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This mongering guide to finding girls for sex in Kiev will break down the adult entertainment in this city in full. Ukrainian women are thought to be some of the sexiest on the planet, and that can make this city a playground for single men.

There are many ways to monger here, some guys will prefer to try and pick up single girls who are out to party and have a good time in the nightlife around Arena City. This would be the main bar, nightlife, and in some ways red light district in the city.

It can be a great place to party, but you must remember that many of the girls out in this area will be looking for some money if you do hook up with them. Most Ukrainian girls are pretty conservative, and the ones that aren’t usually have financial motivations in mind.

This Kiev sex guide will mostly focus on the mongering like online escorts, bar prostitutes, strip clubs, erotic massage and things of that nature. We will also cover the dating and nightlife scene that isn’t about hookers, but it will only be a small piece of this guide.

If you already know you don’t want to pay for sex then you can check out our dating guide on this city instead, or just go ahead and start chatting with hot Kiev girls on the best Ukraine dating site around.

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Many Hookers All Around You

We don’t want to make this Kiev sex guide sound like all Ukrainian women are prostitutes or gold diggers. That is not the case at all, and actually most blogs around the manosphere seem to agree that the average girl here is not easy to hook up with.

It often takes a few dates before they will put out, you need to show them that you aren’t just looking for a quick bang and have serious intentions in mind. With that said this has always been considered a relatively poor country and their economy has been in even worse shape over the past handful of years.

There are many hookers around, and there are also plenty of good girls who are often referred to as ‘semi pros’ who will only go the prostitute route when needed. They might be university students who need to buy expensive books or have some sort of financial obligation coming up.

You just never know, if you see a really sexy Kiev girl anywhere you should try to say hello and see how it goes. Try to invite her out on a date and see if she is interested, if she isn’t asking if she needs any ‘support’ might lead you to a nice semi pro who you can help out while she helps you out in turn.

Don’t just walk up to any girl and ask to pay her for sex, be polite and if she is not interested know when to back off.

Online Escorts In Kiev

Meet hookers online Incall escorts Kiev outcall brothels

Like in most of the world meeting hookers online is becoming more and more popular and escorts in Kiev are very easy to find. There are so many call girls offering incall or outcall services and this would be the main way most guys are mongering in this country currently.

There are a few ways to do it, you can hop on the most highly recommended escort services websites, you can try to search out independent call girls, or you can try to meet semi pro ladies on dating sites, apps, and social media. All of them can work, you will need to decide which one is right for you.

The Kiev online escort agencies are the easiest way, but they will also probably cost the most. The reason for this is pretty simple, the agency is going to collect a fee which will be taken from both you and the girl.

The positive of this is you can often read reviews or find ratings on the hookers so you know if they look as good as their pictures or perform well in bed when having sex. Some of the best escort sites in Kiev are:

  • Ukrgo
  • GIA
  • Backpage
  • Lucky Lovers
  • Elena’s Models

Independent call girls are also common and you can find them all over the internet. Some will have started their own website which you could find by Googling ‘escorts in Kiev’ or ‘call girls in Kiev’ or use hookers, prostitutes, or whatever slang you see fit.

There will also be many independents on social media like Instagram, on dating apps, or on dating sites. They will often use common mongering keywords in their profiles like escort, massage, or hotel service. The Mamba App used to be a particularly good place to meet semi pro hookers in Ukraine online, but once word got out it became flooded with escort agencies.

The prices will probably be a bit cheaper for sex with an independent call girl, but it may take more time to find a good one. No matter where you find your online hooker there are a few things you need to do to get the best experience possible.

The first is to ask for their Whatsapp and do a quick video call or at the least get a few recent pictures. Then make it very clear that if the sexy girl from the pictures doesn’t show up that you won’t go through with the deal.

This will help insure that you won’t be expecting a 9 and have a 6 knock on the door. Sometimes they will still try to pull something, but more often if you get recent pictures and make your feelings clear they won’t waste their time or yours.

You also need to decide whether you want to do incall or outcall escort services. Incall is at their place, outcall is at your home or hotel room. There are varying opinions on which is better and this will come down to personal preference.

