Bad Business For Expats: Girly Bar’s

Expats owning girly bars strip clubs bad business

A very bad business for expats is girly bar’s but so many guys go to Southeast Asia and fall in love with the nightlife. It is hard not to, in the western world how easy is it for an average guy to meet a 20 year old girl and have her smile at you?

Not even get her into bed, just have her smile at you and be kind. Well in Southeast Asia you can go into any girly bar and be treated like a rock star any time you want. It is like a different world there and many guys decide they want to move over and become an expat instead of sticking with their current boring life.

The problem is how do you make money when living there? Well why not buy a girly bar! At some point every guy has had the thought of owning a strip club and being the boss of so many sexy girls.

Hmmm, not sure if we can hire you right now. Is there anything you would like to do for me to change my mind? As creepy as that sounds you know at least once in your life you had a similar thought.

Heck in the SEA girly bars and blowjob bars you have to assume that the girls are ‘tested’ by some guy before they are allowed to work. Pretty easy to guess what test they have to pass.

Over the years many guys have moved to the main sports for nightlife like Angeles City, Pattaya, or many other cities and bought a bar or started up one of their own. More often then not this doesn’t work out.¬† There are better ways for expats to make money, owning your own business overseas is hard.

Why A Girly Bar Is A Bad Business

Do not own a girly bar in Asia bad for expats

There is a lot of competition when it comes to girly bars and it will be very hard for yours to stand out. You will need to get in somewhere on the ‘prime real estate’ and that means your initial investment will have to be a big one.

Then you are going to have to steal customers from already established bars that have built up a big expat customer base. You may think you have some genius idea that will make your bar stand out, but who knows if it will work.

Then on top of your initial investment there are other costs you may not be considering. While these places are kind of sort of legal if you want to keep your doors open and not get raided you are going to have to deal with corruption and pay offs.

This can really add up, and don’t be surprised when each time they ask the price goes up. They will let you exist so that they can make money off you. Do you trust them to not be to greedy?

It also takes a lot of work and you will need to be there to do that work. If you want this bar to be profitable then it needs to be run very well. How many people do you really trust to do that for you?

Most people just go through the motions at work. Unless you somehow find the perfect worker odds are they won’t work as hard as you.¬† They will just get drunk and go through the motions because they have no motivation.

Running a business as an expat overseas is going to be a lot harder work than you may think. With the way Bitcoin keeps skyrocketing nothing seems like a better investment then that currently.

It Gets Riskier By The Day For Expats To Own Bars

While there is no reason to feel worried when you visit a girly bar owning one is a different matter. Just recently the most famous soapie massage shops in Bangkok were shut down. Raids happen pretty frequently in both Angeles City and Manila.

In Bangkok Dr. BJ’s and Natharee Soapie Massage were both recently shut down. In Sosua all the brothels were closed in recent years and they are giving the bars problems as well.

They aren’t targeting the customers, don’t worry they still want your tourist dollars. What they are targeting is the people in charge. They will raid bars and say it is for ‘human trafficking’ or having ‘underage girls.’

Those are not criminal charges that you ever want to face. When a raid like that happens it usually hits the media. Once it is known the chances of buying your way out of jail are slim and if it is even possible it is going to be very costly.

While the internet has done a lot of great things and made it easier for all of us single guys to travel and find good places to find nightlife it has not been a good thing for the bar owners. 20 years ago few people in the western world knew what was going on in foreign countries and it was better that way.

Now a days this is a bad business for an expat to own.

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There Are Other Ways To Make Money Online As An Expat

20 years ago the options to become an expat and make money abroad were scarce. Outside of owning a bar what else were you going to do?

Well now you have many ways to make money online that won’t have you dealing with corruption, pay offs, and potential lengthy jail sentences.

Leave the owning a girly bar in Southeast Asia fantasy in your mind. This eBook breaks down some good budget travel locations where you may be able to retire cheaply.

Avoid the common fantasy  turned nightmare, girly bars are a bad business for an expat to own.

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