Finding Girls For Sex In Odessa, Ukraine

Find girls for sex in Odessa Ukraine prostitutes mongering

You will get a wide array of reports on how easy it is to find girls for sex in Odessa. Some guides will tell you that slutty girls head to Arcadia Beach every summer and hooking up isn’t a problem at all.

Others will tell you that the dating culture is tough with Ukrainian girls and foreign men shouldn’t expect to get laid quickly. In a touristy town like this one many of the girls you meet won’t be around long enough for that three date minimum.

Mongering is a very polarizing topic here but we will do our best to get you caught up in this Odessa sex guide. Some will tell you that it is so easy to meet hookers online that you can’t come here without having a great time.

Others will tell you that all you find online is fake photos and lots of hassle. At the strip clubs there will be no sex in the VIP rooms and at the erotic massage spas a handjob happy ending is all you are likely to get.

Like most things in life your mileage may vary. You could find the right partying slut and have the best hook up of your life, or you could message the right online escort and do the same.

Or you could strike out trying to pick up non pro girls and keep getting dicked around by escort agencies. This isn’t user friendly like the Bangkok Red Light District, you are going to have to put in the leg work and hope for the best.

But if you take the advice in this guide you will give yourself the maximum chance of success. It will mostly focus on pay for play, if you don’t like hookers we suggest you check out the best online dating site in the Ukraine for foreign men and pipeline a week before your trip.

Meeting Ukrainian Hookers Online

Meet Ukraine hookers online Odessa call girls escorts

We have done a guide for meeting Ukrainian hookers online before but it is a big part of the scene here so will give a cliffs notes version now. This is about as high variance as it gets when it comes to mongering.

You are relying on pictures of sexy ladies on a website that may or may not be of the girl who will come to your door. Most time you are meeting prostitutes in Odessa online the photos are not going to be real and you are going to be dealing with an escort agency.

But there are some ways to salvage things and save yourself some time and aggravation. You will likely need to speak a little Russian or at least use Google Translate to communicate.

Head to the best online escort agencies like:

  • Natasha Escorts
  • GIA
  • Top Models

And find some girls that you like and that are in your price range. The current exchange rate is about 26 UAH for every $1 USD and most girls are in the 500-1500 UAH range, with some stunners charging much more.

Some guys will tell you that you need to spend at least 1000 to find attractive women, others will tell you there is little difference between the two. Again the variance is going to be huge here.

You might notice that many of the pictures have the same phone numbers up and if so you are dealing with an agency. That isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it just makes things a bit trickier.

The best thing you can do when meeting Odessa hookers online is to contact them and get their Whatsapp. Then you can ask them to send you current pictures of the available call girls making sure to check out both their face and body.

Then negotiate the price, length of time, number of rounds of sex, and any kinky stuff you hope to happen. If you just go by the pictures you see online you are going to end up very disappointed most of the time. Make sure to get current pictures of the actual available girls.

You can also try to meet hookers on dating apps like Mamba and Tinder or on sites like Backpage. The apps used to be a gold mine, particularly Mamba.

Now they have been flooded by the escort agencies with fake pictures and are very time consuming. You still can find some university student semi pros from time to time, but it will be a long process to do so.

One thing that is pretty common here is that you will find a bunch of hookers or an escort agency opening up an apartment brothel in Odessa. They will rent out a flat and all work from there.

Some mongers prefer doing incall (going to the brothel) for this reason because there might be a hotter girl working then the one you have contacted. Others will tell you outcall (having the hooker come to you) is better because you don’t waste your time trying to find the brothel. Both have their advantages.

Meeting hookers online would be the best way to find sex in Odessa but it can be extremely hit or miss. You might have more options mongering in Kiev.

Street Prostitutes On Deribaskaya Street

While much of the mongering in Ukraine has moved online there are still some old fashion street prostitutes in Odessa mostly working on Deribaskaya Street. They may also double as online escorts from time to time as well.

The area around City Garden is where you can often find these ladies of the night and we have included a map here. If you see a sexy well dressed girl eating or drinking alone at ‘Kompot’ there is a good chance she is a hooker.

Hang out in this area of town and there will be plenty of working girls around after dark.

