Topless And Nude Girls: Happy A-GoGo In Pattaya

Happy A GoGo Pattaya topless nude girls bar review

Welcome to our review of seeing topless and nude girls at Happy A-GoGo in Pattaya. With so many bars and Go Go’s to choose from in this city how can you know which one is right for you?

If you are going to party on Walking Street then Happy A-GoGo is one that you may want to check out. Your mileage may vary, but many guys consider this one of the best.

During this review we will talk about the location and what things are like inside. After that we will talk about things like the prices, the sexy Thai girls, and how things work when you arrive.

If this will be your first time visiting a Southeast Asian girly bar check out that link so you will be caught up on some of the slang. We will cover it a bit now, but that link is more in depth.

Basically when you go into a Pattaya Go Go you buy a drink and take a seat. There will be plenty of sexy Thai girls dancing around on stages, often in thongs and bikinis, sometimes topless or fully nude.

If you want one of them to sit with you then you have to buy her a ladies drink, and if you want more fun back in your room you pay a barfine. The money from the barfine goes to the bar, and then you discuss with the girl what her fee is.

There are mamasans who are managers of the girls that can assist you in finding one, and a waitress can go ask one to come over if you don’t want to approach yourself. Ladies drinks and barfines are not mandatory.

The Go Go’s are probably the most popular the most popular form of nightlife in Pattaya but there are many other options. Now that you are caught up on how things work lets get back to this specific bar.

Happy A-GoGo Prices

The prices at Happy A-GoGo are similar to what you find all around Walking Street with one main exception. A draft beer will cost you 69 baht which is a bit cheaper than some other bars.

A ladies drink will be 145 which is the standard price in the area. The main difference here is that they have two different barfine prices, short time will be 800 and long time will be 1500.

If you do want to barfine one of the girls you will need to discuss her fee. That could be anywhere from 2k-4k for short time and 3k-6k for long time, remember that is on top of the barfine price.

Short time means around 1 hour or 1 bang, long time means all night and multiple bangs. Her fee and how long she will stay is completely negotiable, long times don’t necessarily have to mean overnight they can mean a few hours.

If you can finish quickly some girls may allow 2 bangs for a short time. Be sure to confirm things like how long she will stay and how many rounds you can do. If you want any kinky sex ask if she is down before you leave the bar, don’t assume everything is on the menu.

If these prices sound too high for you then maybe try to meet non pro girls for free sex on Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. There will also be some freelance prostitutes on the sites and you might be able to negotiate a much cheaper price with them.

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Topless And Nude Go Go Girls

It is always hard to talk about how hot girls are in various bars. Lineups change really quickly so one bar might be the best in the city one month and only average the next.

One thing that sets this bar apart is that you often see topless girls and sometimes even full nudity. For a list of other nude Go Go’s in Pattaya check out that link.

The best advice you can get is to walk in and check out the girls who are working when you are in town. If you like what you see sit down and buy a drink, if nothing interests you there are many other options all around you.

Have Fun At Happy A-GoGo

This is a fun bar to visit and any time you can see some titties that isn’t a bad thing. Hopefully when you are in town they have a nice lineup on hand to choose from.

If not you won’t be lacking for other options. If you wanted to read more about the full Pattaya nightlife scene and get many money saving and travel tips check out this eBook guide.

It breaks down the things you need to know to have a successful first stay in the city. Don’t spend your first few days in town wandering around like a lost puppy, instead show up like a pro.

Hopefully this review of the topless and nude girls at Happy A-GoGo had the answers you needed to make a more informed decision.

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