Macau Sex Massage Review: Familia Nobre Sauna

Familia Nobre review Macau sex sauna price location girls

There are many sex massage parlors to choose from in Macau, and you can have a lot of fun at each of them. We are going to do our first Macau sex massage review of Famila Nobre Sauna.

Why did we choose this one? Because there are many things that makes it stand out above the rest. For instance when you go there you are allowed to stay for 12 hours per session.

If you have ever been to a Macau sex sauna before you may have noticed some guys sleeping in the lounge area. That is because hotels in Macau are so expensive they are trying to save a few bucks.

Well, if you want to sleep during your 12 hour stay at Famila Nobre Sauna you can get a bed, not just the chairs. Granted it is a cubby whole type bed where you are going to be super claustrophobic, but if it helps you save $100 by not having to get a hotel then lots of guys would think its worth it.

But that is only one of the reasons why we chose Famila Nobre Sauna, but lets first let you know what happens on a visit. If you wanted a full breakdown of all the ways to find sex in Macau check out that link.

First Trip To Familia Nobre Sauna In Macau

Located near the MGM Macau, when you walk into Familia Nobre you head to the locker room and get situated. You will get an electronic wristband that will track all of your purchases so you don’t pay as you go.

You will take a shower and then head in to the lounge area in the shorts and towel they give you where there will be free food and drinks. Don’t expect a three course meal, but if you show up on an empty stomach you will be satisfied enough.

There will likely be some other guys in there and if they call for a lineup you can check out the girls. Of course you can call for a lineup at any time also.

In the lounge area you can get all sorts of ‘treatment’ like a foot massage, your fingernails clipped, or the always popular inner thigh massage which means oily handjob. In many of the Macau sex saunas the handjob is done right there, but here at Familia Nobre Sauna there is a private room.

Not only is that better (so you get some privacy, plus you don’t have to see some dudes dick while you eat your soup) but also the girls that do the inner thigh massage are sexy Vietnamese or Chinese girls.

In many of the other saunas it is the same ladies that do the foot massage, and they are generally not attractive. But here there are special girls in sexy outfits doing the oily handjob for you. Plus there is porn playing in the private room as well.

These girls are very good at making you feel good but not cumming. They are trained to not make you cum, because of course the sex saunas want you to pay for the more expensive sex massage. The price for the oily handjob is around $25 USD.

It is about the same price to get your foot massaged or your cock stroked, pick whichever makes you happier. Of course you can skip all of that and just go straight to the sex massage if you want. It should be noted that some of the inner thigh massage girls will do the sex massage if you want, but they are not obligated.

At 11:30 they do a free show that will involve a few girls coming around and quickly teasing you in various ways. Pulling their boobs out, letting you feel them up, then maybe a very quick handjob or blowjob.

Getting A Sex Massage At Familia Nobre Sauna In Macau

Erotic sex massage sauna Familia Nobre Macau happy ending

At any time you can call for a lineup of sexy girls and choose one to give you the sex massage. There are generally between 20 and 50 sexy girls working at any time and they will be from all over the globe.

The majority will be Chinese girls or sexy Vietnamese girls, but that is not all. There will often be a few white girls, and maybe some black or Latinas as well if you are lucky.

When you choose the girl you head into the room where she will give you a shower that is similar to a soapie massage. She will rub her sexy naked body all over you, and generally give you a blowjob before heading over to the bed.

A lot of the girls at the sex saunas in Macau know all sorts of different tricks for blowjobs and that is true here as well. Some will use minty mouth wash, hot tea or water, ice, or a combination of the above.

It will be a bareback blowjob (if that is what you want) but the sex will be with a condom. Expect a full on porn star experience, these girls have been taught well and are great performers.

If you are staying in town and hit it off with the girl maybe try to get her number so you can have her over to your room after her shift. That way you can save some money and pay a bit less, or have her stay all night.

Don’t forget the best sex massage porn is at Happy Tugs.

Macau saunas for men guide Familia Nobre best spa

How Much Is A Sex Massage At Familia Nobre?

Macau sex sauna price list Familia Nobre sexy girls

Lets just say there are better options if you are on a budget and looking for cheap sex in Macau. You can buy a VIP card for 188 HKD and this will save you a bit of money on everything you buy. There are different tiers of pricing for the girls but don’t worry it is easy to figure out as you go.

For the ‘regular’ girls you will pay 2288 HKD or 1938 if you have VIP. So, it already pays to buy the VIP card, and if you spend more time there or buy more things it will save you even more.

The ‘star’ tier is 2588 or 2388, European girls are 2988 or 2688, Superstar 3388 or 3188, and Japanese are the most expensive at 4188 or 3888. Again, the mamasan will let you know how much each is.

Price for sex in Macau infographic massage hooker

They will also sometimes have combos available where you can get many services so inquire if they have any specials when you are there. For reference at the time of writing $1 USD is equal to 2.755, so a VIP card costs around $25 and 2000 HKD is $257.

If those prices sound to steep try and meet girls on China Love Cupid for free.

Topless nude soapy massage Macau nuru naked girls

Have Fun At Familia Nobre Sauna In Macau

This is a tough city to do on a budget and finding cheap sex isn’t easy, at least not from a girl you want to have sex with. This is an expensive place, if you are going to do it you might as well do it right.

You can get treated like a king when you get your sex massage. Plus you can stay there and save money on a hotel which does help in an expensive city like this one?

If you want to read about what else is available in the Macau nightlife, as well as Hong Kong, then check out this travel guide for single men. Hope this Macau sex massage review of Familia Nobre Sauna was helpful to you.

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  1. stal says:

    Do you have to give them any personal information or a credit card to get a membership at FN? Are you ever worried about that sort of stuff if that place ever gets raided/busted? While prostitution is legal in Macau, running a brothel is not. Not sure about how that affects customers though.

    There is apparently a ~2388 HKD combo at FN for members that includes both a shanghai and full service massage. Do you know more about that and if it is true?

    • Have heard about that as well but can’t confirm. As far as the membership card goes just pay in cash and if they press you for a name give a fake one. Surely you wouldn’t get in any legal trouble if there was a raid just for having your name in their books, but at the same time there is no need for them to know your name.

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