Why Having Sex With Prostitutes Is Good For Expats

Expats having sex with prostitutes good girls

Far to often when expats move abroad they say they will never sleep with prostitutes. They say they are going to move to Thailand, Brazil, Colombia or wherever and that they would never sleep with a prostitute.

98% of them are wrong. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the difference between a prostitute and ‘regular girl’ is very small when it comes to poorer countries.

People in the first world always assume that prostitutes are addicted to meth, missing teeth, and standing on a street corner in the worst ‘hood’ in town hoping to blow every dude that drives by to go buy some more meth.

While there are some prostitutes in third world countries that are addicted to drugs the vast majority are nothing like you will expect. They are girls that realize they don’t have to many options and if they want to survive this is the best way.

Think Like The Prostitute

Lets say you were born in a provincial part of Thailand like Issan where many of the hookers in Pattaya and Bangkok come from. Your parents aren’t educated and sell rice to barely make enough money to feed you and your 4 brothers and sisters.

Since your parents aren’t educated they don’t put to much value on education and they don’t make you go to school. This is your life as a kid and you learn some things along the way but not much.

Now you are 19 and you have nothing going for you. There are few jobs in Issan and they pay awful. You could move to a bigger city and try to get a better job but who is going to hire you?

Luckily for you you are pretty cute and boys seem to like you. Someone tells you about how you could go to Pattaya and earn as much money in a night as you would earn in a month picking rice. What are you going to do?

Is this girl some nasty disgusting prostitute? Or is she just making the most out of her situation? Put yourself in her shoes. Spend 8 hours a day in the hot sun bending over to pick rice so you can earn enough money to buy a few meals a day and nothing more.

Or go to Pattaya, freelance in Insomnia, party every night and get 2000 baht to have sex with guys you pick and choose. Until you are abroad you really can’t imagine what it is like. The bargirls and freelancers are really no different then your average girl here as far as personality and what it is like spending time with them.

Banging Prostitutes Saves Time

We all know that time equals money, and banging prostitutes will save you so much time. Even when you are living somewhere like the Philippines or the Dominican Republic where online dating is very easy it still will take up a lot of your time.

You log on to Filipino Cupid for an hour and send out 100 messages. You get some numbers and text with 10 girls, one of which is willing to meet you the next night. You spend more time texting her throughout the day and are set to meet at 7.

You head out at 6 cuz of the traffic in Manila and arrive a little after 7. She is on Filipino time and is an hour late. You have dinner then go get some drinks. Your dinner, drinks, and the taxi fare back to your place plus her taxi fare cost you around 1500 pesos or $35ish.

You spent a couple hours interacting with her before meeting, and then spent 6 hours from 6pm to midnight on the date. You got laid, congrats! You could have invited a freelancer off the same dating site to get the same result for the same amount of money or less.

You could have spent those 6 hours at home working online, or watching TV, or doing anything more fun then putting up with Manila traffic and going on a boring date. Lets say you would have worked online for a bit and made $25.

You are up $25 because the date cancels out the prostitute cost, and you got 3 hours to chill out and watch TV. Sounds like a huge win.

Lets not forget this was a best case scenario on the getting laid for ‘free.’ You targeted one girl, went on 1 date, and ended up with her in bed. Add in all the other girls you had to text with, some girls flaking on dates, or taking a few dates to get what you are after and the math goes even more in the hookers favor.

Many expats abroad plan on going with ‘normal’ girls but quickly realize that meeting hookers is just to good of value to pass up. Of course if you want a real relationship that is another story.

Sex With Prostitutes Is So Dirty

Meet women hook up get laid have sex abroad

But that girl that you just met yesterday on Asian Dating and is now deepthroating you on your first ‘date’ is so pure and virginal? Is there really any difference between a hooker and a slut when it comes to cleanliness?

Often times hookers will ask or demand for a condom far more often then non hookers will. They also seem to be a whole lot better at personal hygiene and knowing they need to wash after sex.

A lot of expats will bang non hookers raw but wrap up with hookers making the logical assumption that the hookers are dirtier. If that is the case then which one really is dirtier?

While this is generalizing quite a bit there are kind of 3 types of girls in the world. First you get your virgins til marriage or girls that only have sex with serious boyfriends. Then you get your sluts that are fine with casual sex or put out with any guy trying to make him their boyfriend, then you get hookers.

Outside of the good girls that never have any casual sex with new guys too quickly the rest are pretty much the same. Of course there are varying degrees to this but for the most part its true.

If you are to concerned she is dirty then practice safe sex with the hooker and stock up on your condoms, or just get a blowjob.

Any Sex Gives Men Confidence

Your dick and overall confidence level don’t know the difference between a prostitute and a ‘good girl.’ One of the most important things in life is confidence and nothing gives a man confidence like sex, particularly with a smoking hot South American girl.

If you want to be as confident as you can be then you need to have a lot of it. This will make it easier for you to pick up more of those ‘good girls’ and will also make you more productive at work.

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The point of this post is to get you to have an open mind before you fly over. Don’t have any set in stone rules when you are traveling or moving somewhere new. The things you think you may know may not end up being true.

So many new expats say they will never have sex with a prostitute. Almost all of them do. For tips on some of the best places in the world to meet easy girls check out this eBook guide.

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2 Responses

  1. Scan says:

    I think you are onto something regarding confidence. While I disagree in that seducing a woman should give a guy a different “high” compared to just sex, I agree that many people seem to underestimate the power of “yes”. Female approval, even if it is directly bought, is a powerful thing for a man. Even just knowing that you have the option to easily and safely get your sexual needs met can really help a man as it is one less thing to distract from improving and being productive.

    It is important to remember that even in many cases with good girls, if you break it down far enough it is just an obfuscated transaction in some form.

  2. Elisa Brown says:

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