Pro Tips For Picking Up Vietnam Hookers

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Today we are going to give some tips for picking up Vietnam hookers. This site has covered the where to find them topic in depth, but not much has been discussed about dealing with them.

The first thing we always like to point out when writing about a broad group of people is that there will be lots of generalizing in this post. There is a lot of prostitution in this country, so when you are picking up Vietnam hookers you will come across all kinds.

Sadly, when it comes to prostitutes in Asia these girls have about as bad of a reputation as you will find. That doesn’t mean that some gem’s can’t be found, it just means that on average they are going to be tougher to deal with than some others.

All cities and countries have different high points and low points to both their nightlife and their prostitution. In one country going to a Go Go might be the best play, in another it might be picking up a freelancer off the street or hitting up an erotic massage spa.

That doesn’t mean the best option is the only option, just that more often then not you will have a better experience going one route than the other. Lets start out talking about where most think the best value comes from here, and then give tips on how to deal with some of the trickier girls you might encounter.

If you stumbled across this page even though you don’t like to pay for sex this post on the best cities to meet girls in Vietnam might be more up your alley.

Best Way To Meet Hookers In Vietnam

If all countries have their own best value then here you will want to stick with erotic massage spas or blowjob bars that the locals call ‘hot tocs.’ The majority of bad experiences guys report come when dealing with freelance prostitutes.

You can find hookers in Vietnam sex spas all over the country and that link details the best places to go for them. Each city you visit should have plenty of options for getting a happy ending massage.

Of course finding sex in Ho Chi Minh City will be the easiest since it is the biggest city and also gets the most tourists. There will be plenty of options all around you, even if it doesn’t always appear to be the case.

Finding prostitutes in Hanoi will be similar, just stick to the erotic massage parlors. Vung Tau is a bit different, in this city you will want to go to the girly bars and pay barfines.

Some things you will notice that aren’t being mentioned for any of these cities is freelance prostitutes or online escorts. There are far fewer of them around then you find in most of Southeast Asia and they are known to have pretty terrible attitudes.

But before we get into that lets first talk about the positives of the spas and blowjob bars.

How To Have The Best Experiences

Sex massage spas Vietnam prostitute bars meet hookers

One thing that will really be lacking with Vietnam hookers is a girlfriend experience. By that we mean the girl acts like she really is into you and makes it seem like a normal date and hook up.

Of course that is all an illusion, but some guys really get into it. Prostitutes in the Philippines are known to give some of the best girlfriend experiences in the world, but in this country not so much.

If you wanted to try and spend a whole night or longer with the same girl this is the wrong country. The sex massage spas and blowjob bars are great, but you are only going to be in them for an hour or two at the most.

Even if these are mostly just short time hook ups you still can do things to try and improve your experience. If you are presented with a lineup try to pick a girl who looks happy and like she wants you to be her customer.

Lets say there is hot girl who doesn’t make eye contact with you standing next to a slightly less attractive girl who is smiling at you intently. Who do you think is going to work harder to make you happy?

Lots of guys will just choose the hottest piece of ass they see, then complain later that the girl gave a bad performance. Often times they probably were given indications ahead of time that would be the case but chose to ignore them and let their little head do the thinking.

With the blowjob bar girls this is less of an issue. They are all going to go through the same routine and your experience is unlikely to differ too much.

At the erotic spas it is a different story. At many they aren’t obligated to give you any type of a happy ending if they don’t want, and they can stop at just a handjob if that is all they feel like offering you.

There are some easy ways to improve your chances of having a good experience though. First off take a shower before you go, or use their shower if they have one.

If your ass stinks that is a really bad start. Next, try to make just a little bit of small talk with her and do so in a happy way with a smile on your face.

These Vietnamese girls are not likely to speak much English at all so don’t worry you aren’t going to get wrapped up into an hour of hearing them bitch about stuff. Just be a nice and friendly person when you first meet them so they have a positive impression of you.

As far as the prices go a blowjob should cost you around 400k dong. A massage will cost in the 100k-300k range and a handjob might be an additional 200k, blowjob 300k-500k, and full sex 500k-1 million tip. You get around 22k for every $1 USD.

Not smelling bad and being nice are two pretty easy things to do, when it comes to the freelancers things get a whole lot more difficult. For more tips on how to get the most out of the nightlife in this country check out this eBook guide.

Freelance Vietnam Hookers

Vietnam prostitution guide erotic massage blowjob bar

This is where most of the bad stories you read about come from. Some guy meets a Vietnam hooker on the street or at a prostitute bar and has a bad experience with her.

Maybe she had a terrible attitude and complained the whole time. Maybe she stole money out of his wallet when he went to take a shower after they banged.

She might have agreed to have sex multiple times and then wanted to leave after round 1 for full payment. All of these things are somewhat common when dealing with freelancers in this country.

Apocalypse Now is the main freelance prostitute bar in Ho Chi Minh City and many girls and guys leave together from there every night. Sometimes things go smoothly, often times they don’t.

If you want to try to get the best experience with a Vietnam hooker you once again need to think with your big head and not the little one. But this is far more important for the freelancers then the massage girls.

