NEVER Fall in Love With a Hooker

Never fall in love with a hooker or bar girl

OK OK, never is to strong, but you need to be very careful if you start to fall in love with a hooker. When we say bargirl we are talking about a prostitute that works at any of the girly bar type establishments around the world.

If her job is to entertain men for money in any way then it should take a whole lot of evidence that she wants more then just your money. Whether it is a Go-Go in Thailand, a girly bar in the Phlippines, a strip club in Bogota, a karaoke bar in Tokyo or an FKK in Berlin if she works in some alcohol induced male nightlife area don’t fall in love.

Her job is to get your money, and she may be very good at this job. She probably has more experience getting money out of men then you do at talking to hot girls. No offense, even if you are some sort of model playboy girls still can have contact with men much easier.

Every day she is going up to that bar with one thing on her mind. When she first started out she learned some tricks from the veterans and has developed her own strategies as time has gone on.

She also has had experience with playing with a mans head ever since her body had developed and guys were noticing her. You may be smarter then her, you may be richer then her, but this is her element and you don’t want to take her on in it.

Guys Sending Money To Hookers

Lets take a look at a common scenario that plays out in girly bars all over the world. A guy, lets call him Kevin, takes a vacation from some sex prison of a 1st world country to a magical place with girly bars.

He goes into the bar and wouldn’t ya know it the first girl that comes up and smiles at him is the sweetest girl he has ever met. He buys her a few ladies drinks, pays her barfine, and spends the whole trip with her.

Every night he goes back to her bar to barfine her again and again and she makes him as happy as happy can be. They have sex over and over and it is the best week he has had in years. Not only is the sex great but she is the nicest girl he has ever met.

When he leaves they exchange Skype contacts and have weekly chats. She tells him she will wait for him until he returns and he wants her to quit working at the bar. She says she can’t because she doesn’t have money, and he says its OK he will send her money via Western Union if she doesn’t go with any other guys.

Foreign men can't trust bar girls in Asia

Another sucker has been hooked. She will tell him that she quit the bar and that she is looking for a new job that doesn’t involve selling her body, but she will be back at the bar later that night.

The money she makes from her salary at the bar is basically meaningless to her. What the bar gives her is more chance to meet more guys like Kevin. She will have a 10 minute Skype chat with each of her Western Union suckers a few times a week so that the money keeps flowing in.

Some hookers may have 10 or more guys like this lined up. Each one sends her a couple hundred dollars a month so that she stays out of the bar and waits for them. Or maybe instead of a monthly allowance she just contacts them when she is in need and makes up that same old ‘big problem’ that Asian girls always seem to have.

Why Do Guys Fall For Hookers?

It can be hard not to for some. We all know what living in sex prison can be like. Go up to a bar and every hot girl there is already with a guy. The only available looking women are some white whales and even though they do nothing for you it is better then another night of porn.

You go up to the white whale and try to hit on her and she has some attitude, you put up with it because you want sex but she just teases you and gives nothing. Compare that to going into a girly bar in Southeast Asia.

You sit down and an adorable slim 20 year old comes over and sits next to you. She has a big smile on her face and never has any attitude at all. She laughs at your jokes and gives you kind attention.

You go back to your hotel and are holding hands or have your arm around her on the way. You lay in bed and she is shy in the cutest way possible, then she lets you inside and it is what you have been missing for so long.

Then afterwards you chat and joke and hold each other all night. In the morning you have sex again and it is a magical time for you. You never want it to end, and she is telling you that it doesn’t have to.

She is so cute and innocent she has to be telling the truth. She might be, but odds are she isn’t. Some of these girls can be very ruthless. They will try to milk you for every dollar they can get as quickly as possible.

Once you show that you can’t say no they will come back for more and more. One week it is $50 to go to the doctor. The next week their rent is due for $150 (even though their room probably costs half that, and they can fully afford to pay it.)

Then their phone got stolen and can you get them a new iPhone. Or their dad is in the hospital, or they want to start school and can you pay the tuition. The list of reasons can be never ending and as long as you continue to say yes they will continue to ask.

Others might be more cunning. They will play the long game and go for one big score. They will never ask for a dime from you to show that they are ‘different’ from ‘that girl’ you have heard about.

Then a few months she may call you on Skype and be crying. She will give an Oscar worthy performance and need a few hundred dollars for another one of those big problems. If you send it then her ten 5 minute Skype calls with you have been very worth it. If not she will start over with a new guy.

It Would Take A Lot To Ever Trust A Hooker

Some guys like to say that you can take the girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. Once she gets a taste for that life she is going to always want more and more.

That may or may not be true and it depends on the girl. But the odds are that if you put your trust in a bargirl you will probably end up getting burned.

To be fair most relationships don’t work out anyways, so you should never really be expecting one to do so. A relationship with a bargirl is definitely starting off on the wrong foot.

Trust is a huge factor in a relationship, could you ever really trust a girl who you knew used to have sex with that many guys? If everything goes well and you move her back to your home in sex prison are you sure she isn’t going to hook up with some 20 year old white guy that she idolizes?

Meet sexy girls online when traveling get laid

There are definitely some very decent and good women that are forced into the life of a bargirl. They were raised in a province, have little to no education, and really no other way to make decent money.

But are you good enough at reading people to separate the good ones from the bad ones? If you are going to try and fall in love with a hooker you better be. This travel guide for single men breaks down some easy places to get laid where you won’t need to rely on bar girls.


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