Have Sex In Osaka At The Tobita Shinchi Red Light District

Tobita Shinchi Osaka red light district review sex girls

Yes, you read that correctly. You can have sex in Osaka at the Tobita Shinchi Red Light District. Surely many guys who are reading this are wondering what the big deal is, sex at a red light district is standard all over the world.

But not in Japan! If you aren’t familiar with the prostitution laws in this country sex is not allowed, at least not vaginal sex. Yet at the Tobita Shinchi Red Light District in Osaka you can get pussy and no one seems to care.

It isn’t like this is some small out of the way place, in fact it is very big, probably the biggest red light district in Japan. Not only that but there is a police station right there and they clearly know what is going on.

The reason why it is allowed here and isn’t anywhere else isn’t important really. What is important is that is is available.

Guys that are familiar with Japan will also know that many places are not gaijin friendly, meaning foreigners are not allowed. While every girl isn’t open to servicing foreigners many of them will be.

Lets talk about the set up here before getting more into that though.

Getting To The Tobita Shinchi Red Light District

This is a big place so there are multiple ways to get there. Of course every taxi driver in Osaka knows where the Tobita Shinchi Red Light District is.

You can also get there using the subway, just head out the Tennoji Station going east and take a left at the Tokyo Inn. Walk a little farther and you will run into it.

This is kind of similar to the De Wallen red light district in Amsterdam but a bit different. As you can see from the video the girls will sit behind glass windows in sexy outfits.

Generally each girl has a mamasan out front who flags down customers, but not all the prostitutes here will have a mamasan. If you are a foreigner some girls and mamasans will ignore you, that means they don’t want your business.

But if you walk past one and she smiles, waves, calls out to you, or even makes eye contact you can probably have sex with her. If they are showing interest walk up to the mamasan and she will probably show you a price.

The Price For Sex At Tobita Shinchi Red Light District

There really is no set price here, the girls are free to charge whatever they please. Some may try and charge a gaijin a little more, but overall it seems like they are pretty fair.

The average price for sex at the Tobita Shinchi Red Light District is probably around 10k-15k yen. Some guys have reported paying 20k, but the 10k-15k range should be enough for most girls.

You can try to haggle if you want but don’t be surprised if they won’t go any lower. Some girls may even not want to help you out if you try to negotiate.

You can get a little cheaper sex over at the Matsushima Shinchi Red Light District.

Osaka price for sex list Tobita Shinchi red light prostitutes

Where Do You Have Sex?

You will have sex upstairs on the 2nd floor. Often times the girls live in the bedrooms up above, so expect to see stuffed animals or other cutesy girly stuff.

While not the most sanitary place in the world as far as red light districts go it isn’t too dirty. You should be pretty comfortable there, and it is a safe place with no touts on the streets haggling you.

How Else To Meet Girls In Osaka

Brothels in Osaka at Tobita Shinchi red light adult entertainment

We wrote a lengthy post about meeting girls in Osaka that you should check out. One of the easiest ways to meet girls here or anywhere in Japan is on Japan Cupid.

It is the most popular dating site in the country and many Osaka girls have an interest in gaijin. So if you don’t want to go to the gaijin singles bars we listed in the other post online dating will be your best chance.

Remember they won’t speak English well so use small words and sentences. Keep things simple, be polite, and hopefully things work out.

Review Tobita Shinchi Osaka location prices girls bars brothels

Good Luck Finding Sex In Osaka

In Japan pay for play sex can be hard to come by. You can order up a blowjob as easy as a pizza, but pussy is hard to purchase.

This is one of the few places where it is available so if you are a monger it is a spot you should check out. For more tips on a gaijin friendly mongering trip to the nightlife in Japan check out this eBook.

Enjoy having sex in Osaka at the Tobita Shinchi Red Light District.

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