Pro Tips For Mongering With Hookers In Foreign Countries

Mongering with hookers in foreign countries

Many of you reading this probably never have traveled abroad before and that means you may not have mongered or been with a hooker. If you are in the US and some parts of Europe prostitutes aren’t that easy to find, neither are they in many other parts of the world.

In general mongering and picking up hookers is easy and you won’t have any problems most of the time. As long as you hold up your end of the bargain and pay her then she will likely do the same. However like in every walk of life there are some bad apples and there are certain things you can do to avoid getting ripped off by one.

There are a few rules that are far more important than the rest so we will detail them in the first section. These should be unbreakable rules and outside of the few rare exceptions that we mention you should always follow them.

After that the other parts of this post will be minor in comparison. They will be tips on how to make things go smoother, but they are not of anywhere near the same importance as the first.

So lets get started on the main rules for mongering in foreign countries and then get to the lighter stuff.

The Unbreakable Rules For Going With Prostitutes

Rules for picking up hookers in other countries

Without a doubt the absolute #1 most important rule for mongering is to always make sure the girl is 18 years old or of legal age. If you are American it does not matter what the other countries legal age of consent is, if an American travels abroad it is illegal for them to have sex with anyone under 18.

Please read that again. If you are from Texas and you go to a country where the legal age of consent is 16 it doesn’t matter, you still have to follow this law. If you are from another country then the same law may not apply to you, but check out the rules for your country and that country if you really want to try.

The better move is to just be smart and don’t go near anything under 18 years old. That is one of the main reasons most foreigners get locked up abroad. If the girl looks like she might be under 18 then check her ID, and if something smells wrong take a pass.

There will be plenty of legal aged girls around that you don’t need to risk it. The prisons in third world countries are obviously no where you want to be, and if you break this rule you will have quite a lengthy stay.

Overall police are not around very much in third world countries. There aren’t many of them and they get paid so little they don’t do all that much police work. But this is one area where they do try and catch people.

Unbreakable rule #2 for mongering does not have near as bad of consequences but it comes up a whole lot more often. Never pay a freelancer up front. A freelancer is a hooker that doesn’t work directly for a bar, brothel, or any type of sex club.

If you go to a bar and barfine a girl or bang her on site then you may have to pay up front and that is different. The bar will not rip you off because they don’t want to get a bad reputation.

But when it comes to a freelancer always follow rule #2. Once you pay her she has all of the leverage and you can’t hand that over until her job is done. It isn’t even that she will necessarily try and steal your money, though some will.

It is also that she now has no incentive to give you good service. Once your money is tucked away nicely in her purse her only goal will be to get out of that room as quickly as she can.

There is just no reason why a girl should make you pay up front. If she is putting up a fight over it and says she has been ripped off before pull out the cash and show her you have it, but don’t pay her yet.

If she won’t do it without you paying first then pass. If she is really willing to not do it because of that then she probably has some reason, and the reason is unlikely a good one.

This doesn’t come up often when mongering while traveling but it does happen from time to time. Just remain calm, explain that you have no intention of ripping her off, and she should be fine. Then be sure to pay her before you leave.

These are the two unbreakable rules that you should always follow no matter what. One is putting your freedom at risk, the other is the main way that many guys get ripped off.

There is definitely other important advice in this post, but if you only take 2 things from this post then make it these two. If you want to know about some cheap good mongering vacation options check out this eBook.

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How To Get Better Service From Hookers

We have already covered the #1 rule for getting good service which is don’t pay up front. Even if you are getting a girl from a bar and did pay up front she will still give good service in hopes of a tip or avoiding you telling her manager.

But that isn’t the only way to help make sure you get good service. Another very important factor is talking to the girl first and trying to get some sort of a rapport with her. Whether you are picking a girl at a bar or a freelancer off the street you need to be choosing a girl that wants to go with you.

If she is showing any signs of hesitation or that she isn’t interested then find another one. Now if you are at some small area with only a few girls then you may not have much of a choice between her or some really ugly ones.

But if you are somewhere like Pattaya, Angeles City, or anywhere that there is a big selection then find one with a good attitude. If you read on any of the sexpat message boards just about every time a guy reports a bad experience with a girl he chose the hottest girl in the bar who didn’t seem to keen to go with him in the first place.

Find one that seems enthusiastic about going with you, or at the very least one that doesn’t seem hesitant. If she is hesitant there then how do you think she is going to be when you get into the room? It is unlikely to get better.

You also should talk to her about the things you will want to do just to make sure she is up for them. If you want a blowjob ask if she does that, if you don’t want to wear a condom confirm that.

If you have to confirm pretty standard things like that then of course if you want any kinky stuff you need to confirm them also. In some places (like Amsterdam or Tijuana) you will even need to negotiate for things like position changes and being able to feel their tits while you are having sex.

If you are at a girly bar in Asia you aren’t going to need to go through a list of ‘I want doggie, missionary, cowgirl……’ but do confirm other things. Try to get through this awkward conversation in a friendly manner.

Even though she is a hooker you still need to make sure she is comfortable with you. Keep a smile on your face and be nice. There is a saying ‘treat a princess like a whore and a whore like a princess.’

You don’t need to go so far as to treat her like a princess, but don’t treat her like garbage. The better you are to her the better she will be to you.

Practice Safe Sex With Hookers

Wear condoms have safe sex mongering hookers

As far as safety goes as long as you think with your big head and not the little one you should be alright. Sex is exchanged for cash thousands of times a day all over the world and instances of it going wrong are very low from a percentage stand point.

Most girls are not out to rip you off or hurt you. They will do what they agreed to do to get your money and as long as you treat them well you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Of course there are certain things that are more high risk then others. If you are in a sketchy neighborhood and some girl is trying to lure you down a dark alley maybe pass on that one.

