Finding Girls For Sex in Bali, Indonesia

Bali sex guide girls mongering massage prostitutes

Many travelers in Southeast Asia will end up heading here, and that means there are many single guys looking to find girls for sex in Bali. Of course where there is demand the supply will surely follow.

Since this is such a popular tourism destination everything is going to be really expensive and that includes the girls. Since so many tourists that know nothing about mongering go here many will pay 1st world prices, or close to them, to the prostitutes not realizing that in Asia they should be pay 25% of what they are asked.

So if you are mongering on a budget this may not be the place for you. The hotels are expensive, the food is overpriced, and everything in the nightlife is expensive as well. $5 for a drink is ridiculous in Asia but common in here.

Of course you will be on your vacation so won’t be pinching pennies, just know this isn’t a budget destination. This Bali sex guide will detail how the main way to find girls will be the freelance prostitutes at the night clubs.

There are many erotic massage parlors but quite a few pull bait and switch tactics of either parading out a hot girl and giving you an ugly one or making you think your happy ending will be happier then it really will.

Taxi drivers will know some of the best places to find girls at the time, remember since prostitution isn’t exactly legal the locations of certain establishments may change often. So if you are struggling when there you can ask a driver, or try meeting hookers online on dating apps.

There will also be many non hookers partying in the great nightlife in Bali around Kuta. Lots of girls from Australia come over for a weekend to have fun, pulling one of them won’t be impossible if you can get them away from the sexy Indonesian girls.

Picking Up Prostitutes In Kuta, Bali

Kuta Bali prostitute pick up bars Sky Garden hookers

This is your best way to go about finding girls for sex in Bali (which is odd because in Jakarta it is the opposite) but the prices can be extremely high. The hottest girls will be at the pick up bars and nightclubs in Kuta looking for drunk tourists that don’t know the game.

Sky Garden seems to always have a good selection of girls, but it will also probably be the most expensive. You can find some absolute stunners here because the hookers go where the money is.

Some will ask for as much as $200 which is almost first world prices in a third world country. Since she is a freelancer she may be open to negotiation or she may not be.

Some girls will deal in dollars, Australian dollars, or Indonesian Rupiah. 1.3 million rupiah is $100USD at the time of this writing. Your goal should be to pay 500k rupiah to any hot one in a disco, but don’t bank on one dropping that low.

The hottest ones will probably hold out for 1 million rupiah (or more) which is about $75. While these prices are quite high for SEA it should be mentioned again, there can be some very beautiful women here.

They won’t all be Indonesian girls, you may find hookers from Thailand, the Philippines, and China who come here because they know the money is good. Moving to a tropical paradise to earn a higher wage is a pretty wise business decision.

So hit up the Kuta nightlife and all the clubs and you will see many girls. There will also be some girls on the streets in Kuta and they should go for cheaper, anywhere from 250k to 500k should be enough.

You can also try the beach in the day, but discerning Indonesian tourists from hookers may be hard. If an Indonesian girl is out at a club at midnight dressed like a ho then she is a ho.

If a girl is on the beach in the middle of the day you can’t make the same assumption, but Kuta Beach is still somewhere to check out. Meeting hookers in Kuta Bali online is pretty easy on Tinder or WeChat.

Brothels In Bali

Meet girls for sex at brothels in Bali Go Go dancers

If you are looking to go somewhere, drop a load real quick, and get out then you can try one of the brothels in Bali. You probably won’t find a stunner like you can out in the nightlife, but you should be able to find something worth paying for.

The brothels are in Sanur Bali and you won’t have a a hard time finding them. If you see a house with an X or multiple X’s at the end of the address that is how they signal girls are available.

It is hard to say how much you will pay here because it will all come down to your negotiation skills. If you ask a taxi driver to take you to one he will surely ask the mamasan for a cut and that will increase your rate.

They will likely assume you are one of the many stupid tourists that comes in not knowing the real cost for sex in Southeast Asia. They may ask you for a million rupiah or more to start but will surely go down.

