Cryptocurrency: Money Of The Future And Great For Travel

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This site mostly revolves around two things, the main one being girls. Well this is about the other and how cryptocurrency might be the money of the future and is great for travel.

Last week we covered how many digital nomads are making a killing off Bitcoin and broke down how you can buy it here. Some consider a short term investment and that has been going very well for them.

Others consider it a long term investment and a way to get a nice return on their money ever since banks decided to stop paying interest. And some have even begun using it as their main way to not only store money but use it as well.

There are plenty of haters out there that will tell you that this is all just a fad, but they probably said the same thing about Google at the turn of the century. Whenever a new technology comes along some adapt quick and some adapt slow, only the future can tell us who is right.

One thing cannot be disputed, there has been no better investment in 2017 thus far then cryptocurrency.

Graph’s That Go Up & Up

Ethereum price graph cryptocurrency traveling money

That graph is for Ethereum which is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies at the moment. Only a few months ago it was under $20 a coin, it recently reached $400 and has been hovering between $350 and $400 ever since.

That is a 20x return on investment in a few months, good luck finding that anywhere else. It is not the only one booming at the moment, Dash Coin hasn’t gone up quite as much but is at $200, not too shabby.

Dash coin graph digital nomads backpack money

How long will they continue to rise? No one knows, but more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon, and not just digital nomads either.

Some huge financial institutions like Microsoft, JP Morgan, and even banks have got in on Ethereum. That certainly lends some credibility to what sounds like a risky venture to most.

The Future Can Be Bright For Travelers

As anyone who has traveled knows you can get hit really hard when it comes to exchanging currencies or withdrawing funds from your bank. The ATM charges a fee, your bank charges a fee, and there is an exchange rate to deal with as well.

This could all change when it comes to cryptocurrencies. As of now major countries like Australia, China, and Japan have jumped on board and have officially recognized it as legal money.

Hopefully more and more will follow suit but even if they don’t it can still be used. For instance there is a beer garden in Pattaya that has been accepting Bitcoin payment for over a year and it surely isn’t the only place.

As more and more places start to accept it you won’t need to worry about getting ripped off by bank after bank when you want to travel anymore.

How To Buy In?

Like all investments there is certainly some risk, but if a financial firm like JP Morgan thinks it is a wise investment maybe you should also. Only bite off what you can afford to chew, and if things go well maybe consider getting more in the future.

The sooner you buy in the more value you will get. The easiest way to buy it is to use Local Bitcoin and look for a seller with a good reputation. That means 30+ trades and 97% or better customer reviews.

Then you will give them your wallets receiving address and can keep it as Bitcoin or change it to Ethereum, Dash, or any other coin that you think has a good chance of success. Remember that the more you spread your money around the safer it is. Don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket.

Right now the sick return on investment people are getting makes this worth trying, all reward has some risk and the rewards here are great. Local Bitcoin is the best way to buy cryptocurrency which might be the money of the future and could be big time for travelers.

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