If a girl is being a bitch inside the bar that is not going to change in your room. When you arrive at the prostitute bar take a walk around and survey the scene.

Get a potential target list and try to observe them for a bit. Who is smiling? Who is dancing and having a good time?

Those are the right ones to target. The girl at the bar with a scowl on her face or that is on her phone the entire time is less likely to give a good performance.

Now if the scowl or the phone are the hottest in the bar then you still might want to approach them and see how it goes. But if their attitudes don’t improve when you say hello it is probably time to punt and find another.

Now go with the best looking that also seem to be enjoying themselves. A good mood now gives you a better shot at them having a good mood later as well.

When you approach don’t go up and grab their ass and say ‘how much to suck my dick?’ Have a smile on your face and approach as you would a normal girl in a bar, just know that she is going to be a whole lot easier to pick up.

You don’t need to spend an hour ‘gaming’ her and buying her a bunch of drinks. But do spend a little bit of time chatting or dancing with her to keep things light.

At some point ask if she wants to go with you and strike up a deal. Most freelance Vietnam hookers will want at least 1 million, some will want 2 million. That is around $50-$100 USD, and generally is just for short time and 1 bang only.

It is probably advisable to just go for short time your first time with a girl in this country. If you enjoy yourself then you can always extend it or go for a longer session with her in the future.

But trying the milk before you buy the whole cow is a good idea. Sadly all of this is not an exact science, you can do everything right and still not get the great experience you were hoping for.

Your read could be off, that happy looking dancing girl might actually be a hardcore shrew that turns into a witch right after the deal has been struck. That girl with the scowl on her face might just need to have you compliment her before she gives you the best sex of your life.

This isn’t an exact science, but if you try that advice you should give yourself the best chance possible.

More Tips For Vietnamese Prostitutes

Ho Chi Minh City escorts Vietnam call girls online

Those aren’t the only places you will see Vietnamese prostitutes but they are the main ones you should look for. Outside of Vung Tau there really aren’t the same girly bars or Go Go’s you find in other Southeast Asian countries.

There are some on the backpacker street of Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh City, but they are more geared towards getting you to buy girls expensive drinks. Barfines and banging aren’t very common.

It is also common for prostitutes to drive around on motorbikes and pull up to solo travelers on the street. These are probably safer than you might expect, but it will just be a wham bam thank you mam style quickie.

If you find yourself venturing into some smaller cities there will still be Vietnam hookers available, but there may not be a red light district. A lot of times someone at your hotel might ask if you want a girl, or someone on the street will.

Again this is not very risky, they are just trying to make a buck. In the smaller cities it is pretty common for hotel staff to invite girls over to your room for you.

Plus you can find Vietnam escorts online, particularly on the WeChat App. Just use the people near you feature and look for call girls that say massage, hotel service, or escort in their profile.

Now lets talk about a couple of additional rules that are very important. The first of which is to never pay a freelance Vietnam hooker up front, always pay after.

Now if you go into a blowjob bar or a erotic massage spa paying up front is fine. But when it comes to a freelancer you should never do it.

The money is the only leverage that you have and once it is in her hands she has zero incentive to make you happy. Her level of service will almost certainly drop if you pay her up front, and she also could try to run off without putting out.

Secondly, don’t leave any valuables lying around your room when you have a hooker over. People in this country are known to have sticky fingers, don’t give them a chance.

Keep your wallet in your pants pocket and bring them into the bathroom with you when you shower after sex. Have your phone also in your pocket or in the safe.

Most times petty theft is a crime of opportunity so don’t give them one.

Mongering sex price list Vietnam hookers infographic

Girl Friendly Hotels In Vietnam

We will list some girl friendly hotels in Vietnam where hookers are allowed, but you should never take one sites word on this. Always try to contact the hotel themselves and ask if a female guest would be allowed.

Or book 1 night first and make sure there are no problems before you book for the full length of your stay. Generally speaking the cheaper hotels that cost around $15-$25 are going to be more likely to be girl friendly then not.

Some known girl friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are:

In Hanoi some budget friendly options are Church Legend and any of the A25 Hotel’s. But again, be sure to contact them or book one night first just to make sure.

You can also get a room off AirBnb and not have to worry about it.

Good Luck With Vietnam Hookers

The good news is that you can find some very sexy girls here. The bad news is that the hookers can be very difficult to deal with.

In some parts of the world meeting escorts online is good, here it really isn’t. Sure you can find a gem, but often times you will get an even worse experience. You need to judge a girls current mood and you can’t do that through texting.

The optimal game plan for this city is to hit up the massage spas and blowjob bars when you want to monger. Then use Vietnam Cupid to meet non pro girls and look for a serious girlfriend.

It can take some effort to get the non pros into bed but a few dates is worth it considering how hot they can be. So pipeline on Vietnam Cupid and get as many numbers as you can and set up your dates.

If you get blueballed hit up a blowjob bar and wait for the girl to be ready to put out. Hopefully these pro tips for picking up Vietnam hookers will prove beneficial for you.

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