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Every week many guys go to have sex with prostitutes at Paisa’s Club in Bogota’s Santa Fe Red Light District. This is one of the more popular bars for adult entertainment in the city so we decided to review it.

It is located in a pretty sketchy part of town so you need to be on your game when you go. If you stick with just this club or Fiebre’s next door you should be alright, but if you try and venture around the red light district and who knows.

There are many ways to find sex and prostitutes in Bogota, Paisa’s Club in the tolerance zone is a very good option no doubt. During this review we will cover the strip club, but much of the topic here will be safety.

It isn’t because the club itself isn’t safe, but Santa Fe is somewhere you need to watch your back. Plus this strip club/brothel is so user friendly that there isn’t all that much you need to know to enjoy your time here.

Lets get the logistical aspects out of the way first, then move on to the prices and prostitutes, then finish this review with the safety talk. If you ended up here even though you don’t like paying for sex this post on single girls in Bogota might be better for you.

Location Of Paisa’s Club

We have written about the logistics of the Santa Fe Red Light District in another post that you may want to check out. Paisa’s Club is located right on the main strip on Carrera 16a.

This is definitely where you will want to have your taxi drop you off the first time you visit. We have included a map so you know where to head.

This is not a part of town where you want to take a leisurely walk. Head right into the club or stick to Carrera 16a, the further you stray from there the sketchier things will get. If you want to be really adventurous take the Transmilenio to Calle 22 and walk over but that isn’t advisable.

This is Bogota’s tolerance zone where prostitution is legal. Not only brothels like this but also street prostitutes.

The Price For Prostitutes & Sex

Nude strip club brothel Paisas Club naked girls sex prices

You can find cheaper sex around the red light district but it will be a lot riskier. The prostitutes in Paisas Club should be some of the hottest anywhere in the tolerance zone.

The prices are not set, the girls are allowed to charge whatever they want. Most of the time you will pay anywhere from 50k-80k to have sex in one of the back rooms that they provide.

This will just be for a quickie, if you wanted longer then that would cost you more. Some prostitutes may be down for leaving the bar with you if you pay a takeout fee.

Then you can pay a little to the bar and negotiate with the prostitute for how much she would want to go with you for, and how long she will stay. Since this is negotiable there really is no way to say a price, but expect it to be in the 150k-200k for long time.

There are many love motels around the Santa Fe Red Light District that you can rent by the hour or overnight, or you can take her back to your apartment or hotel in another part of town. Not all of the prostitutes here will be willing to leave though.

If you wanted something kinky like anal sex or anything not standard be sure to ask for that before you head to the back room. If there is a big crowd then there will be girls stripping or dancing topless and you might be asked to tip.

If there aren’t many guys around then their might not be any strippers.

Bogota Santa Fe red light district tolerance zone sex prices

Safety In The Santa Fe Red Light District

The easiest way to stay safe in the Santa Fe Tolerance Zone is to get dropped on Carrera 16a and walk right into Paisas’s or Fiebre’s next door. These are known to be the two best and most reliable brothels in the area.

The further you go from 16a the sketchier things get. Do your best to stay between 16a on the west and 15th on the east, and then 24th to the north and 23rd to the south.

There will be many drug addicts, pimps, shemales, and minors on the side streets. Inside of Paisas’s you won’t need to worry about any of that.

Even if things are pretty safe inside the bar still keep an eye on your drink. You are highly unlikely to get drugged and trick rolled here, but in this country you never know.

If you do a long time and pay an exit fee then definitely don’t leave your drink unattended around the prostitute you choose. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

Some guys may not be down for visiting a sketchy area of town like this. If so you can hit up some of the nicer brothels in town or try to meet Bogota girls on Colombian Cupid.

Try and message as many sexy girls as you see and get as many numbers as possible. The great thing about online dating on Colombian Cupid is the speed and efficiency, you can contact hundreds in an hour.

Then if all that fails you can get dropped off on 16a.

Chica strip club Santa Fe street prostitutes Paisas Club girls

Have Fun At Paisa’s Club In Bogota

We tried to stress the danger a little too much maybe, but it is best to know the risks before you go. With that said if you get dropped off on Carrera 16a and go into the club you will be fine.

If you wanted to read more about all of the great Colombian nightlife check out this eBook guide. It breaks down this city and all of the other major cities most guys will go when they visit the country.

It has plenty of travel and money saving tips to go along with how to meet girls all over. Stay safe if you decide to try and have sex with prostitutes at Paisa’s Club in Bogota.

Zona de tolerance red light district Santa Fe Bogota Paisas Club

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