There are two main positives to incall escort services, the first of which are that the prices are often a bit cheaper. Secondly, many escort agencies will have small apartment brothels in Kiev set up around the city where multiple prostitutes work out of the same place. Many of these apartment brothels will be somewhere near the Pechersk Station or around Pobedi Prospekt.

If the call girl you were supposed to have sex with doesn’t end up looking good in person there might be others working that you could switch to instead. Taxis may also know where some of these brothels are located, but it will be quicker and easier to find them online.

The benefit of using an outcall escort service is that you don’t have to go out in a strange city and try to find an address. This wastes your time and takes money which is why many guys prefer to have the online escorts come to them. But remember if they aren’t attractive you may wish you had gone to an incall brothel and been able to make the switch.

That is all personal preference and up to you. As far as the price for sex with Kiev escorts there are far too many variables at play. They will all mention their rates on their websites or you can discuss the rates before you meet.

Short time means 1 round of sex and may cost anywhere from 500 to 5,000 UAH depending on how hot the girl is and how in demand she is. At the current rate of exchange you get 26 UAH for every $1 USD.

Usually short time will fall somewhere in the 1,000 to 2,000 range for an hour. For long time which means many hours, multiple rounds of sex, or all night it might be in the 2,000 to 10,000 range, usually though it will be 2,000 to 4,000.

The Kiev escorts will have their rates posted, if you can afford them then great and if not find another. Some may be willing to negotiate, others will only accept their requested rate. If you want something like a bbbj (blowjob with no condom,) anal sex, bondage or any kind of kinky sex be sure to confirm that with them before you meet.

Some escorts will also offer outcall erotic sex massage services, again confirm with them before you meet. This was definitely the longest section in our Kiev sex guide because it was the most important and continues to trend upwards every day. The rest of the topics will go by much quicker.

Prostitute Bars In Arena City

Prostitute bars Arena City Kiev hookers ladies nightlife

Not all of the prostitute bars in Kiev are in Arena City, but the closer you are to this red light area the more likely you are dealing with a sex worker. This is where most foreign men go to party and hookers are out trying to earn the tourist dollars.

You should never assume every girl is a hooker, but when you go into any pick up bar or nightclub survey the scene. Is the girl you like out with a big group, partying, and/or having a good time?

Or is she sitting there at the bar staring at her phone or eyeing up every guy that walks into the place. A partying girl could be a hooker, and a bored looking girl could be a non pro, but often times if it looks like a sex worker it probably is.

Approach politely either way, have a talk, and you should be able to figure out whether she wants to get paid or not. Some of the best pick up bars with hookers in Kiev are:

  • Arena City
  • Buddha Bar
  • Sky Bar
  • Shooters
  • Carribean Club
  • Harem
  • DLux
  • Sorry Babushka
  • Chi
  • Tao

If you walk around the Arena City bar district on Kreschatyk you will get handed businesses cards for some of those apartment brothels we mentioned before. Prices for bar prostitutes will be similar, always deal in local currency and start the bidding at 1,000 UAH and work your way up. If you get a hot bar hooker for 2,000-2,500 you did well.

You can find cheaper sex in Kiev from street prostitutes near Ministerstvo transportu on Prospect Pravdy up until the metro Shulyavka. Also around the Lisova Station there are some street girls.

Mongering prostitutes Kiev sex price infographic

Sex Massage In Kiev

It is easy to find a handjob happy ending in Kiev, a full service sex massage is another matter. There are plenty of spas for men where you can get a topless massage with handjob, but most of the girls are not interested in giving full service.

Money talks, if you are willing to tip enough then maybe you will be able to get one. Expect to pay around 800-1,500 for a topless massage with happy ending. A tip of an additional 1,000 might be able to get you full sexual services at spas like:

  • Dolly’s
  • Moulin Rouge
  • A Ballet Rose
  • Roksolana

But if you did want a sex massage in Kiev order escort hotel services online. Any call girl that lists massage in her profile will be willing to give full service.

Topless & Full Nude Strip Clubs

Topless bars nude strip clubs Kiev naked girls massage

There are many topless and full nude strip clubs in Kiev with sexy naked girls dancing, but you definitely need to be careful in them. Scams are common in topless bars around the world, don’t pay with a credit card or run up a tab.

