Ultimate Guide To KTV Hostess Bars In Shanghai

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Thanks for checking out this ultimate guide to KTV hostess bars in Shanghai. A lot of travelers come to Asia not knowing what these places are like so we thought we would try to fill you in.

If all you care about is getting laid then our GuysNightlife Shanghai sex guide is probably better for you. At KTV’s and hostess bars you are usually just paying for a girls company and attention, not for sex.

That isn’t always the case, but often times you aren’t going to be getting too wild in one of the karaoke rooms. You can possibly get her number to meet up after work, but don’t count on it.

Many westerners think karaoke is pretty lame, but when in Rome you might want to try it out. By the time you finish reading this guide you should have a much better understanding of what they are like.

After we give you a general break down we will then mention some of the best karaoke bars in the city. Then we will mention the best dating site in China if you don’t feel like paying to sing and hold hands with a girl.

What Are KTV’s And Hostess Bars?

We have written a longer post on Asian KTV’s but will cover them again here. Basically they are a spot where guys can go to drink and hang out with some sexy girls.

Their business model is pretty simple, charge you for a room, charge you for the girls, and charge you for the drinks and food. The more drinks the girls get you to buy the more commission they get.

Sometimes these places can feel really scammy and they don’t try to hide the fact they are attempting to get every penny you have in your pocket before you leave. Others are more professional, but either way they want you to get drunk and to keep ordering more and more.

So the girls will flirt with you and treat you like a big shot so you feel like the star of the show. They will shower you with attention because most guys aren’t used to having a pretty 20 something smiling at them.

But in the end it is all an illusion. They don’t really like you and you aren’t going to have sex in a Shanghai KTV. Well you might, but it is very unlikely.

Some flirting and making out are doable, a blowjob is even possible at times, but sex is highly unlikely. There will often be a waiter and DJ in the room with you supplying the drinks and setting up the music, the hostesses won’t be having sex in front of them.

You can ask about getting their number for later on or paying an exit fee so they can leave with you, but again don’t count on it. Pretty much you sit there, drink, and flirt with the girls and listen to them sing songs.

The Prices For Karaoke Rooms And Drinks

Sexy Karaoke hostess bar girls Shanghai prices locations

You need to ask for a menu and find out how everything works when you arrive. Hostess bars around the world are notorious for finding ways to get extra money out of customers.

You usually will pay for a room to start things off and that should cost somewhere around 500rmb. Then you will need to pay for the hostess bar girls you want to sit with you as well. Remember you get a little over 6rmb for every $1 USD, and can check the current exchange rate here.

Sometimes all of the Shanghai hostesses will cost the same, other times they might have tiers. Again just ask the mamasan (manager) how much everything is and how long you get in the room or with the girls for the price you are paying.

In China things work a little different and you often have to pay an additional fee for the DJ, the waiter, and even the mamasan. In most countries all of that stuff is included in the room charge but not here.

So while they say the room charge is 500rmb or there about after you add in everything else it is closer to 1000. Then if you add in a couple girls at 300-500 each, plus more money for drinks and food the prices just keep going up and up.

Ask if they have any alcohol promos while you are there like cheaper bottles instead of beers. Also confirm if hostess drinks cost more than guys drinks. The food is generally very overpriced.

Even at the more honest and up front places they nickel and dime you to death. Many guys have a good time flirting with the Shanghai girls then get hit with a really big bill that is far more than they expected and wonder what it is they really just paid for.

Most westerner’s probably would prefer to meet Chinese girls in other ways.

Shanghai red light adult entertainment sex price list

Best KTV’s In Shanghai

There are different types of karaoke bars all over this city and many people will have varying opinions on which are best. We are going to try and list the ones that have hot and fun girls you should enjoy hanging out with.

Of course things can change quickly, but hopefully when you show up these still have plenty of attractive hostesses. Some of the best KTV”s in Shanghai are:

  • Xing Ding Hui KTV
  • Haoledi
  • Gala City
  • Cosmo
  • Fuhao KTV

These are all known to be more of the erotic type then the family type, but that may not stay that way forever. Cosmo KTV girls might do nude lap dances, and at Fuhao some of the girls have no problem being topless in the room with you.

Better Options To Meet Shanghai Girls

These places are not for everyone and are usually frequented by older Asian businessman. Guys who are often married and are just looking for some attention, not for real satisfaction.

If you want to meet, date, and have sex then there are much better options to meet girls in Shanghai. This is a huge city with tons of singles, it doesn’t take long to find a date.

The best online dating site in China is China Love Cupid. You can easily contact hundreds of girls in an hour or two and set up dates with the ones that reply to you.

Cosmo Gala City Xing Ding Hui KTV strip clubs nude girls

If you are just traveling through town then hop on a week before you visit to pipeline. If you are living here then sign up now and take a look at the huge selection of single girls.

If you like what you see go ahead and register, if not it cost you nothing to check it out. If you were reading this post in hopes of finding working girls at these KTV’s hit up a sauna or visit Macau and Hong Kong where the pay for play is much better.

This eBook guide breaks down all the naughty nightlife in both so you will know the best places to go when you arrive. Hopefully this ultimate guide to KTV hostess bars in Shanghai was helpful to you.

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