Try and shoot for around 300k-500k, but most locals pay 100k. You will never get it as low as a local but you can do your best to come close. Remember that it is a buyers market, there will be lots of houses with an X in this area and if one is trying to rip you off turn around and walk out.

If you show you can say no don’t be surprised if they drop their price real quick.

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Erotic Massage Parlors In Bali

Erotic sex massage parlors Kuta Bali happy ending

We have written a longer post on erotic sex massage in Bali that has all the info you need, but we can cover it again here briefly. There are many options around and you can find anything from a plus plus sex massage to a standard handjob happy ending.

For full service you can check out Riverview Legian Spa on Jalan Kresna. For a body to body massage ending in a handjob happy ending head to Swell Spa.

More options for sex massage in Bali are:

  • Onasis
  • Kuta Timur
  • Royal Palace Karaoke and Spa
  • Delta Spa
  • Refrezz Spa
  • Body Arum Spa
  • Sriya Spa

Prices can vary a bit, a massage with handjob happy ending should be around 400k and a full service sex massage maybe 1.2 million.

Meeting Non Pro Girls

While there will be lots of hookers out in the nightlife there will be many non pro girls as well. They will be traveling in from all around the country (and world) to party here.

The Kuta Bali nightlife is the main spot for tourists to go. This means there will be a good mix of pros and non pros. Some good clubs in this area are:

  • Eikon
  • Mbargo
  • Engine
  • Velvet
  • Hypnotized

Velvet and Hypnotized can be found right next to each other in the Beachwalk Mall.

If you don’t like the tourist scene then head to Seminyak where there is more of a local scene and less prostitutes around. Good nightclubs and bars in Seminyak are:

  • Mirror
  • Gatsby
  • Jenja
  • Track 9

There are lots of Indonesian girls that want to hook up with foreign men, or bule as the locals call them. If you want to try your hand at a non pro logging onto Indonesian Cupid could prove fruitful.

You don’t even need to only search for girls in Bali.  If you find a sexy Indonesian girl anywhere in the country she will probably jump at a chance to join you here for a trip.  When you share a bed good things will happen.

But there will be so many with their location set to this city you shouldn’t have any problems finding any nearby. Most Indonesian women are very conservative and aren’t interested in casual hook ups.

However the ones that are can be very thirsty, the more sexy ladies you contact on Indonesian Cupid you contact the more likely you are to find the women who want to hook up with foreign men.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Bali

Price for sex in Bali prostitute massage brothel

That wraps up this Bali sex guide, there will be plenty of nightlife for a singly guy and you will have a great time. Just remember it is going to come at a far higher cost then it would in most places in Southeast Asia.

Usually we would have talked about the best strip clubs but as of now they don’t exist. If you could find the sex clubs here like they have in Jakarta then it may truly be paradise.

There is definitely a tourist trap feel to this city and no where is this more evident then when you are dealing with the hookers. They earn a lot of money and know that if you want pay the inflated prices some other guy will soon.

There are some very beautiful women around the nightlife here. If you want to find girls for sex in Bali it is easily done, but also costly. This eBook breaks down more good beaches with nightlife in Southeast Asia.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi, just found your web page. Very well written and you obviously know your stuff.
    Just some stuff that may help. Firstly please excuse may writing, i can struggle with English.

    While it calls it’s self an executive heath spa the Green Elephant is a brothel in KL. No pretending to give a massage.
    It’s near the car park in the Sungei Wang Plaza. Not cheap $100 but a good selection of girls.

    I go to Sanur at least 6 times a year on business. As well as the brothels there also places where you can rent a room and they supply a girl or two for you.
    Just tell the “gentleman ” that if the girl is good you will be back tomorrow she will usually be very attractive. Maximum cost 300000 rp. $30 Australian. It’s the first stop for many girls from Indonesia and some are stunning, but have little English.
    I found if you give the girl a 50000 tip before you start and leave 50000 next to the bed so she can see that if she is good there is more. It more than doubles their wage and for $10 you get great sex.
    Just double the cost for 2 girls. Lots of fun.

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