a match made in heaven. If you see some girl sitting at a penny slot machine dressed to the hilt making eyes at every guy that walks past then you know there is a good chance she is a hooker.

The top night clubs in town are another place where they may go. If guys are spending thousands of dollars on a table and bottles maybe they will throw some of that cash their way as well.

Hell, the guys are going there to try and meet girls anyways, why not cut to the chase and pay her and quit wasting their time. These are the places where you are likely to find the hottest girls.

You also can be more likely to get drugged, so keep an eye on your drinks.

Common places to meet hookers in different cities

Or Don’t Follow The Money

The polar opposite of this would be going to the poorest areas of any city. While you may have thoughts about the dirtiest crack whores popping into your heads that may not always be the case.

Not all cities have drug problems and if you are traveling around the world it might just be a poor woman, not a crack whore. However if you are in the western world there is a good chance she is a crack whore.

These are the places to go if you want some cheap quick sex. Better yet have her hop in your car, give you a quick BJ in an alley, and get back to a safer neighborhood as quick as possible.

Any time you are in the poorest area of the city you are putting yourself at risk so definitely tread lightly and watch your back.

Asian Massage Parlors

Asian massage parlors easy place to pay for sex

You get naked alone in a room with 1 other woman who is already touching your body and wants to make as much money as possible, just like we all do. No surprise that so many happy endings go down, and it isn’t just the guy that gets made more happy.

Some good signs that this particular massage parlor is one where you will definitely get extra services is to look for a red light by the door. Or if you get to pick which girl you go with from a lineup.

Usually if a massage parlor is open til late into the night you can safely guess that you are going to get that happy ending you are looking for. Overall this is one of the best ways to go looking for girls for sex in a random city you don’t know.

Saunas, Bath Houses & Barbershops

OK, so we all know that this is where gay guys go to find sex in some cities. But in others sauna can pretty much be code for brothel. Like in Germany for instance, they have some awesome sex saunas and if you are a noob tourist you might think all you are doing is sitting in a hot room sweating with other dudes.

That isn’t the case at all. How do you know which type of sauna is which? Well you can do a bit more research online, or you can just give it a shot and hope for the best.

If you do hope for the best and it isn’t one of those places just cross your fingers that no gay dudes make a move. The barbershops thing may seem out of place but in some Asian countries blowjobs and haircuts go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This is mostly a Japanese and Vietnamese thing, but if you walk past a barbershop in one of those countries and a sexy girl calls out to you then maybe you have a chance.

The Only Bar In Town

Lets say you are in a really small city and don’t have any idea where to go. You have searched on Google and nothing at all is popping up.

Give the only bar in town a shot. It may not work out, but if there is a hooker in that town where else is she going to work?

There probably are no high end hotels in such a small town, nor will there be any big nightclubs or casinos. So head to the bar and see if any girl appears to be nursing a drink while waiting for a customer.

Meet Hookers At Strip Clubs

The majority of strippers out there are just strippers and don’t want to have sex for money.  That doesn’t mean none of them will.

You definitely will need to approach things cautiously and be a gentleman about it so you don’t get a beat down from the bouncers.  Sex in the champagne room might not be possible, but getting her number or Facebook and setting up a private meet later on definitely could be.

Near Train Stations & Bus Stations

In some cities these can be the main spots. Why? Who knows but they just turn out to be where hookers go. Somewhere like Frankfurt many of the freelancers and even the red light districts are next to the stops on the train.

Or maybe the train planned the stops at the red light districts? How convenient they make it for us. If you are running out of options and nothing else is working you can try here.

Ask a Taxi or Find An Expat Bar

If you ask a taxi he will probably take you someplace where he will get a cut so you will have to pay a bit more, but at least you will find something. Without his knowledge you wouldn’t so he deserves a little for his wisdom anyways.

Or if you are in a foreign country just find a popular expat bar or hang out. There should be lots of guys there having some beers and it should be quite easy to steer the conversation towards girls and ask where you can find them.

At any expat bar at least one guy will know, heck they probably all will know, but at least one certainly will. If he points you in the right direction and you have a great time maybe go back the next night and buy him a beer or three.

Online Dating Sites & Craigslist

Meeting hookers online is becoming more and more popular around the world. In fact many of the hookers will be the ones that find you. Girls will sign up to these sites and message guys propositioning them.

Or you may have to do the messaging yourself. It shouldn’t be all that hard to pick out who the hookers are. If the rest of the girls are conservatively dressed and then you get a picture of a girl in lingerie talking about making you happy or wanting ‘kisses’ or ‘roses’ or ‘gifts’ then there you go.

Ways to meet hookers online around the world

This is probably the most efficient way as you will be able to contact a whole lot of girls in a very small amount of time. Or you could even try and set up a date with a non pro and see how that goes. There are lots of horny girls on these sites and many will put out the first night.

You can even hop on Facebook and use these methods to try and meet hookers online. Or head to better cities to meet easy girls like you can find in this eBook

Good luck if you visit any of these common places to find hookers for sex.

Best places to meet easy girls for sex with hookers


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