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If you are looking to monger in this country then these pro tips for using online escort services in Spain  will really help you out. The prostitution scene has changed a whole lot over the past 20 years and now the internet is your most valuable resource.

You will be able to find everything you could ever want when trying to use online escort services in Spain. There are escort review sites that have guys rating and reviewing prostitutes every day.

Anyone who has ever tried to meet hookers online anywhere in the world knows how much this can help. It will save you a whole lot of time, money, and frustration to know what you are getting before you buy.

There are so many brothels in this country and most of them have a website with pictures of the available prostitutes working in them. Plus on the online escort review sites there are pages for the brothels and the girls so you can read about what type of performance you should expect from each.

These are the times that we live in, you don’t just have to randomly pick a girl and hope she is good at her job anymore. Some guys still prefer to go about it that way so they can be in for a little surprise.

Others will spend hours to find the right girl who is highly rated and reviewed. We will start off with some of the general tips and then break down the different types of girls you can meet.

In case you found this page when looking for girls that aren’t hookers we suggest you use this hook up site instead.

Tips For Meeting Hookers Online

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These are just some general tips that are going to help make things easier and more efficient for you. First off, if you do not speak Spanish then be sure to open any of the online escort review sites with Google Chrome.

If you use that browser there will be a translate option for every page. That will make it a whole lot easier to navigate through them.

They can be a bit overwhelming at first but the more time you spend on them the more you will get the hang of it. If you see a call girl or brothel with 10 or more good ratings or reviews you can feel safe in believing that they are pretty reliable.

If there are only a couple then you probably can’t draw any strong conclusions. There are reports of some girls and brothels offering discounts for a positive review so keep that in mind.

One of the main things to be looking for is if guys say she looks like her photos or not. There is a whole lot of ‘bait n switch’ when it comes to meeting hookers in Spain online (or anywhere) so make sure you are really dealing with the girl from the pictures.

A good way to do this is to ask for their Whatsapp and have them send you some current pictures. Whether you are dealing with an independent escort, an agency, or a brothel this is very important.

Make sure they know that if the call girl from the pictures they send isn’t the one you meet that you will not pay. If you make this clear then they probably won’t waste your time sending out a different girl.

That simple step right there will help save you a whole lot of time and possibly money. If you do not do it then you are going to end up thinking an 8 is coming over and getting a 5.

You also always need to have a negotiation before you meet them. The most important things to talk about are the price, the length of time, and the number of times you can have sex.

Also confirm that she will do any sex acts that you are hoping for. Something like a blowjob without condom is not guaranteed so if you are looking for that be sure to confirm it. Anal sex is possible with some prostitutes but you might need to pay extra.

Then you need to decide if you want to do incall (at her place) or outcall (at your place.) Generally outcall will be a bit more expensive because you will have to pay their transportation.

Not all girls will offer both options. Some guys prefer to do incall for various reasons like not wanting a hooker in their home or hoping that the girl works at a brothel.

If she does work at a brothel and doesn’t look as good in person then there will be other girls to choose from on site. The positives for outcall are that you can be lazy and wait at your place for her to show up without having to go out.

Some of the best online escort review sites in Spain are:

  • SexoMercado
  • SexoMercadoBCN
  • Salumi
  • Slumi
  • NuevoLoquo

Salumi and Slumi are probably the best for Madrid while SexoMercadoBCN is best for Barcelona. is the best for Alicante. There are others out there that are easy to find on search engines.

Searching through reviews will help you find the girls that give the best girlfriend experience and aren’t all business. Now lets get into the three main types of hookers you will meet online.

Independent Escorts In Spain

Independent escort services Barcelona Spain hot girls

Independent escorts are girls who work for themselves. They are not working for any agency, pimp, or brothel and keep all of their money for themselves.

Some independent escorts in Spain might be full timers who are always active on the sites trying to get as many customers as possible. Others will be part timers who only are open for business when the need for cash arises.

The good news with them is that you don’t have to pay a brothel or escort agency a cut so in theory they might be a bit cheaper. That isn’t always the case though as they can set whatever rate they want.

The hottest call girls are going to be able to charge a lot and be able to find customers pretty easily. That means they will often be even more expensive then what you might have found at a brothel where the rates are set.

