Review Of Shipwrecked Bar In Angeles City

Shipwrecked Bar Angeles City review location map girls

Welcome to this review of Shipwrecked bar in Angeles City. This is a fun town with so many options and it can be a bit overwhelming for a first time visitor.

During this review we will try to break down the important things to know before you visit. We will talk about where you can find Shipwrecked bar in Angeles City, what it is like inside, the price for a barfine, and most importantly what the girls are like.

But before we get into all of that we do want to mention a word of warning. Lineups at girly bars can change very quickly without any notice.

It might just be that the two cutest girls at a certain bar stopped working there. It could be that the papasan decided to move to another bar and took all of the girls with him.

Just because at the time of writing this is considered to be one of the more lively bars doesn’t mean that will stay the same. By the time this posted that may not even be true, and months or years down the road who knows.

Either way since it is right in the heart of the action you might as well pop your head in.

Located On Fields Avenue

As our post on the red light districts in Angeles City detailed Fields Avenue is the main nightlife and adult entertainment district in the city. This is where you will find the most girly bars and the hottest girls.

Shipwrecked is located on Fields Avenue right next to Monsoon. For those long time visitors to the city the location is where One Eyed Wench used to be.

The opening hours are from 6pm to 3am every evening.

The Filipina Bar Girls

At the time of writing this is one of the more ‘playful’ girly bars in Angeles City. The atmosphere is one of the most important things to making a good bar and currently you find a great one here.

The Filipina bar girls at Shipwrecked are lively and there to have a good time. You often here complaints about the two step shuffle in this town, where the bar girls just stand on stage looking miserable.

Don’t expect to find that here. The girls will be smiling, dancing, and interacting with the customers. They also have a papasan that can be really helpful if you are looking for the perfect girl.

The playfulness of these girls can lead to that great girlfriend experience Filipina bargirls are known for. The type that can only be matched by meeting girls that aren’t hookers on Filipino Cupid or PinaLove for free.

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Tiered Barfine Pricing

To barfine a girl at Shipwrecked you will either need to pay 2400 pesos or 3000 pesos. At the current rate of exchange that is around $50-$60 USD.

Remember that in this city you don’t give the huge tips like you do in Manila. For good service maybe tip 500 more, for adequate service 300, but tips are up to you.

Of course you won’t be having sex in Shipwrecked, you need to barfine her and then take her back to your hotel or apartment for that.

Have Fun At Shipwrecked Bar

Currently this bar has one of the better atmospheres in the city but there is no telling how long that will last. Hopefully when you are in town things will be the same.

For more tips on how you can get the most out of the Angeles City nightlife check out this eBook guide. It breaks down travel tips, places to eat, where to stay, dealing with the bar girls and how to save some money when you are in town.

Hopefully this review of Shipwrecked bar in Angeles City was helpful to you.

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