Finding Girls For Sex in New York City

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There is so much great nightlife here and there are many options for hooking up. Finding girls for sex in New York City is pretty easy and there are multiple ways to go about it.

As a single guy the nightlife will give you many opportunities to find girls and there are many pay for play options as well. Lets start with how to find hookers, one of the easiest ways is to meet them online.

Hookers In New York City

Being that selling sex is the oldest profession in the world there is no surprise you can find a lot of that going on in a major metropolis like this. While many working girls have taken to the internet to find their customers you can still find many street prostitutes strolling common spots.

While some think that the main way to find girls for sex in New York online these days is through sites like Craigslist or Backpage in reality the majority have turned to Facebook. Most hookers will have 2 (or more) Facebook accounts.

One will be for personal use that they only give to friends and family. The other will be more of a ‘marketing’ device where they will put up sexy pictures and try to get as many followers as possible.

The more guys that see what they have to offer the more will make them an offer. They know what they are doing. There are also many that use dating apps like Tinder but there are always problems meeting girls off the internet.

First off how often do they actually look like the pics? Thanks to camera filters and some even using pics of other girls you never know what you will get knocking on your door. The old bait and switch has always been popular in the sex trade.

Also when finding hookers in New York City online from time to time police may run a sting. You are pretty unlikely to get caught, but you are probably more likely to get caught using the internet then picking up a streetwalker.

Put yourself in a cops shoes. Would you rather set up a sting where you sit around staring at a streetwalker until 1 John walks by? Or would you rather contact many online and wait for them to come knock on the hotel door. The 2nd is way more efficient for them.  Still, meeting hookers online is probably the best all around way to do it.

Here are some of the best spots to go ‘hunting’ on the street for these hookers that walk the streets.

Meet New York City hookers online street call girls

Streetwalking Hookers In New York City Locations

The places may change from day to day because girls may be getting heat by cops in different areas. But these are some of the most common spots and if you check a few out each night you are bound to run into one sooner or later.

Lets start off with Hookers in Brooklyn where there are many working girls that frequent Pennsylvania Avenue. You can also find them on Wycoff Avenue around Troutman and Flushing. Troutman is a hot spot all the way over to Cypress Avenue.

The 3rd avenue and Nevins St area is another hot spot for hookers in Brooklyn. For prostitutes in Queens you will want to check out the areas around 36th Avenue and 38th Avenue between Vernon Boulevard and 21st street.

22nd street and 48th Avenue is another popular spot for streetwalkers in Queens. If you are looking for hookers in Manhattan you should check out 12th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Lexington Avenue between 24th and 30th street also has been known to be a good spot to find Streetwalkers in Manhattan.

Lastly try 43rd street between 48th and 59th street, or11th Avenue between 24th and 30th street. All of these places should help you to find prostitutes in New York City.

Erotic Massage In New York City

Erotic sex massage New York City Asian massage parlors

It is important to preface this post with the same thing all erotic massage posts should be prefaced with. The locations and services a place may offer may change from day to day or week to week. Even from girl to girl.

These erotic massage spas in NYC are pretty reliable and you should be able to go and have some fun at them, but erotic massage is a tricky thing. It might take you becoming a regular customer before any fun starts, or it might happen the first time.

With all that said here are some places you have a good shot getting a happy ending massage in New York City. Obviously many of these rub and tugs are Asian massage parlors.

With the prices mentioned here this is just for getting you in the room with the girl. If you are going to negotiate for anything extra that will cost you more.

  • Cosmos Body Care
    327 Park Ave S
    Price: $60
  • Nanto Spa
    E 60th St #2
    Price: $60
  • Athena Spa
    5 W 37th St
    Price: $80
  • Hester Spa
    119 Hester St
    Price: $45
  • 1 on 1 Spa
    831 3rd Ave, 3rd floor
    Price: $80
  • Papaya Spa
    125 Fulton St. 2nd floor
    Price: $80
  • Gold Spa
    59 W 37th St
    Price: $80
  • Best Professional and Sensual Rubdown
    74th and 1st Ave
    Price: $200
  • Prince Spa
    120 St Marks PI
    Price: $60

These are probably your best places to go if you are looking for girls for sex in New York City. If you prefer to meet girls that you don’t have to pay use Adult Friend Finder.

There are over a thousand registered female users on that site in the NYC metro area. They all find it when looking at sites like this or more likely porn. That means they are bored, lonely, and horny.

Meet sexy call girls online New York escorts hotel massage

Best Strip Clubs In New York City

This city has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Women from all over the world head to the big city to try and make it big. What happens when they don’t? Many of them use their great looks to make money at some of the best strip clubs in New York City by dancing naked for men.

This list will run down some of the best places to see these super sexy topless or fully nude girls in action. No matter what type of girls you like, sexy asian girls, sexy white girls, sexy black girls, sexy latinas, you will find them all in New York Cities best strip clubs.

Rick’s Cabaret

Lets start off with a great strip club that has more to offer then just ass and titties. OK ass and titties are always enough, but more is better.

This club has a great diversity with their girls so no matter what kind of girl you like you can find it here. On top of that the food is actually really good. Most times you may want to avoid the food at a strip club.

Not at Rick’s. Many guys go there just to have dinner. Or at least that’s what they claim.


Sapphire is definitely one of the best strip clubs in New York City and is located on the upper east side. It has a great décor that really sets the mood for the evening.

If you didn’t get enough partying on your weekend check out their great events they put on every Sunday. On top of that they have a really awesome happy hour and there is no cover charge at that time.

Topless full nude strip clubs New York naked girls


Pumps isn’t about glitz and glamour, Pumps is about titties in your face. If you want to go somewhere and see hot nude girls and not worry about huge prices then Pumps is the spot for you.

Pumps isn’t about giving you some world class strip club experience. If you need boosie stuff in your life you probably won’t like it. If you just wanna stare at tits and enjoy some cheap drinks then Pumps was meant for you.

Hustler Club

Hustler has some of the sexiest and most skilled naked dancers of any strip club in New York City. The girls here almost make a competition of being the most talented on the pole.

Their happy hour runs up until 9pm and it is half off everything from the private rooms to the drinks. After 9pm there is a $20 cover but if you head to their site here you can easily get free passes.

If you want to find sex toys in New York check out that post.

Good Luck Finding Sex In New York City

That wraps up our New York City sex guide. Any sort of nightlife that involves girls will make it more and more expensive in a city like this one.

Remember to try and meet hookers in New York City online.  This is where most of them are doing their business these days.

If you are looking to monger on a budget then this travel guide for men has some cheaper places where you could have a lot of fun. In the meantime good luck finding girls for sex in New York City!

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