Guide To Happy Ending Massage Spas

The happy ending massage spas in Odessa also have their pros and cons. The pros are that they are quite cheap, for 400-500 UAH you can get a topless or full nude sensual massage with extra services.

Throw in a couple hundred more and you can get a second girl or a second happy ending. Unfortunately the negative would be that a handjob is all that is likely to be offered.

You could possibly try and throw them a big tip to do a full service sex massage but most of the girls will decline your offer. These are rub n tugs and that is about it, but for the price you can’t complain too much.

VIP Massage is the most well known but some will tell you it is overpriced at 1200 for an hour. Cheaper options are Chao Yang and Drakon Massage. They have all sorts of different services like soapy, body to body massage, prostate massage, four hands, lesbian shows, and will try to accommodate any needs you have for the right price.

No Sex At Odessa Strip Clubs

Topless full nude strip clubs Odessa sexy naked girls

Another plus and minus situation going on here. Once again the positive would be that the price is right, the entry fee at Odessa topless strip clubs is pretty small at 100-200 UAH, the lap dances and drinks are also relatively cheap.

However these aren’t brothels and you can do a lot of looking but not a lot of touching. You might be able to convince one of the strippers to come back to your hotel or apartment after her shift but it will be costly.

Some of the best strip clubs to see sexy naked Ukrainian girls dancing in Odessa are:

Be sure to follow proper strip club protocol and not run up a tab or use a credit card. Pay for everything as it comes and confirm the prices before you order anything.

That kind of wraps up the mongering part of this Odessa sex guide, lets switch to non pro girls now.

Meeting A Good Woman In Odessa

Depending on what time of year you will visit this city there will be different locations you will want to stay. If you are here from June to August you probably want to locate yourself near Arcadia Beach.

This is where all of the tourist girls from Ukraine and neighboring countries will come to party. There will be sexy girls in skimpy bikinis out all day and lots of partying in the nightlife as well.

The rest of the year most will tell you it is better to stay downtown because there is no reason to go to the beach when the weather isn’t nice. If you want to come for the best parties and nightlife the summer months will definitely be your best option to hook up with girls in Odessa.

With that said they aren’t known to let you get laid quickly and that makes things a bit difficult. If they are only in town for a weekend and it takes 3 dates to score how can you accomplish that? Plus there are many foreign men reading this who also won’t be in town for long periods of time.

You really just have to hope that when they are on holiday mode they are going to hook up a little easier than they would through the rest of the year. Some of the best singles bars and nightclubs to meet girls in Odessa are:

Ibiza is definitely the most popular but there are plenty of places to go out in the Arcadia nightlife.

Meeting Ukrainian Girls Online

Pick up bars Arcadia incall outcall girls Odessa escorts

When you are facing girls that take a few dates to hook up with you really don’t have much time to waste. Lots of guys reading this are going to be foreign men on short vacations themselves and may not have time for multiple dates.

That means you either need to look for slutty girls or start to do your work before you arrive. You can log on to Ukraine Date and start to pipeline Odessa girls seeking foreign men a week or ten days before you arrive.

Try to Skype with these women before you are in town and casually mention how you had a nice chat and it almost felt like a date. Then on your first day meet with the ones you like most for a quick coffee date.

If you hit it off then try to get them out for dinner and drinks as soon as possible after that. Hopefully with the Skype and quick coffee date these sexy ladies will be comfortable with you and ready to put out on your first real night out together.

The speed and efficiency offered by online dating on Ukraine Date will definitely give you the best chance of having free sex with Odessa girls. Or if you wanted to find a serious relationship many will be interested in finding a foreign husband as well.

Meet sexy Odessa call girls online hook up get laid

Good Luck Finding Sex In Odessa

If all you care about is mongering then this probably isn’t a great city to visit. If you want to do some beach perving and try to hook up with drunk women in the nightlife then visiting in the summer would not be a bad idea at all.

It can be very hit or miss, but when things go right you can find some very sexy girls here. If all else fails through you always have a cheap happy ending massage available to relieve your blue balls.

If you will also be visiting neighboring Russia then this eBook guide can help you navigate the scene there. It is similar to this country where much of the action has moved online but there are still some quality brothels or sex spas around.

Hopefully this guide for finding girls for sex in Odessa was helpful to you.

Eastern Europe travel guide for men meet sexy ladies

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