Also confirm prices for everything before you buy and avoid buying any ladies drinks for the girls. That is the most likely way for you to get scammed. You can sometimes have sex in Kiev gentlemen’s clubs or pay a barfine to allow the hot dancers to leave the club with you but if so it will be very expensive.

These are probably better places to see some sexy Ukrainian ladies dancing topless or naked, there is much cheaper sex available other places. With all of that said some of the best strip clubs in Kiev are:

  • Club Rio at Bogdana Hmelnitskogo str 30/10
  • Red Heat at 10/5 Sagaydachnogo str
  • Mint Nosorog at Velyka Vasyl’kivs’ka str. 111/113
  • Dolls Men’s Club at Chervonoarmiiys`ka str 57/3, M. Olimpijska
  • Red Lion at 27A Khreschatyk str
  • Paradise Cabaret at Shevchenko avenue/Pushkinskaya str., 5-7/29‚Äč
  • Penthouse Strip Club at 58 Krasnoarmeyska str
  • Solid Gold at Arena Entertainment Complex
  • Velvet Cabaret at Instytutska St, 4
  • Arena Stars Erotic Cabaret at Baseina St, 2

Many of these are located in the Arena City red light district.

Sex Toy Shops

That wraps up the mongering section of this Kiev sex guide, but before we get to the dating section we want to mention some adult erotic shops to buy sex toys:

Picking Up Single Girls

We already covered this at the top of the post but we want to mention again that the closer you are to Arena City the more likely you are to be dealing with a sex worker. Tourists are more likely to spend big money then locals and foreign men often go out to party in Arena City.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of ladies of the night here that aren’t after cash, but just keep it in mind. Obviously the weather will play a big role in where the party is at here, and if you can plan your trip around the summer months that would be advisable.

If you are here during the summer then there are some good day and beach clubs like City Beach Club and Bora Bora that are fun to party at. You will see a lot of hot Kiev girls showing off their bodies in sexy swimwear at them.

For pick up bars and clubs to try to meet single girls in the Kiev nightlife visit:

Arena City, Buddha Bar, and Shooters also can be good pick up spots but we already talked about them in our hooker bar list. The Podil District will have plenty of dive bars where you also might be able to meet single women who aren’t after your cash.

One night stands and hooking up with Ukrainian women quickly isn’t very common, you often need to go on a few dates to get laid. With that said you never know when a girl might get horny.

Meeting Kiev Girls Online

Some guys don’t like mongering, some don’t like going out to nightclubs and wondering whether a Kiev girl is a sex worker either. Luckily online dating is great in this city and the best site to use is Ukraine Date.

We mentioned before that many years ago the Mamba App was a gold mine for semi pro girls, it was also a great way to hook up and get laid for free. Now it is so loaded with escort services it isn’t even worth your time, and most other dating apps are the same way.

But Ukraine Date doesn’t play that game, they ban the fake profiles and obvious escorts before they even get a chance to bother guys. While it isn’t easy to pull a drunk girl from a nightclub and get laid the first night online dating can really speed up the process in many ways.

It will allow you to chat with many sexy girls in a short amount of time, and will even allow you to start to meet Kiev ladies before you have arrived in town. Do a video call with them and casually joke about how it felt like a first date at the end of it.

Then when you arrive set up some coffee dates throughout the day with the girls you want to hook up with most. Always have these dates near your hotel or condo and invite them up, but if they say no don’t press the issue.

If you hit it off then ask them out for dinner and drinks in the next few nights. Now after the video call, a coffee date, and getting them to drink and let loose you have really increased your chances of having sex.

Using Ukraine Date will be the most efficient way to contact many single girls, find the ones you like, and get the ball rolling. As we all know dating is a numbers game after all.

Incall outcall girls Kiev escorts sex massage service

Good Luck Finding Sex In Kiev

That finishes up our Kiev sex guide. If you want to monger the online escorts and private apartment brothels are the best way, though you can meet some hot bar prostitutes as well.

If you want dating then we told you about the best dating site, or you can wade through the hooker infested waters at the nightclubs. If you will also be taking a trip to Russia be sure to check out our nightlife and mongering guide for that country, it will really help speed up your learning curve.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Kiev.

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