Where To Pick Up Single Girls In Melbourne

Pick up girls in Melbourne for casual sex and dating

If you are looking for tips on where to pick up single girls in Melbourne for casual sex and dating we have some good ones for you. Not only are there plenty of pick up bars and nightclubs, but this can also be a very good city for day game as well.

A lot of this site revolves around traveling, but sadly most Melbourne girls won’t be impressed by foreign men. Sure, in some cases it might help you, but in others it might hurt you and most of the time it won’t matter at all.

This isn’t like when foreign men go somewhere like Southeast Asia, or when a French guy with a sexy accent travels. Melbourne is a pretty international city and tourists will not be held in higher regard.

But there are definitely some positives about trying to pick up single ladies in town. One of the biggest is that they all speak English so if you do as well that makes things a lot easier.

This is also a very good city for day game. If you see sexy women anywhere around town go ahead and approach and see how they respond.

Of course some may have bitch shields, but as long as you are nice and respectful many will give you a chance. Try and chat them up, get their number, or take them for a quick coffee date right then.

We will start off by mentioning some of the best day game options, then mention good pick up bars for the sexy ladies of the night as well. After that we will mention a good hook up dating site where you might just find some girls who are wanting to hook up and get laid as well.

Meeting Girls During The Day

This is a pretty good city for day game so always be on the look out for where to pick up girls anywhere. Since taxis are so expensive here many women in Melbourne will be taking other forms of public transportation or walking.

This makes them much more approachable, but remember on the street they will be a bit more on guard than in a building, particularly in shady areas of town. However in areas like Federation Square and Bourke Street that shouldn’t be the case.

Those are both great places to try to meet girls during the day. You should also try picking up Aussie women at malls like Melbourne Central or any of the Westfield Malls around town.

Picking Up Sexy Ladies Of The Night

Nightclubs and bars to meet Melbourne girls for sex

Day game can work for some guys, but we all know that alcohol makes things a whole lot easier. Walking up to a girl on the street or in the mall and hooking up with her on the same day is extremely rare.

But all over the world thousands of guys get laid with strange they picked up at a bar or nightclub each night. When girls in Melbourne want casual sex they go to lounges, bars and nightclubs like:

Try and come up with a game plan for a few bars or clubs that are close to each other. Then get a hotel or AirBnb near them if you are a tourist.

That way it will be a lot easier to transition back to your place to get laid. If you need to travel all across town the sexy Melbourne ladies might say no.

Meeting Aussie Girls Online

Hook up slutty girls Melbourne Australia get laid free sex

Now for the last way to meet women, online dating. This has really changed things and now guys who aren’t big on approaching strangers still have a great shot.

Walking up to a girl in the mall you don’t know just seems weird. Alcohol can give you the courage to approach in a Melbourne pick up bar, but it isn’t like a high percentage of approaches end in hooking up.

But did you know there are actually over a thousand single girls in Melbourne on Adult Friend Finder? That is right, over a thousand active female users as of late 2018, and thousands more all around Australia.

These girls only find out about the site when surfing the web for porn or some sex related topic. They sign up to Adult Friend Finder because they are bored, horny, or curious all of which makes them easy pickings.

Are we going to guarantee that if you sign up you will be hooking up with a hot Aussie girl tonight? Of course not, but it stands to reason that the women using that site are going to be more keen for some no strings attached sex than a random stranger at the mall.

Best dating site in Melbourne to meet girls for sex online

Good Luck Hooking Up In Melbourne

Like anywhere picking up in this city will always be a numbers game. The more attempts that you make the more times you will get laid.

Try to use all the weapons in your arsenal, and any time you see an opportunity take it. If the girl is bitchy and rejects you quickly nothing was lost, but if you end up hooking up with her a lot was gained.

Good luck when trying to pick up single girls in Melbourne.

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