Any time third parties are getting involved like street pimps your odds of trouble increase. Things will probably still be alright, but one girl on her own is unlikely to pull a knife on you, who knows when it comes to a pimp and now you are outnumbered.

In most of the areas you will go there is no need for a pimp anyways. There will be so many available girls and few guys looking for them. The odds are in your favor so you can select a safe option over selecting an easy one.

Many guys will try and rent a short time hotel instead of bringing the girl back to their apartment or hotel. Most of the time this is unnecessary and is an added cost that is wasted.

However it does give you bit of insurance over some sort of police scam or the girl/pimp coming back and causing problems later. If you are treating the girl fairly and paying her what you agreed then there really is no reason to do it, but if you want that extra insurance then go for it.

On a short trip paying $5-$10 extra for this won’t cost you much. For someone living there doing it every time would really add up.

As far as safety goes the real main risk you will have is with your drinks. Druggings can be pretty common in some areas of the world and you need to make sure that you keep an eye on your drink at all times.

This is much more prevalent in places like Latin America and Las Vegas but it can happen anywhere. The person that is drugging you to rob you won’t be to concerned to give you exactly the right dose to only make you pass out.

They may kill you, they may put you in a coma, or best case scenario they make you black out for the night and rob all the valuables you have. Any time you are out in the nightlife in a foreign country take extra precautions to watch your drink.

If you are at a really shady looking establishment you may even want to watch them as they make your drink.  For health concerns when it comes to hookers if you are really worried just wear a condom or only get a blowjob.

With a blowjob you are almost guaranteed to have no problems, but many guys want to have sex so if you are going to do that then wear a condom with a prostitute. Don’t listen to her say that this is her 3rd day at the bar and think she is clean, they are told to say things like that to sound more pure and innocent.

The funny thing is the main disease most guys are worried about is the one you are least likely to get. Sure getting HIV would be an absolutely horrible thing to have happen, but through vaginal sex you are only going to get it 4 out of every 10,000 times you have sex with an infected girl.

If you do something like anal sex or share needles then you need to worry more, but just from getting pussy you are very likely to make it out unscathed. The more likely things to get are stuff like gonorrhea and chlamydia and a condom should prevent them.

They are very easy to cure, but when you are curing them you can’t have sex for a few days or a week at minimum. So that could really put a damper on your trip. Imagine flying all the way to the other side of the world and catching a dose on your first night. Talk about depressing.

Then there are things like warts and herpes. Take a quick peek down low before you bang and you should be able to spot any of those. There is a minuscule chance that you will get herpes even if she isn’t showing but there isn’t anything you can do about that.

Overall you should be fine and whether you wear a condom or not is a personal choice. If you don’t wear one you should pull out though. Don’t be one of the assholes who impregnates some pour girl in the third world and flies back home leaving some pour baby to be raised by a bargirl with no money.

If you want to visit some places where it is easy to pick up girls that aren’t hookers check out our GuysNightlife easy places to get laid travel guide.


There Is A Lot Of Fun To Be Had Around The World

If you have never been then you can’t really imagine what it is like. The media and movies put such a negative stigma on prostitution in our heads that we all think it is some dirty repulsive thing.

The women are always drugged out with missing teeth, it is dangerous, pimps starting fights and all sorts of problems. However when you go to monger in other countries it is nothing of the sort.

These are just girls with no better way of making money. Jobs are hard to come by and they pay terrible wages, so you have to work really hard to work really hard to get paid crap.

Or you can go out to a bar, pick a guy you think is safe, and make some quick money. For some girls it is the only option, for others it is the best of a bunch of bad options.

Sure there will be some ‘dirty whores’ around that you will want to hope to avoid but they are usually pretty easy to spot. Some guys will tell you to never go with a freelancer and only go with bargirls but that is baloney.

The freelancers are safe too, but remember to make sure they are over 18. Also don’t assume that just because a girl works at a bar she has to be 18, if she looks 16 she may very well be.

Another thing you need to make a ‘personal decision’ on is taking pics or videos. Making porn is highly illegal in most places and the penalties can be very stiff.

If you aren’t posting it online anywhere to profit off you will likely be fine, but even if for your own collection it is a bit of a risk. If you are going to do it then use some sort of encryption to hide it so that if anyone checks your phone they won’t find it.

Some guys don’t think this is a big issue, but the majority of foreigners who are locked up in third world countries are there for drugs, underage girls, or porn. Stay away from all 3 and you shouldn’t have to worry.

If you are somehow the unlucky dude that gets scammed by a cop don’t argue with him and make a big deal out of it. Keep calm, keep a smile on your face, and give him $100 or $200.

This should buy you out of any sort of scam and you can consider it a cost of doing business. Don’t blow it out of proportion and turn a minor $100 scam into you sitting in a jail cell having to pay off the whole precinct.

The more people that know about it the higher the cost will be. Keep it calm and ‘settle up’ with the first guy. That said you are very unlikely to get scammed so don’t fret over it.

OK to sum everything up the most important things you need to know are that you should never go with a girl who is under 18 and if she looks too young check her ID or pass. Never pay a hooker up front unless it is at a reputable looking bar or sex club.

While we all want to go with the hottest possible girl you also need to try and make sure you are choosing a girl that wants to be with you. If a girl shows any sort of attitude find another. Treat her well and she will do the same for you.

The last thing that we will leave you with is this: trust your gut. If something ‘feels wrong’ it may very well be. Your natural instincts may pick up on something that your eyes and ears aren’t noticing.

If something looks too good to be true maybe it is. Or if you have that uneasy feeling for any reason go ahead and take a pass. There will be another option in the not so distant future.

Follow these pro tips for mongering with hookers in foreign countries and things should go well for you. Or try to meet single girls on international dating sites like Asian Dating.

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