The Best Men’s Erotic Spas In Chiang Mai For Happy Ending Massage

Erotic spas for men Chiang Mai happy ending sex massage

Thanks for checking out this post on the best men’s erotic spas in Chiang Mai for happy ending massage. Many guys travel to this city after enjoying the great red light districts in Bangkok and Pattaya and want to know how to keep the fun going.

While there isn’t anywhere near the same level of adult entertainment in this city our mongers guide to Chiang Mai has plenty of options. Men’s erotic spas and happy ending Thai massage are very easy to find in this city.

We will try to break this post down into a few different sections. The first will be the soapy massage parlors, next will be the body to body massage parlors, and lastly the Thai or oil spas.

In each section the differences between the different options will be explained so that you can try to visit the one you like. Of course things like the prices for a happy ending and the massage girls themselves will also be discussed.

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Soapy Massage Parlors In Chiang Mai

Lets start with the soapy massage parlors in Chiang Mai. They are probably the most famous, thanks mostly to Japanese porn.

What goes down during a soapy massage can vary a bit from spa to spa or even from girl to girl. In general you hop in a bath tub (sometimes a shower) filled with warm water and suds and the naked Thai massage girl gets in with you.

She washes you off and may give you a nude body to body massage right there in the tub rubbing her breasts and ass all over you. She will also wash off your cock and balls and often give a handjob or blowjob in the bath tub as well.

Then you will dry off and this is where experiences can differ greatly. Some will bring you to an air mattress for more of a nude body to body massage, while others will just go right to the bed for sex.

If you want the air mattress part of the equation then you need to confirm this with the manager or the girl before you go. The prices for a soapy massage in Chiang Mai generally are between 1500-2500 baht, and you get around 33 baht for every $1 USD at the time of writing this.

Each spa will have different tiers of girls, some may cost 1500 others 1800 and some 2500. Some of the best soapy massage parlors in Chiang Mai are:

The cheapest soapies are going to be Sayuri, Celebrities Shower massage and Pandora.

Body To Body With Handjob Happy Ending

Oil body soapy massage nude topless handjob blowjob sex

Next we will discuss some men’s erotic spas where you can get a fully nude body to body massage in Chiang Mai with a handjob happy ending. You might be able to offer a big tip for a full service sex massage, but many of the girls working here will not do that.

Again exact experiences can differ from one men’s spa to the next or one girl to the next but don’t expect to get a soapy here. The girl may wash you off in the shower a bit before you start, but not the full soapy experience.

Then you will head to an air mattress where she will either use nuru gel or oil and give you a fully nude body to body massage. For the guys who were expecting the nuru massage service to be had at the soapies this is where you can find them.

Unfortunately after your Chiang Mai massage girl gives you the body to body service you are likely to only end with a handjob happy ending. You might be able to tip more for a blowjob or sex, but expect the blowjob to be covered with a condom.

Some of the best body to body massage spas for men in Chiang Mai are:

  • Fang VIP
  • Raspberry Spa
  • Absolute Paradise
  • Office Club
  • Rub N Tug Smaller Spas All Over

Now that we have covered the more ‘luxury’ massage options lets talk about the smaller rub n tug men’s spas that can be found all over the city. Particularly in the touristy areas there are girls offering massage everywhere you go as is common all around Thailand and most of Southeast Asia.

We aren’t even going to mention any specific men’s erotic spas this time. Instead just walk around streets or areas like:

  • Loi Kroh Road
  • Tha Phae Gate
  • Sridonchai Road
  • Changklan Road

Or any other tourist or nightlife district and you will be surrounded by them. If you see a cute girl you like you have a couple of options, the first is to just go in for an oil massage and see if any extra services are offered.

Don’t choose the Thai massage because they will make you wear a straight jacket like jump suit that will make it less likely the girl offers a happy ending. Choose the oil and lay down naked or in your boxers.

Or you can try and ask the girl ahead of time if she will give a happy ending at the end. This can be a bit awkward though as there are usually quite a few girls sitting around together, plus it kind of spoils some of the anticipation on whether you can get one or not.

The price for these rub n tug massage spas in Chiang Mai should be around 200 to 300 for the massage and then you will need to tip for extra services. A handjob happy ending may be 300 to 500 more, a blowjob 500-1k, or a full service sex massage 800-1500 but these are all negotiable. You may need to tip them extra if you wanted them to be topless.

It should be noted at the above luxury spas we mentioned before your total price is included, if you do want to tip it doesn’t need to be a big one. Overall these rub n tugs can be very hit or miss, some girls may not even offer a happy ending or may only want to give a handjob.

Others may have no problem doing any extra services you are willing to pay for.

Enjoy The Best Men’s Spas In Chiang Mai

You won’t be lacking for options when it comes to sensual and erotic services but they can be hit or miss. Many guys end up a little let down after their soapy massage because they have such high expectations from what they have seen in porn.

Unfortunately at the body to body massage parlors you mostly just get a handjob happy ending. In a city where there is plenty of mongering and also many easy non pro girls on Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid paying for a handjob isn’t really necessary.

Call girls online escorts Chiang Mai sex massage hotel service

It may be best to try to line up dates with cute university students on the Thai dating sites and if they fall through then use these men’s spas as a backup plan. For more tips on how to get the most out of all the nightlife and mongering in Thailand check out this eBook travel guide.

Good luck when visiting the best men’s erotic spas in Chiang Mai for a happy ending massage.

Topless nude oil nuru body massage Chiange Mai naked girls

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1 Response

  1. Mike says:

    I had an amazing experience here with a 20 year old student. Cute face, perfect body, and long, dark and soft as silk hair. I’m coming back for sure; if all girls treat their customers like she treated me this place is a real gem.

    I chose the oil massage, for 400 baht. Since the first minute she put full attention on it. No smartphone, no wasting time with old tricks. The conversation with her was pleasant, and never became annoying.

    In some (or most) massage places girls give you a boring 45 minute massage, and then ask you if you want a “special”. It was not the case with the cutie I chose here. The massage was great, and very sensual. She slowly built up my desire as the minutes went by. She seemed to really enjoy what she was doing, and when she asked me if I wanted a special I didn’t even have to think before responding. I didn’t even ask about the price, I was “on cloud nine”, and I didn’t want to spoil the fun, not for a second.

    She said 500 baht anyways, and then gave me an amazing handjob. She came very close to me, so that I could touch all of her body, kiss her beautiful legs, and play with her boobs (over her bra). Great experience. I gave her a 1000 baht tip, instead of the 500 she requested, because she clearly deserved more.

    I’m coming back for sure.

    The shop name is Aloha Massage. 49/8 Road. Suriyawong Alley in Chiang mai~

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