Game Plan & Review Of Korean Cupid

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In this post we will first give a review of Korean Cupid and then share a game plan for how to use it most effectively. This is the most popular online dating site in South Korea and if you are going to visit the country it will really help you out.

As a foreigner there will be plenty of ladies on the site that have a big time interest in you. People always want to try to experience new things they have never tried before and many Korean ladies are seeking foreign men.

Of course not all of them will be down, but enough will that you have a good shot. We will start off by reviewing Korean Cupid and talking about the pros and cons of the site.

We will cover whether it is a scam or not and some other commonly asked questions. Then after we get the boring details about the usability of the site out of the way we will give a game plan for dating Korean ladies.

All cultures are different, some of those differences will play in your favor and some will play against it. The more you understand this the better you can change up your strategy to get maximum results.

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Is Korean Cupid A Scam?

No, Korean Cupid is not a scam. It is kind of funny that people still even ask this question about online dating sites. It isn’t the turn of the century anymore, they aren’t something you need to fear.

This is part of Cupid Media which is one of the biggest online dating networks in the world. They do a great job of fraud protection and the people on the site are real.

You might run into a small percentage of users putting up fake pictures. There might also be some that ask you for money, obviously you shouldn’t send any money to a person you have never met.

But as far as you registering and getting scammed that isn’t the case at all.

Why Pay For A Dating Site?

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You can sign up for Korean Cupid for free and check out what is available to you on the site. You can search through all of the available single ladies who use it and see if you like what there is to offer.

From there if you want to be able to message the ladies you will have to pay a small fee to use it. If you do the 1 month sign up it is $30 a month, if you go for the full year plan it is only $10 per month. You can pay a tiny bit extra to be a platinum member which has its benefits.

When you are a platinum member you can use their free translator to speed up messaging. You also will rank higher on searches when girls are looking for guys. Plus you can do video messaging which makes it much easier to meet people.

Some may wonder why it is worth paying for a dating site when there are other free ways. Well think about it like it is an exclusive nightclub, they all charge a cover charge right?

And what do exclusive nightclubs with a cover charge offer? Good girl to guy ratios, and that is what you will find here as well.

For two people to chat on the site one of them has to be a paying member. That means you can message and chat with any lady using it whether she is paying or not.

But the guys who think ‘I don’t pay for dating sites’ can only message the handful of ladies who buy memberships. Lets face it, as a guy it is on you to be the one who pays and this is no different.

We are making up these numbers but lets say there are 50 females and 50 guys on the site. If half of the guys don’t pay that means you already have 2 girls for every guy that can message them, and most guys don’t want to pay.

Great Search Features

There are many things that set Korean Cupid apart from the competition and the search features are some of the main ways. You can actually search for English speakers which helps out a lot.

Plus there are many other detailed search options that will help you target the girls should match up well with. You can spend a lot of time filling out your profile to try and find the perfect match, or you can keep it simple, that is up to you.

Plus don’t forget about the Cupid tags which also help to target the right kind of ladies.

Korean Ladies Dating Foreign Men

South Korea is an interesting country to visit, much like Japan in many ways. There are certain places that foreigners are not allowed to go, generally bars and nightclubs.

This isn’t because they don’t like foreigners, it has to do with Asian culture. Losing face is very big here and if a Korean person is confronted with an English speaker and can’t reply that can cause them great shame.

Always remember that when you are in the country and it goes a long way towards explaining your game plan here. The simplest way to put it is be nice, smile, and don’t talk about negative things.

That is the Asian way and when foreign men meet ladies on Korean Cupid it will really help them out. Since there is a language barrier keep your messages short and sweet on the site. Try to move the conversation to Whatsapp and then push for a meet up as quick as you can.

When you do meet don’t sit there with a stern face, smile and joke a lot. Don’t talk about negative things and if she makes a mistake don’t point it out. Keep the mood very light, be happy, and make her feel comfortable with you.

Don’t try intricate pick up techniques you may have read about online. Those are good for western girls who are a pain in the ass to figure out.

The great thing about dating Korean ladies as a foreigner is that you don’t need to ‘game’ them. Just be yourself, be friendly, and have a good time.

Once she is comfortable with you then she will want to make you happy, and making her comfortable with you is as easy as being a nice guy.

This is a great site to use whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just some casual flings as you travel around the country. Dating is always a numbers game and dating sites really speed up the process and make it more efficient.

Hopefully this game plan and review of Korean Cupid will help you find success on the site.

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