Topless Big Boob Bar Girls At Baccara In Pattaya

Baccara Go Go topless bar big boob girls Pattaya

Welcome to our review of Baccara Bar & GoGo on Walking Street which is known for having many topless girls with big boobs. There are many ways to find girls for sex in Pattaya but Go Go’s seem to be the most popular.

If you are going to enjoy the nightlife on Walking Street then Baccara Bar & GoGo is a spot you should probably target. Experiences can differ from guy to guy but this is a one chain of bars that has multiple locations around the country that always are very busy.

During this Baccara review we will talk about the location and what things should be like when you vist. After that we will talk about prices and the sexy topless bar girls with big boobs that they are known for.

How Pattaya Go Go’s Work

When you go into a Pattaya Go Go you buy a drink and take a seat, try and find one with a good view of the main stage. There will be plenty of sexy Thai girls dancing around you, often in thongs and bikinis.

If you want one of them to join you then you have to buy a ladies drink, and if you want more fun back in your room you pay a barfine. The money from the barfine goes to the bar, and then you discuss with the girl what she will charge you on top of that.

There are managers of the girls known as mamasans that can assist you in finding one, and a waitress can go ask one to come over to you if you don’t want to walk up to a girl on the stage. Ladies drinks and barfines are not mandatory, but buying a drink will be if you want to stay inside.

Now that you are caught up on how things work lets get back to this specific bar.

Baccara Bar Prices

Review location girls Baccara Go Go Pattaya red light

The prices at Baccara Bar & GoGo are similar to what you find all around Walking Street particularly when it comes to drinks. A beer will cost you around 85 baht but they have a happy hour before 9:30 where beers cost 69.

A ladies drink will be around 150 which is the standard price in the area. The barfines are only 800 baht which is a bit cheaper than some other nearby Go Go’s. It is nice that you don’t really need to pay a premium to see some hot women with big tits.

If you do want to barfine one of the girls you will need to discuss her fee. That could be anywhere from 2k-4k for short time and 3k-6k for long time, remember that is on top of the barfine price so this isn’t a spot to go looking for cheap sex in Pattaya.

Short time generally means 1 hour or 1 bang, long time often means all night and sex multiple times. Her fee and how long she will stay will be negotiable, long time doesn’t necessarily have to be all night it can be a few hours if you or she wants.

If you can cum quickly some girls may allow 2 bangs for a short time. You definitely need to confirm things like how long she will stay and how many rounds you can do. If you want any sort of fetish or kinky sex or have anything specific that you really need to do then discuss this with her before you leave the bar.

If these prices sound too high for you then maybe your budget is more suited towards meeting girls on Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid. There will also be some freelance hookers on the sites and you might be able to negotiate a much cheaper price with them.

Meet sexy Baccara bar girls big boobs online

Topless Girls With Big Boobs

We mentioned before that this bar is a favorite of many and there is a reason for that. They tend to scout for girls who have big boobs and Baccara girls are topless on stage often.

This isn’t one of Pattaya’s full nude Go Go’s, but you still will enjoy what you get to see. Since this is a popular bar that has lots of customers and the prices are high it is a pretty desirable place to work.

That means that the lineups here should be better than most around town. That can change quickly so walking through and checking out the scene before you buy a drink might be advisable. They also do a good job of finding Pattaya girls with big boobs who don’t mind being topless which isn’t always easy.

Be sure to look up when you are inside, there are more girls dancing upstairs and there is a see through glass floor they stand on. If you are a fan of looking up girls skirts then this is a great spot for it.

Enjoy Visiting Baccara Bar & GoGo

The quality of a lineup at bars can change quickly but this one is pretty reliable. If you don’t like what you see you don’t have to stay.

It isn’t like you will be lacking for other options. If you wanted to read more about all that the Pattaya nightlife has to offer and get some money saving and travel tips check out this eBook guide.

It breaks down the things you need to know to have a successful first stay in the city. Don’t spend your first few days in town wandering around like a lost puppy, instead show up like a pro.

Hopefully this review of Baccara Bar & GoGo and their topless girls with big boobs lets you know whether you should give it a short or not.

Walking Street topless Go Go Pattaya Baccara girls

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