The Four Main Red Light Districts In Seoul

Foreigner friendly red light district Seoul Hooker Hill Itaewon

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about the four main red light districts in Seoul. These would be Hooker Hill in Itaewon, Miraie Texas, 588, and Cheonho.

You can easily access these all by taking the ground public transportation in this city. We will give you some tips on how to find each of the red light districts in Seoul, but if all else fails hop in a taxi because they will surely know them.

One thing that is always important to remember is that this isn’t always an easy place to monger for foreign men. A lot of Korean prostitutes want nothing to do with guys that aren’t Asian.

The main reason for this is because the local Korean guys don’t like outsiders sleeping with their women. When you go out to nightclubs¬†to meet single girls in Seoul it isn’t uncommon for a local guy to come cockblock you.

Well, if a certain bar or girl is known to service foreigners the local guys may not pay her for sex anymore. They would rather shun the few foreigners around and keep the local guys coming back.

While it does seem a bit racist you can’t argue that it doesn’t make good business sense. If your workplace would lose out on the majority of its customer base by doing something they probably wouldn’t allow it either.

The more Korean guys that are around and in line of sight the less likely you are to be invited in. You might walk by when a few Korean guys are near and get no interest, but then 10 minutes later on the way out when no one is around get a wave and a smile.

If you are in one of the spots that isn’t foreigner friendly and get an invite from a sexy girl take the opportunity immediately. Don’t draw any attention and don’t waste time standing on the street. Head right in so as not to kill any future business for them.

Some other things to note about these, the first is that you should always expect very rushed sessions here. You will walk down the street, the girls that are available to you will let themselves be known, and you will head in to have sex with them.

Expect them to rush you along, and for them to try to have you out the door in under 30 minutes. This is standard fair at red light districts all over the world.

Also, there are no showers here so you aren’t going to be able to wash off before or after. They aren’t great places for germaphobes.

There are no set prices here, everything is semi negotiable. We will give you some ballpark figures for each place, some places here are cheaper than others.

Many of the bars here will try to get you to buy overpriced drinks or ladies drinks. Don’t bother (unless you knowingly want to overpay) as you can have sex without getting a drink.

If you wanted to read about all of the mongering here both in and out of the red light areas check out our master GuysNightlife Seoul sex guide. We are going to start with Hooker Hill in Itaewon even if it isn’t the biggest.

Hooker Hill Red Light District For Foreigners

Miraie Texas Cheonho 588 Hooker Hill Seoul red light areas

If this isn’t the biggest why are we starting with it? Because if is by far the most ‘foreigner friendly.’ In fact it is so foreigner friendly that most Korean guys won’t even go here.

So if you want to show up to one red light district in Seoul knowing that you can have sex with any of the prostitutes there then this is your spot. As mentioned there are no exact prices, anywhere from say 60k-100k won should be enough.

Hooker Hill in Itaewon is one of the worst for the overpriced drinks and they will push for it. Just ignore the drinks and start negotiating how much when you enter. There are recent reports of Latina girls working at Shamrock bar here.

You can head out the #3 exit at the Itaewon Station walk past the Starbucks take a right then a quick left and you will be there. Sex at Hooker Hill will either be done right in the bar with the front door locked or in a short time hotel nearby.

For foreign men this is the spot to go for adult entertainment in this city.

588 Red Light District

Well if that was the most foreigner friendly red light district 588 is probably the least. It is a good place to find cheap sex in Seoul, but as a foreigner you may not like the selection of girls.

As you walk in the hottest girls will be near the entrance. Then as you walk further down the street you will notice the quality getting worse and worse.

As the quality worsens the amount of attention a foreigner will get goes up. All of these ladies are behind sliding glass doors and will make it known if they will service you or not.

If they are ‘open for business’ to you they will smile, wave, maybe even open the door and call out to you. If they aren’t they won’t make eye contact and some may even close the curtains.

The less attractive ones towards the end of the street who don’t get much action from the Korean guys will be happy to serve you, but you may not want to have sex with them.

You can find the 588 red light district (known as oh pal pal by locals) by heading out exit 5 of the Cheongnyangni Station. Veer to the left, cross a street and keep heading that way and you will walk right to it.

As mentioned this is a good place to find cheaper sex in Seoul. Maybe 60k-80k should be enough for even the hottest girls, that is if they will accept you.  Sadly 588 is in the process of being demolished and will be gone soon, might need to try your luck on Korean dating sites.

Cheonho Seoul Red Light District

Head to the Cheonho Station out of exit 3 and head right at the first major intersection. Then you will take the second left and when you see a big gate and flashing neon lights (at night) you have found the Cheonho red light district.

Once again the girls will be behind the sliding glass doors and will let you know if they are interested or not in the same way as above. This is another spot where foreigners aren’t as welcome, but if few Korean guys are around you have a chance.

This is also a more expensive place, expect to be asked for 150k+ on your first visit as a foreigner. The real price is in the 80k-120k range, but since they really don’t care that much about your business they may play hardball.

If that happens and you are going to stick to your guns for a cheaper (fair) price don’t be surprised if you get shown the door. This mongering guide breaks down everything you need to know to navigate the tricky nightlife in this city.

Miraie Texas Near Gireum Station

Adult pink red light entertainment districts Seoul sexy girls

The Miraie Texas red light district is not in the best area of town and is definitely the most run down spot on this list. You get there by exiting the Gireum Station at exit 10 and right after you exit be on the lookout for big curtains covering up some alleyways.

You just found another spot with lots of sex for sale. Go behind the curtains and you will find some small alleys that have only enough room for walking.

This time there will be no sliding glass doors, instead there will be mamasans outside that will invite you in. This spot is a bit more foreigner friendly than the last two, but definitely not 100%.

The price here is also somewhere in that 80k-120k range depending on your negotiating abilities. Girls here are also a bit less likely to ask for condoms so if you want to have bareback sex with prostitutes that get railed 10 times a day this is your spot. Remember there are no showers.

Have Fun At Red Light Districts In Seoul

Price for sex prostitution Seoul girls brothels massage

The red light districts in Seoul are just one of the many great nightlife options here. While it sucks that they aren’t fully foreigner friendly you can still find a good time, it just may take a little bit more effort.

It isn’t necessarily that the Korean girls don’t like you, it is just that the guys are very possessive and may shun them in the future. How can they cut off their main customers? They can’t.

But with the spots listed here, all of the massage parlors around town, and being able to meet girls in Seoul on Korean Cupid that aren’t hookers you certainly have many options. Have fun at the four main red light districts in Seoul!

Oh Pal Pal Itaewon Hooker Hill Cheonho Seoul prostitution zones

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