Don’t Be Afraid Of Freelance Prostitutes In SEA

Southeast Asian prostitute safety tips for freelancers

Many guys have heard the stories about the dirty ‘freelancers’ prowling the streets of Southeast Asia in the main expat nightlife areas. Whether it is on Walking Street in Angeles City or Pattaya or Burgos Street in Manila the stories are all the same.

The freelancers have diseases, the freelancers do drugs, the freelancers will rob you or do a police set up. Has each of these things happened in the past? Sure. So have plane crashes but you are still willing to take the flight over right?

You probably have just as big of a chance of getting caught up in a raid in a bar or massage parlor then you do of getting set up by a freelancer. Recently in Bangkok the most famous ‘soapie massage’ places like Natharee got raided on the same day.

Does this mean you should never get a massage in Asia again? Of course not. These raids are few and far between and freelancer scams are even more rare.

There is a reason why so many Southeast Asian expats use freelancers instead of bargirls and that is because the bars take to big of a cut. If you were in the western world then paying a bar to help you find easy girls would make since, but once you are in Asia there is no need.

In every city you can find so many freelancers around why are you going to pay the bar to help you? It is bad enough they are charging you for overpriced drinks and even more overpriced ladies drinks.

Also, many times girls will not want to go for a lower price in a bar because there can be a ‘standard’ price that all the girls try to follow. Yet if you met the same girl at a hooker disco after her shift she may go for half that standard price.

Some guys will say to take freelancers to a short time hotel instead of your home. This will lower your chances of something bad happening in the future, but as long as you are kind to the girl and live up to your end of the bargain it is kind of an unnecessary expense and hassle.

Lets take all of these ‘reasons’ why bars are better and break them down. If you were more interested in non pro Southeast Asian girls that post has a nice comparison from country to country.

Asian Freelance Prostitutes Have Diseases

The supposed ‘health checks’ that the bargirls go through are widely considered to be a joke. They are going to be catching the same thing that you would be catching by taking a quick look between her legs.

They don’t even test for HIV which is the main thing you need to be afraid of. They take a quick look between her legs and do a swab that they may or may not test. Based on the quality of health care you get in SEA it is pretty safe to assume these doctors just go through the motions.

If they see a big herpes flare up they will spot it and tell the girl not to work. If you see a big herpes flare up you probably won’t be entering either will you? Take a look between a girls legs before you enter and you are doing the same thing the docs are.

If you are concerned about other STDs then wear a condom which is always advisable when going with a hooker.  Pro tip: the condoms in Asia are small, stock up before you go.  Or use Asian Dating to meet non pro girls who are less risky.

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Asian Prostitutes Steal

Any sexy Asian girl might steal if given the opportunity, including bargirls. Some guys think that you can go to a bar after and say she stole, but she is going to deny it and they will believe her over you.

Now if this happens to often they will kick the girl out of the bar, but Asians generally are more crime of opportunity types then aggressive hunters. In South America you have to worry about getting drugged so that someone can rob you, in Asia that is almost unheard of.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still make sure to keep an eye on your drink, but it isn’t as important as in South America or even Vegas. If you leave some cash lying around and hop in the shower after you bang the girl she may try to steal it. A bargirl might also.

A good idea is to keep your wallet and phone in your pants pocket and bring your pants into the bathroom when you shower. Don’t give any girl an opportunity to steal whether it is a freelancer or bargirl.  Or use some of these travel safety locks if you don’t have a safe.

Even if 1 in 50 do steal everything you got that isn’t going to cost you more then paying those 50 barfines (unless you are being silly and traveling with to much cash on you.)

Asian Freelancers Will Scam You

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One person gets scammed for a couple hundred dollars and tells another person. That person goes on to tell 3 people and they each tell 3 people. Every time the story is told the legend gets bigger and bigger.

Before you know it a simple hundred dollar extortion turned into guns drawn and bank accounts emptied. Is it possible to get scammed? Sure anything can happen. But do you have any idea how many tourists and expats in Southeast Asia have a girl in their room each year?

Probably has to happen a million times, and these scams get reported on message boards a few times a year. Granted not everyone who gets scammed is going to report them, but even if they happen 1,000 times a year that makes it under a 1% chance.

If you do somehow happen to be the very unlucky person who has a cop knock on their door either when the girl is in the room or right after it probably won’t cost you that much. If the girl is already gone you could just not open the door and wait for him to leave.

Even if he stays around as long as you ‘settle up’ with the first cop on the scene it shouldn’t cost you more then a couple hundred dollars. Don’t get angry and make him lose face. Even though you are pissed remain calm and try to smile.

Have an easy going conversation, apologize for what you did (even if you didn’t do what he says) and give him a hundred dollars worth of local currency ‘for the problem.’ If he wants more tell him you only have a bit more and go get another hundred worth out of your bag.

Some expats like to keep money around for this just in case. They know that if you don’t have the money to settle up with the first guy that then things might get out of hand if he really does bring you in.

The more people that know about this ‘problem’ you caused the more that will need a cut to get out of it. And the higher up the people that know are the bigger the pay off will be.

Settle up with the first guy and don’t make a big deal out of it. Sure, it will suck to get scammed out of a couple hundred dollars but it isn’t the end of the world. If you try to argue with him he could make it the end of your world.

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Really though you should not have to worry about this at all. The main reason this would happen is if you are going with an underage girl and you should never do that. If a girl looks too young ask for her ID and if she doesn’t have one don’t go with her.

Guess what though…… there have been lots of underage girls working in bars also and if you somehow get caught with one of them the ‘but I got her from the bar’ excuse isn’t going to hold any water. You will get in deep shit either way and knowing that she works in a bar may give you a false sense of security.

From a math perspective it is pretty easy to see that these scams are worth risking. If it costs roughly $80 to barfine a girl after tip and $50 for a freelancer you save $30 each time.

If you get scammed 1 in 100 times you have saved $3000 in barfines and pay $200, so $2800 saved overall. Many freelancers will go for far less then $50, some bars will cost much more then $80, and scams don’t happen 1 in 100 times.

Take the risk but remember to remain calm and keep a smile on your face if you have a cop knock. Don’t make a minor problem a big one.

She Must Be Bad If She Doesn’t Work In A Bar

This is the type of BS that many bar owners or managers say on the popular expat forums in Thailand and the Philippines. You will notice certain guys constantly giving the same warnings of freelancers.

They will list all of the things from above and then say that the only reason a girl wouldn’t work in a bar is because she got kicked out of one. That isn’t at all true.

Some girls may not want to stand up on a rotating carousel almost naked and have guys stare at them. Or have to go sit with any guy that wants to buy her a drink so she can reach her ladies drink quota for a month.

Some girls may live in the province and only travel into these sexpat areas every once in awhile when they need money. Some may realize they can make more money freelancing and not have to work a set schedule. Would you rather be self employed or have a boss?

Would you want to have a bar take a big cut of what you make when you can just go to a hooker disco next door and keep it all yourself? Would you want some mamasan to make you go sit with any guy that wants to grope you? Or would you want to pick and choose who you want?

There are so many reasons why a girl may not want to, or even be able to, work in a bar that don’t make her ‘bad’ or ‘trouble.’ If people were to say ‘take extra precaution’ with a freelancer then that would be a totally reasonable way to put it. But the people that say never go with a freelancer have some sort of an agenda.

The longer you are here the more you realize you don’t need to be afraid of freelance prostitutes in Southeast Asia. This eBook breaks down some of the best beaches in the region where you can have an awesome time with many girls around.

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