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Centauro Bar Angeles City review sexy girls dancing

Thanks for checking out our review of Centauro Bar in Angeles City. The nightlife in this city has so many cool bars to choose from that when you first arrive it can be tough to figure out where you should start.

Do you just want to head into the first one you see? Or do you want to spend some time trying to scout out exactly where to go and when? During this review of the Centauro Bar in Angeles City we will try and help you figure out if you should visit it or not.

In this city plans often get forgotten very quickly. Some guys are so excited to visit that they read all they can about the place and think they have it all figured out.

They try to map out their vacation in advance, and then once they see the first cute Filipina bargirl smile at them all those thoughts are gone. While it is definitely a good idea to plan a little bit it is just as important to let the nightlife lead you where it may.

Just because other people you one bar is best doesn’t mean it will be right for you. We don’t all have the same tastes and there is a lot of variance when it comes to experiences.

We will start out by reviewing the logistics of this bar. Once you hear about the location and the opening hours we will move on to more pertinent details.

After that we will get into the prices and of course the bar girls. Though as we will mention later it is kind of pointless to talk about the girls since lineups can change so quickly here. Luckily there are so many bars to choose from which is why this is a great city for prostitutes in Asia.

Centauro Bar On Fields Avenue

As our GuysNightlife Angeles City mongering guide showed the main place for nightlife is on Fields Avenue where you can find the biggest showbars in the city. Centauro Bar is located right at the entrance to Fields.

It is one of the nicer bars in town located between two other big show bars Atlantis and Dollhouse. This is the prime real estate and you will surely walk past it many times.

It opens up at 6pm and closes at 6am making it one of the later closing bars here. There should be a very large selection of girls to choose from.

This is one of the few bars that has its own hotel right above it. The location will definitely have you right in the heart of the action. Some may know this bar by its former name Carousel.

The Prices For Drinks & Barfines

Centauro isn’t the most expensive bar in town but it is up there. Whether you are talking about drink prices or barfine prices they are pretty close to the top of the list.

A locals drink (meaning an Asian beer, not a Miller Light) will cost 95 pesos. A ladies drink will be 150.

The barfine is 3000 pesos which is about as high as you will find anywhere in town. Prices do tend to fluctuate and generally they go up not down. They might be even higher by the time you arrive.

We wrote a longer post on girly bars in Southeast Asian for those who have never been before. It breaks down the lingo and how things work inside.

A shorter version is that when you go inside a waitress will show you to a seat (or you choose your own) and offer you a beverage. It is probably best to ask to see a menu before you order if you want anything other than a local drink.

If you see a girl you like you can ask her to join you, or ask the waitress or a mamasan (manager of the girls) to have her come over. You will need to buy her a ladies drink for her to stay with you.

Then if you want her to leave with you a barfine can be paid. Half of this goes to the bar and half of it goes to the girl, and most guys will tip around 500 pesos before she leaves if the girl makes them happy.

The word barfine is kind of taboo in Angeles City, it might be better to ask for an ‘early work release’ instead, but most guys refer to it as a barfine.

Filipina Bar Girls

As we said before we aren’t going to get in depth about the lineup of Filipina girls at Centauro Bar. Lineups can change by the day and all guys have different tastes when it comes to what turns them on.

You are allowed to walk in and check out the girls before you take a seat. If you like what you see stay, if not walk to any of the 50+ other bars nearby.

Overall dealing with Angeles City bar girls is great and they give a wonderful girlfriend experience. Remember these aren’t like strip clubs, they will be in bikinis but don’t expect naked or topless dancers here.

Don’t expect lap dances either and you shouldn’t be pawing all over the girls unless they make it clear they are comfortable with it. These girls really don’t consider themselves hookers and the better you treat them the better they will treat you.

The most important thing to do is have a chat about what will go down in the bedroom. The main points to confirm are how long she will stay and how many rounds you can do. Short time generally means 1 round or an hour or two, long time means all night and multiple rounds.

Outside of that if you want any kinky sex or have any specific preferences check to make sure that they are OK with her. Don’t assume everything is on the menu with every girl because it isn’t.

After that awkward chat be a friendly guy so that she will be comfortable around you. Remember in Asian culture you should always smile, joke, and try to keep the mood very light.

That is the same way you act when dating Filipina girls which are really easy to meet on PinaLove and Filipino Cupid. All you need to do is be a nice guy and make them comfortable.

Centauro girly bikini bar Fields Avenue red light district

That is why so many guys love this country. If you are only in town for a few days then bargirls might be the way to go, but if you have time to explore the dating sites they can be very well worth it.

Log on a week or ten days before your trip and start to pipeline. For this city you will want to search in Angeles, Clark, and Pampanga. Heading to Manila which is 90 minutes away may not be a bad idea either.

For a much longer breakdown of how to make the most out of the nightlife in Angeles City check out this red light travel guide. It breaks down everything a guy needs to know to navigate the scene.

Good luck and hopefully this review of Centauro Bar in the Angeles City red light district was helpful to you.

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