Finding Girls For Sex In Manaus, Brazil

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This is one of the places where your ‘gringo factor’ will never be stronger so you may not need to pay to get laid. But if you want it quicker and easier there is plenty of pay for play action to help with finding girls for sex in Manaus.

There will be some freelance prostitutes around town and there are many topless and full nude strip clubs that are effectively brothels. You can find girls for sex in Manaus at the strip clubs or get their numbers and go back to your place with them after their shift.

Of course this is Brazil so knowing some Portuguese will help you out with Manaus girls. Also while it isn’t a terribly unsafe city (by this countries standards) you still need to be careful going out at night.

Lets first talk about the strip clubs because they are probably the best way to monger here. Then this Manaus sex guide will get back around to the freelance prostitutes and then quickly cover meeting girls online on Brazilian dating sites that aren’t hookers.

Remulos & Other Strip Clubs In Manaus

Remulos topless full nude strip clubs Manaus naked girls

Remulos is the most popular strip club in Manaus but it isn’t the only one. This is a great place to start your night and it is located right in the center of town close to Teatro Amazonas which is probably the biggest landmark in the city.

Every taxi driver will know Remulos strip club so you will have no problem going there. In fact if you plan on spending a lot of time mongering here getting a hotel or AirBnb near Amazonas would not be a bad idea.

There is a 10 real cover (around $3) and you can have lots of fun in the vip rooms. There are also a whole lot of other topless and full nude strip clubs near Remulos like Aquarias, Blue Star and some others.

So just head to Remulos to start your night but don’t just limit yourself to it. If you don’t like the selection of sexy naked girls dancing inside head outside and choose another nearby club.

There are other strip clubs spread around Manaus too like:

  • Skorpions
  • Bar Holanda
  • Big House
  • Mistura Fina

But it is probably easiest just to stay near Remulos as there are enough girls in that one area alone.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors In Manaus

Massage parlors are a booming business all over the world, and that is cuz guys are always on the lookout for a happy ending. There are erotic sex massage spas in Manaus where you can get a happy ending that are effectively brothels, but they change locations often.

They will be easy to find though, just hop in a taxi and ask him to take you for massage or girls and he will know what you want.

Online Escort Services

Best online escort services in Manaus Brazil call girls sex

If you use dating apps like Tinder and Badoo you can find some online escorts in Manaus. If girls have overly sexy pictures up or ask questions like ‘where your hotel?’ they are probably working.

They will also put certain keywords in their dating app or social media profiles. If you see words like massage, service, or escort you know who you are dealing with.

This can be a great way to meet girls for sex in Manaus without having to go out and put yourself at risk. There will be some slutty non pros on as well which is always a plus.

Freelance Prostitutes

It is probably not wise to try and pick up freelance street prostitutes in Manaus with all of the other options around. You will need to head to some sketchy areas after dark which isn’t wise in Brazil.

That said if you want to give it a shot you can head to Praca da Matriz where there is some naughty nightlife and street hookers around. The area around Remulos and the other strip clubs may very well have some street prostitutes out and about as well.

Meeting Single Girls In Manaus

We wrote a long post on meeting single girls in Manaus but it needs to be mentioned again here. Getting one night stands in Brazil isn’t always easy, but here the girls give it up quicker than most cities.

There are very few foreigners around these parts so if you are there you will be in high demand. You can head out to bars if you want, or just hop on Brazil Cupid and invite girls for a coffee near your hotel.

They probably won’t speak more than a few words of English so when the conversation goes stale come up with the bright idea of ‘using the translator on your computer’ back in your hotel room.

If they agree, which most will, it should be pretty easy to turn the date in a new direction.

Pick up call girls Manaus escort services online dating site

Good Luck Finding Sex In Manaus

This is one of those places where being a foreigner will make things a whole lot easier for you. The Manaus girls really want to spend time with foreign men because they are so rare.

You can head to Remulos strip club and have a great time, or you can put in a tiny bit of effort on Brazil Cupid or meeting girls in the nightlife and get laid for free.

Either you will have a great time finding girls for sex in Manaus. For more on a single guy’s trip to enjoy the Brazil nightlife check out this eBook guide.

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