Where To Get A Happy Ending Massage In Honolulu

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This post on where to get a happy ending massage in Honolulu will start out by giving you some standard happy ending massage tips. This way you will be better at spotting more erotic massage parlors on your trip.

While you can probably visit the ones listed here and get extra services you have to remember that erotic massage parlors will change locations often. Sometimes they get shut down, other times they close up shop on their own.

Or you might get unlucky and try to get your happy ending massage in Honolulu at the wrong time. Lets say you happen to visit the day after some other massage parlor got raided down the street.

The massage girls will be on their best behavior for the next few days and you will only be offered the standard service. If you wanted to relax then that is fine, if you were only going for the extras then it will be a big let down.

So we will give you some tips on how to spot other places to find happy ending massage in Honolulu. Then we will give some tips on how to enjoy the rub and tug experience more, and then list some known erotic massage parlors you should try to target.

Spotting Honolulu Happy Ending Massage

As you walk around town you might notice many massage parlors in Honolulu and wonder if happy endings can be had at them. There are a few tell tale signs that you can get extra services inside.

The biggest one is if they have red or pink lights by the door. This is the most common way to find them anywhere in the world.

It is not a 100% guarantee, but if you have no other info to go on it is a very strong tell. Another is if there are cute girls sitting outside inviting guys to come in, or if you can see a lineup and choose the girl you want.

If they are open 24/7 or late into the night that is another good sign that you have found a rub and tug. Most ‘legit’ spas are going to close at a normal hour. If there is one open with a big red OPEN sign in red by the door at 3am you have to assume a happy ending can be had.

Lastly you can look for ones that advertise on Craigslist. If you see a specific parlor advertising there it is very likely they are sending out a message. Or you can meet some horny girls who aren’t after your cash.

While Adult Friend Finder isn’t worth using in many cities around the globe that isn’t the case here. There are over 300 active female users in this metro area alone as of early 2018.

All of these girls find the site when bored and lonely at home looking at porn. That means they are some of the easiest to hook up with you will ever find.

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How To Get A Better Happy Ending Massage

When you go in for your massage in Honolulu wanting a happy ending you should remove all your clothes and put the towel over you. This isn’t being creepy, it is standard for any massage.

If you leave your boxers on it might confuse the girl about whether you want extra services or not and none may be offered. Then you need to make some small talk with your massage girl.

Sometimes you will get one that is fresh off the boat from Asia who doesn’t speak much English so this can be hard. If so just try your best, but the more she sees you as a person the more she will want to help make you happy.

This isn’t the case with all massage girls, many only see dollar signs. But others will pick and choose who they offer a happy ending too and if you are friendly she will choose you.

Asian girls really are great at keeping their man happy. Particularly the girls in the Philippines.

Honolulu Happy Ending Massage

Asian erotic sex massage parlor Honolulu rub tug

Now we are going to get to some known erotic massage parlors in Honolulu where happy ending’s are common. Just remember that there are no guarantees here, not only for the reasons we listed above but because some girls may not ever do extra services, or they might not feel up to it on that day.

As far as price goes the massage generally costs around $50-$60 and then you have to tip. A handjob happy ending should cost another $50ish, a blowjob $100-$150, and sex $200+.

Some girls may only offer handjobs, others may be up for a full sex massage if you are willing to pay for it. Alright, here is a list of erotic massage spas in Honolulu to try:

  • Dragonfly Massage 1750 Kalaukaua #1105
  • Tokyo Spa 320 Ward #208
  • Crystal Healing Massage 1507 S. King St
  • China Doll Spa 512 Atkinson
  • Nirvana Massage 1334 Young St
  • Rose Massage 1344 Young St
  • Hula Girl 1350 King St
  • VIP 655 Keeaumoku St
  • Pine Tree 825 Keeaumoku St

There are plenty of others around town but that should be a good enough list to get you started.

Enjoy Your Happy Ending In Honolulu

Whether you are living here or on a vacation surely you are enjoying yourself. Throwing in a nice happy ending massage will make life even better.

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In the mean time be sure to watch the best happy ending massage porn on Happy Tugs! Hopefully this post on where to find a happy ending massage in Honolulu was helpful to you.

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