With independent escorts in Spain you definitely need to look for good reviews or get current pictures. Any new girl who pops up with no reviews and stunning pictures could easily be a fake.

Online Escort Agencies

Next you have the online escort agencies of which there are many. When you look around the Spain escort review sites you will probably notice that a bunch of the hookers have the same contact number.

Well, you just found an escort agency and there is a good chance if you ‘order’ that girl a different one will show up. Some guys hate using agencies because of this and won’t even try to contact them.

In truth it really isn’t that big of a deal as long as the agency will provide you with current pictures of the girls on hand and you make it clear you won’t pay if that girl doesn’t show up. There are plenty of escort agencies that are reliable, sadly there are many that are not.

Thanks to the review sites it isn’t that hard to figure out who to trust and who not to.

Finding Brothels Online

Find brothels in Spain online escort agencies Alicante

One of the best ways to find sex in Spain is to find a brothel online that is highly rated and reviewed. They all have websites with pictures of the girls working on them though they can be a bit filtered and photoshopped in some instances.

Still it will give you a good grasp of the available talent on hand. The main reason why these are so good is that you have plenty of options.

You can read on the escort review sites and find brothel girls to hear about who performs well in the bedroom and who does not. But what if you show up and for whatever reason she isn’t what you expected?

Looks can vary from guy to guy and just because 5 other guys said some girl is a stunner doesn’t mean you will necessarily agree. Since you are in a brothel there will be other hookers to choose from if she doesn’t live up to the hype.

You will need to find these brothels in Spain online and contact them to get the current address. They are often working out of apartment buildings or houses and can change locations from time to time.

Ask them when they are open and inquire about prices. Many of them will give a discount during the day so you may want to ask about that.

Generally you should expect to pay between 60-80 euros for a half hour and maybe 100-120 for a full hour. The vast majority of brothels fall into that price range. We didn’t really mention prices in the above sections because they will be so varied you will just need to look at each girl specifically.

Overall these are the easiest and most convenient way. Visit one that has a good reputation and you will almost always find at least one girl you are happy to choose.

Some brothels with good reputations in Madrid are:

  • Placermadrid just off Jorge Juan Road
  • Escorts Delicias
  • ChicasAtocha in Atocha
  • Chicas7 VIPs at Calle Amaniel 7 b
  • Even11 near Arturo Soria station
  • DivinasMadrid #5 line on Ciudad Lineal Metro
  • Chicas Escort in Tetuan

In Barcelona you could visit:

  • Top Damas at Carrer de Sant Eusebi, 68 near Fontana Station
  • La Vie en Rose near Top Damas
  • Felinas at 44 be Calle Can Bruxa
  • Devorah Suites with multiple locations

In Alicante try brothels like:

  • Villa Marcela at Calle Rio Tajo No. 15, San Vincente del Raspeig
  • Sala Luxx
  • Camilla Sexhouse
  • the’Angelo
  • Las Palmas
  • La Casa De Josi

And we will continue to update this as we find out more info. If the prices listed on this page are too much for you then we have an alternative, lets face it not all guys can afford to pay 60 euros or more every time they want to bust a nut.

But in this country there are thousands of horny girls using Adult Friend Finder. In Barcelona there are over 1,200 and in Madrid there are over a thousand. Plus hundreds more in other cities around Spain.

All of these girls find that hook up site the same way guys do. By searching for some topic related to porn or sex when they are bored, horny, and wanting to have some fun.

If you spend as much time messaging girls on Adult Friend Finder as you do searching through online escort reviews you can probably find a hook up buddy near you for free sex.

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Good Luck Meeting Spain Hookers

If you follow the tips in this post then you shouldn’t have too many problems. There will always be some variance when it comes to meeting hookers online but if you take the right steps you can even it out a lot.

Be sure to ask for current pictures and try to choose girls with the best reviews. If you live here and have plenty of time to ride the ups and downs then the independent escorts are very worth looking into.

If instead you only have a short amount of time and need to get every encounter perfect just go with the brothels. Visit one that has a good reputation and you should find a hot girl to have some fun with.

For more tips on how to enjoy the best mongering Spain has to offer check out this red light travel guide for men. It gives more details on the online hookers, brothels, strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and where to pick up single girls as well.

Hopefully these pro tips for using online escort services in Spain were helpful to you.

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