Picking Up Prostitutes In Hong Kong At Wan Chai Bars

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If you want to try to pick up prostitutes in Hong Kong the Wan Chai bars are the place you need to go. This is where you can find many of the hottest freelance hookers in the city.

Of course as our Hong Kong mongering guide detailed you can find sex in many various ways here. The freelance prostitute bars in Wan Chai will be preferred by some, while others may prefer the other numerous ways to pay to get laid here.

Most of these pick up bars are located on Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road. These are in Kowloon where there are many different mini red light districts spread throughout the area.

Heck, some may even consider the whole Wan Chai or Kowloon areas to be red light districts. With so many brothels and prostitutes around that would probably be fair.

Lets mention the best pick up bars first and then talk about the girls, the prices, and give some general hooker tips as well. If you found this page even though you prefer to not pay for sex then hop on the best dating site in Hong Kong instead.

Prostitute Bars In Wan Chai

As mentioned you can find most of these along Lockhart Road or Jaffe Road. This would be the best area to pick up freelance prostitutes in Hong Kong, and by freelance we mean girls that aren’t working for the bars or a brothel.

There are so many one woman brothels around where prostitutes rent out an apartment and have customers come there. Some guys will prefer going that route, while others will prefer to meet hookers at bars and then bring them back to their hotel or apartment.

If that is your goal then visit the best prostitute bars in Wan Chai like:

  • NeptuneIII
  • HK Cafe
  • Amazonia
  • Escape
  • Joe Bananas
  • New Makati

At any of those Hong Kong hooker bars you should find plenty of sexy girls to choose from. As far as which is best that will vary from night to night, but Escape has been getting good reviews for having the hottest girls lately.

Of course the hottest hookers will cost the most.

The Price For Sex

The price for sex with freelance prostitutes in Hong Kong is hard to pin down, freelancers can set their own price and charge whatever they want. Typically you can expect them to start the negotiation with a high opening bid and hopefully they will work their way down from there.

Remember the current rate of exchange is just under 8hkd for every $1 USD. Most girls will want anywhere from 800 to 2,000hkd.

That is a huge range, but again they can set their own rate and there are many variables at play here. Make sure you talk out how long she will stay with you, how many rounds of sex you can have, and if you want any kinky sex ask for that before heading to the room.

Don’t assume things like anal sex and CIM will be available just because you are paying. Definitely confirm that before you get to the room, as with any other non standard sex acts.

If these prices are too high for you then you should hop on AsianMatchMate and try to get free sex with girls that aren’t hookers. This is one of the best countries in Asia where that site is worth using, but it is very worth using here for sure.

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Where Are The Hookers From?

Wan Chai nightlife district Kowloon hookers Lockhard Jaffe Road

There will be a variety of working girls from all over the globe here. However the vast majority of prostitutes in Wan Chai pick up bars will be from Southeast Asia, mostly the Philippines and Indonesia.

You will find other nationalities around like mainland Chinese, African, and even some Latin Americans like Colombian and Venezuelan. But the majority are from Southeast Asia.

Tips For Picking Up Hong Kong Prostitutes

It should be pointed out that there are many girly bars in Wan Chai where these sexy ladies will actually work for the bar. That means they are trying to get ladies drinks out of you to earn a commission on. Most of the time these girls are Filipina and Indonesian.

Some of them may be willing to have sex for cash, but some of them won’t. So as you walk around the Wan Chai red light district and are seeing lots of hot girls keep that in mind.

If in doubt just ask the girl if A) she works for the bar and B) she would be willing to go back to your room. Make sure to not get suckered into buying a bunch of ladies drinks for a girl who won’t actually put out, though at this blowjob bar buying some ladies drinks can really pay off.

Another important note is that on Sundays the Wan Chai bars on Lockhart and Jaffe get flooded by Filipinas for maid’s day. This is when many of the domestic workers in the city have their off day and want to party.

Some of them will be looking to earn a little extra cash and be hooking, others will just be out looking to party and hook up without compensation. Expect there to be huge crowds and an all around different scene on Sundays.

Good Luck At Wan Chai Bars

The Wan Chai adult entertainment district has a lot to offer for single guys. There are prostitute pick up bars filled with freelancers and girly bars where you can buy ladies drinks and pay barfines.

Sundays are a whole different animal, but the rest of the week is all the same. For more tips on how to get the most out of the mongering in Hong Kong and also Macau check out this men’s travel guide eBook.

Good lick when picking up prostitutes in Hong Kong at Wan Chai bars.

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