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EZ Massage Bangkok review location girls sex

Thanks for reading this review of EZ Massage on Soi 24 in Bangkok. This is one of the best cities in the world for a single guy and you have so many ways to have fun here.

With so many ways to have a great time in Bangkok EZ Massage on Soi 24 definitely has its work cut out for it. There are hundreds of erotic spas all over this city so the competition is stiff.

During this review the goal is to help you figure out if it is an erotic spa you want to visit or not. The truth is peoples experiences can vary greatly at an establishment like this, but you can get a better feel for what it is like by reading about it.

The good news is that it is located in an area with quite a few other places to choose from nearby. In fact they even have two locations walking distance apart.

That means if you don’t like the lineup of girls at one you can easily head to the other. If it was all by itself in the middle of nowhere you would have to settle, but no reason to settle with so many options for sex in Bangkok.

We will start out by telling you where both spas are and what things are like when you are inside. After that we will talk about the types of massage available, the prices, and the girls.

Where To Find EZ Massage

Review EZ Massage Sukhumvit Soi 24 map location

EZ Massage has two locations, one is in Sukhumvit Soi 24 and the other is in the next soi down which is 24/1. You can easily walk from one to the other in 5 minutes, and they are both next to Emporium mall.

For the main location head down Soi 24 and take your first left, then when the road hits a dead end go right. You will walk directly towards it and there are some other erotic spas right there as well.

The second location is on the right hand side just after you enter Soi 24/1. The opening hours are from 11am to midnight. This link has a map of the full Bangkok Red Light District.

The Sexy Massage Girls

They will probably try and show you a booklet of girls to choose from but asking for a lineup will be a better option. Don’t fall victim to old pictures or photoshop.

Plus it is always a good idea to try and gauge a girls mood before you choose her. If the girl is making eye contact with you and smiling then that is probably a good choice.

Any time you can see a lineup that will be a much better option. If you want to have the best Thai sex massage possible you need to choose the right girl who looks like she wants to make you happy.

You need to remember that lineups can change really quick. One guy could visit in April and think that there are lots of sexy girls working.

Two months later another guy could go and think none were worth choosing. So we aren’t going to rate and review the lineup or anything like that, you should judge it for yourself when you visit.

If you don’t like what you see head to their other branch or choose one of the many other spas right there on Soi 24 or across Sukhumvit on Soi 33.

Massage Services & Prices

They have four different varieties of massage services to choose from which are:

  • Oil
  • Aroma
  • Lotion
  • Gel

With all of them your happy ending will be included in the price, whether you want to tip or not is up to you. They all have the same rate, for one hour it is 2100, 90 minutes is 2300 and two hours is 2700.

They also have an outcall massage service to your hotel or home available. Two hours with one round of sex is 3k, two hours with two bangs is 4k. Three hours with two cums is 5k.

All of the rooms on site have a shower inside and you can expect the girl to wash you off in the shower before the massage begins. Much of this time will have them rubbing suds over your cock and balls.

From there it will be like most other sex massage you can get anywhere. You start out on your stomach for a back rub then get asked to roll over for the happy ending part of the equation to begin.

Sex massage escort hotel services EZ Spa Bangkok

Enjoy Visiting EZ Massage

It can be hard for a place to stand out in this city. You can definitely have a good time here, but you can have a good time at many places in this town. Head down Soi 24 and check it out, if you see the right girl then go for it. Or if you are looking for outcall sex massage escort services in Bangkok they are a reliable option.

Many tourists come here and some expats as well. Though most guys who live here for awhile realize how easy it is to get free sex with girls from Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid to save some money using those sites instead of always mongering.

It is always nice to have some backup options in place if dates flake or don’t put out. If you wanted to read about all of the great nightlife in this city be sure to check out our Bangkok mongering guide.

It will let you know all of the important details to maximize your time here. From where to stay, where to eat, and of course all of the various places to meet girls are covered in depth as well.

Hopefully this review of EZ Massage on Soi 24 in Bangkok was helpful to you.

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