Where To Pick Up Street Prostitutes In Mexico City

Pick up Mexico City street prostitutes selling sex

In this post on where to pick up street prostitutes in Mexico City we will also give you some tips on safety and how to have a better time with them. This is a huge city that can be pretty rough and any time you are dealing with street girls you aren’t going to be in the safest areas of town.

As mentioned in our Mexico City sex guide prostitution is legal here so picking up a prostitute off the street won’t put you in any legal danger. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to worry about the police though, they will definitely be out in this area looking to harass and bribe the guys who come here.

We will start out with some general safety tips and advice on picking up prostitutes. Not only to keep you out of trouble or harms way but also so that when you do find the right hooker you enjoy your time with her.

Then we will list the best places in Mexico City to pick up street girls. If you would prefer to just skip all of this and try to meet girls for dating then use the best dating site in Mexico instead.

Hooker Safety Tips

Hooker safety tips Mexico City street girls Merced

Lets go ahead and get the safety stuff out of the way first. Clearly you are putting yourself in a bit of a risky situation any time you try to pick up street hookers in Mexico City or anywhere.

Our best advice is to head to these places during the day and in a taxi, at least the first time. Hop in and mention the areas here and have him drive all around so that you can get your bearings straight.

See where the street prostitutes are congregating and get a lay of the land. The more you know about the area the better off you will be and the less time you will need to spend there.

Don’t head out at midnight, get dropped off, and then walk around sketchy streets you don’t know looking for sexy ladies of the night. That is a recipe for disaster. The girls will likely prefer to have a cab pull up to them instead of having a guy walk up to them anyways.

If you are on foot don’t walk around drinking a beer, jaywalk, or do anything else that a cop could stop you for. They might still stop you anyway but don’t give them any extra incentive to do so.

You want to get in and get out of these areas as quickly as possible. If you spend enough time here you are likely to get robbed by someone or harassed by the cops.

If you do deal with the police make them show you a badge so you know they are real cops. There are reports of guys saying they are undercover cops shaking people down who may or may not actually be law enforcement.

If you are unfortunate enough to end up in a shake down it is up to you how you want to handle it. You can try to call their bluff if you really haven’t done anything illegal and if so you probably will end up getting out of the situation.

Or you can give in to their demands and pay them what they ask for. That is a personal decision, some guys will do anything to get on with their day, others will stand their ground, that is up to you.

However if you do end up in some sort of shake down keep your cool and don’t get into a shouting match with them. Sure they will be pissing you off but do your best to keep things civil. If you escalate things then a small situation could turn into a big one in a hurry.

Outside of limiting your time on the street and watching your back the other main thing you need to worry about is watching your drink when you are in the room with a girl. It is probably best to just bang the street prostitute right when you get in the room and get her out as quickly as possible.

Don’t get yourself a drink and then walk into the bathroom leaving it unattended. She could possibly drug you, get you knocked out, and then you could be in a real worst case scenario.

If the whole street scene seems too risky for you then try to meet hookers online in Mexico City instead. That will be a little safer but it isn’t a perfect solution either, and the prices will be quite a bit higher.

Price For Sex With Street Girls

There aren’t exactly set prices but many street girls in Mexico City do charge similar prices. If you just want a quickie then many will go for as little as 250 pesos.

They probably will rush you, won’t want to take off their clothes, and may not be open to doing any position changes. To be fair 250 pesos is under $15 at the current exchange rate so you shouldn’t expect to get the best customer service for a lowball offer.

Like most things in life the more you pay the more you will get. If you want them to get naked, give a blowjob, and do multiple position changes try and ask for ‘servicio completo’ and that may cost anywhere from 500 to 750 pesos.

There might be some rare really hot hookers who want to charge more then that but most street girls will be in the 250-750 range for short time. If you were hoping for long time (all night or many hours) it is probably best to just book them for short time at first.

Then if you like them you can easily offer them more to stay longer or try and take them again in the future. Make sure that they perform well and you want to be around them for an extended period of time before making that commitment.

It is much easier to negotiate an extension with a Mexico City street prostitute than it is to kick them out early for less money. Like anything in life this can be very hit or miss, some days you might go out and in 5 minutes find a very hot girl who rocks your world.

Another day you might spend hours searching, end up settling for one you aren’t that thrilled about, and end up getting sub par service. You just never know.

Mexico City Street Prostitutes Pick Up Zones

Insurgentes Merced Pino Suarez Calle Sullivan street girls

There are quite a few Mexico City street prostitute pick up zones around town. You will probably find the most street girls out in Merced, particularly on the west side of Circunvalacion.

Pino Suarez and Merced near the Hotel Mina is another good area to look. The Walmart near the Buenavista Metro is another known hooker hot spot.

Calle Sullivan near the Hotel Sybharis also is an area with lots of street prostitutes in Mexico City. Calles Manuel Maria Contreras and Gambino Barreda are streets that these ladies of the night like to walk.

Or try out Calle San Pablo, Insurgentes, and Calle Manzaneres. There is even a brothel on Calle Manzaneres but the ladies are older and not that attractive.

Lastly you could try the area around the Plaza Girabaldi in the Zona Rosa nightlife district. Remember to take a taxi any time you are heading to a new area and scope out the scene as you drive by first. If it looks safe enough pull up to a girl or get out and walk around. If not head to another area.

This is definitely a sketchy way to find sex and in a city of this size it may not be necessary. There are so many single girls on Mexican Cupid and they are all looking for single men.

Some may want a serious relationship, others may just want to have a quick fling. In a city of 20 million plus people it really isn’t that hard to get a date and online dating definitely speeds up the process.

Or if dating sounds like too much of a drag you can even meet slutty girls on Adult Friend Finder who are just looking for casual sex.

Meet Mexico City street prostitutes online escorts

Stay Safe With Mexico City Prostitutes

This definitely isn’t the safest hobby to have but if you follow the hooker safety tips here you will minimize your chances of something going wrong. Scout out the scene from a taxi, limit your time in the danger zone, and be careful with your drink around the street girls.

For more tips on how to get the most out of the mongering in Mexico check out this eBook guide. Good luck and hopefully this post on where to pick up street prostitutes in Mexico City was helpful to you.

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