Review Of Darling 1 Sex Massage In Macau

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This review of Darling 1 sex massage in Macau will be similar to other reviews we have done so far, like the recently published one on Familia Nobre. We call this one a ‘sex massage in Macau’ instead of a sex sauna like some of the others.

That is because you don’t get all of the same frills here as you do in many of the sex saunas around town. No sauna, no sitting in the lounge getting ‘thigh massages’ in a robe.

Darling 1 is located in the Macau Masters Hotel on the third floor. It is a pretty popular place and any taxi in town should know where it is.

Heading In To Darling 1 In Macau

As mentioned Darling 1 doesn’t have the full Macau sex sauna experience. If you have ever been to a fish bowl type place in other parts of the world it is more similar to that.

You walk in and are led to a room where all of the girls are sitting around on couches. The vast majority of the girls are Vietnamese, but there will also be some from China and Thailand most of the time.

Since their main customer base is Asian guys and they prefer lighter skinned girls that is all you will find here. In some of the more expensive saunas you will find women from all over the world, but here you shouldn’t expect that.

But its fine, they only hire sexy girls and Vietnamese girls are very attractive so you won’t have a problem with the selection. Tell the papasan it is your first time and he will explain how things work, the girls are numbered and that is how you select one.

After that you pay and head up to the room.

An Erotic Sex Massage With Happy Ending

Erotic sex massage happy ending Darling 1 Macau spa for men

The rooms are Darling 1 are very nice. Big room, big bed, nice shower and tub that are in full view. The mirrors on the ceiling help to heighten the experience as well.

Not every sexy girl at Darling 1 will do things exactly the same, but you can expect to have a great experience with each. Typically she will help wash you off in the tub before you move over to the bed for a nice erotic massage.

It will start with the back, but before long she will be down on your legs and focusing on the ‘upper thigh’ region. There will likely be a lot of prostate and ball teasing throughout the erotic massage.

Then you should expect her to give you a body to body massage with a full body slide and rubbing her tits all over you. Then straddling you and rubbing her pussy against your body as well.

She may have already given you a bit of a blowjob before this at random times, but now the real fun will begin. These girls have been trained very well on how to give blowjobs and many use tricks that will make it even better.

Then she will put a condom on you and hop on to finish the sex massage. Afterwards you will head back to the tub where she will wash you off once again.

Macau sex price list saunas thigh massage shower girls

How Much Is A Sex Massage At Darling 1

Sexy Vietnamese massage girls Darling 1 ladies blowjob

Darling 1 is one of the cheaper luxury options in town. While you don’t get the full sauna experience here a lot of westerners don’t mind at all.

That whole get pampered at the spa thing definitely seems like it is more for the Asian clientele. Westerners seem to get in and get out once the job is done.

Like all places you can pay for extras here but they are not at all necessary. The 1749 HKD price ($225 US dollar at time of writing) will get you a great experience.

There are more expensive ways to pay for sex in Macau. Darling 1 is a good option for those that want to enjoy some of the luxuries but don’t need the full pampering experience. For more on where to find cheap sex in Macau check out that link.

Have Fun At Darling 1 In Macau

Topless full nude massage Darling 1 soapy nuru naked girls

This is a city where you can make anything happen if you have the money for it. Darling 1 is another one of the many places you should try to visit when you are in town.

If you are coming over from Hong Kong be on the lookout for offers and vouchers that include a free ferry ride or some other type of perk. They may be hard to spot if you don’t speak the local language, but if you know to be watching for them you might see them.

If you feel like all of the prices for sex in Macau are too high maybe you should hop on ChinaLoveCupid or Hong Kong Cupid and try to meet girls for dates? That is a more budget friendly option.

Hopefully you learned something from this review of Darling 1 sex massage in Macau. For more tips on a trip to Macau and also Hong Kong check out this eBook guide.

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