Best Dating Sites To Meet Women In Ukraine Seeking Foreign Men

Dating sites meet women Ukraine seeking foreign men online

Today we are going to update you on the best dating sites to meet women in Ukraine seeking foreign men online. This is a hot topic in the manosphere and that is because these ladies are very sexy and if you are lucky enough to find a bride from here you will be very happy.

In the pre internet days this was one of the mail order bride capitols of the world. When foreign men wanted to find a bride from another country their search often led them here.

Well now things are much easier and there are many dating sites to meet women in Ukraine seeking foreign men. You don’t need to go through the snail mail process of receiving one letter every 6 weeks.

Who knew if those letters were even written by the girl you were trying to marry? Luckily those days are long gone and like many things in life the internet has made meeting people from other countries so much more efficient.

Some guys may just be looking to use these sites to find some sexy ladies to hook up with when they travel through. Others may be looking for a long term relationship or to find a bride from the Ukraine.

No matter what your goals are the sites and dating apps listed below will be the best way for you to meet girls in the country. We will start off with our favorite site, then mention some others, move on to the dating apps and then give some quick tips for dealing with the women here.

UkraineDate Is Still #1

Online dating sites for casual sex with Ukraine girls

We say it all the time but if you are ever in doubt the first place you need to look is Cupid Media. This is the best international dating site network and they have dozens of sites covering the world.

They have a stellar reputation and UkraineDate is one site where you know you won’t be getting scammed. It is a legitimate dating site with a very active staff that gets rid of fake profiles and scammers as quick as they can.

Plus you will find the most active female users here of anywhere. Some guys don’t like to pay for dating sites and we understand that, but that just makes things that much better for the foreign men who are willing to pay.

As we all know guys are far more hungry when it comes to dating or sex. On your average dating site there are many more guys than women, and that is the case here as well.

But what Cupid Media did is sort of like the VIP section of a nightclub. Anyone is free to sign up for the dating site and set up a profile, but only paying members can start a conversation.

That means even if there are 100,000 male members and 50,000 female members the ratios actually aren’t like that. Women aren’t paying for a dating site, and only about 5% of guys actually pay.

In our scenario there are actually 5,000 guys that can send the first message, giving you a 10 to 1 girl to guy ratio. We totally made those numbers up out of thin air, but you see where we are going.

On UkraineDate you get into the VIP section where there are lots of sexy Ukrainian ladies seeking foreign men, and all the cheap guys who aren’t willing to pay are left standing outside in the cold.

Best dating sites to meet girls in Ukraine to hook up

Other International Dating Sites

There are other international dating sites with Ukrainian women seeking foreign men as well. is one of the most popular, but we will cover it a bit more in the apps section.

Lets just say that this is a site that has seen better days, but it still is a viable option. You could also try to meet women online at or

They are probably both legitimate sites but they have a much lower active female user base then what you find at UkraineDate. A couple more you could try are Russian Cupid and International Cupid.

As you can see both are part of Cupid Media and very reliable, but if you only want to meet a good woman in the Ukraine and not other countries you will have less of a selection on them. But as far as international dating sites go they are highly recommended.

Best Dating Apps In Ukraine

Lets start out with Mamba and 5 years ago this app would not only have been our top dating app in the Ukraine but maybe the best overall way to meet girls. When it was new it was loaded with lots of sexy ladies who were interested in foreign men.

Some of them were ‘semi pro’ prostitutes like university students who needed a little help buying their books. Others were just good girls looking to hook up and get laid with someone new.

But once word got out things changed. Now there are tons of fake profiles run by online escort agencies, we wrote a longer post on meeting hookers online in this country if that is the type of thing that interests you.

We assume most foreign men reading a post like this are looking to find a good woman for a serious relationship. Or a good girl who just wants to have a new experience with a tourist or expat from another country but isn’t looking to get paid to do so.

Mamba may still be worth checking out, but just remember there are many fake profiles on it now. Of course another very good dating app in the Ukraine is Tinder, but in our experiences dating apps are always less efficient than sites.

Why? Because everyone has a Tinder account these days but not everyone is actually using it to meet and hook up. Some use it to kill time when bored at work, some don’t even check their matches.

People only go to a dating site when they want to meet people. People use dating apps for a variety of reasons.

Ukrainian Women Seeking Foreign Men

Meet women in Ukraine for casual sex online

Now lets give some quick tips on dating Ukrainian women seeking foreign men. Some will only be in this for financial reasons, others to try and get a green card, and others because they truly want a foreign husband.

It can be a bit difficult to read a woman’s true motivations, that is just as true here as it is anywhere in the world. If they seem like a gold digger then they probably are would be the easiest advice to give.

A good woman seeking a foreign husband probably won’t be asking you to buy her stuff quickly. Dinner, dates, and taxis are one thing. Asking you to take her shopping is another matter.

A lot of guys are traveling the globe now just to explore and meet some sexy girls along the way. There are plenty of Ukrainian women that want to hook up with foreign men and aren’t necessarily looking for marriage.

However girls here don’t generally put out on the first date. If you meet a girl at a pick up bar and get laid on the first night there is a good chance she will ask for money in the morning. The same is often true on dating sites or apps.

Our advice is to meet girls on UkraineDate a week or ten days before you come into town. Get as many numbers from as many sexy ladies as you can and try to Skype with all of them.

During the video chat casually mention that you enjoyed talking to her and that it felt like a first date and then laugh about it. A lot of women have that silly ‘3 dates’ rule, if you can get her to mentally tick one off from a video chat that would be huge.

Then when you arrive in town set up a coffee date near your hotel or apartment during the day. Nothing too serious, just a quick meet and chat. Invite her up to your room afterwards to hang out some more and if she declines don’t push.

Keep things casual at first, but then on the second date go all out. Dinner and drinks at a bar or nightclub, once again near your hotel or apartment.

When you dance with her make more body contact and be more flirtatious throughout the night. Don’t talk about sex, but be more aggressive and this time push harder for her to come back to your room.

If she does then great, you will likely get laid. If not then it is up to you whether you want to keep trying to hook up with her in the future.

If you are looking for a loving Ukrainian bride to be with you for the rest of your life and really like her then keep going. If all you want is to hook up and get laid quickly and she hasn’t put out by then it might be time to look for another option.

The good news is that now you know of the best dating site to meet women in the Ukraine seeking foreign men online and will have many sexy single ladies to choose from.

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