Taking Hookers To Short Time Hotels

Taking hookers to short time hotels for sex

There are many reasons why a guy may not want to bring a hookers to short time hotels instead of to their home. Maybe they have a wife or girlfriend and don’t want to get caught cheating.

Maybe their building or neighbors will frown upon that sort of thing. Maybe they live far away and find it easier to get the job done near where they met the girl, or maybe they are so horny they just want to get it on right then.

All of those are fine reasons to use a short time hotel. After all, in third world countries they will be cheap to use and you can get in and out quickly. However many use them to avoid ‘scams’ and this is where paranoia is getting the best of them.

Scams can happen, and no one wants to get involved in one, but they are extremely rare in most parts of the world. If you do happen to get caught up in one you are very unlucky, or you are going with so many girls (hundreds, if not thousands) that the inevitable finally caught up with you.

Everything in life is a battle of risk vs reward. Even something as simple as walking to the fridge and getting a coke. 1 out of a million times you will twist an ankle, the other 999,999 times you are going to enjoy a coke. Go get a coke, and if you stub a toe along the way that doesn’t mean you should have put on a walking boot for protection.

Price For Hooker Short Time Hotels

How to find prostitute girl friendly hotels online

In some very cheap places you might be able to find a short time hotel for $3, in others they might be $10, if they are any higher then $10 then definitely forget about them. For simplicity’s sake lets call it $5 for every short time hotel use.

It is pretty safe to assume that you are probably only considering getting a short time hotel in a poor country where a scam is likely. So if there is some sort of a scam it probably won’t cost you that much.

You won’t even get scammed 1 out of 100 times on average. In the places you are likely to go to for mongering the cash for ass transaction happens thousands of times a day and most days no scams happen.

However, we will say that you get scammed 1 out of 100 times, and that scam will cost you $200. The short time hotel each time would have cost you $500. You are up $300 by not doing it, and you will actually be up way more then that because the scam is more likely to be a 1 in 1000 type number.

Think of the short time hotels like insurance. Insurance companies make big money for a reason, they charge you a lot of money to avoid some unlikely situation. They play the odds and reap the big rewards for it.

Not all insurance is mandatory, you must get car insurance, it is probably wise (from a life, not money perspective) to get health insurance. But the short time hotel insurance is just a waste of money.

The Main ‘Scams’ In Poor Countries

The police in poor countries make very little money, that is one of the main reasons some of them are motivated to scam people. That is why everyone is so scared of them. But what many people don’t factor in is that people are generally lazy and will take the easy way out.

Also, most people aren’t so big on elaborate plans or schemes. Setting up a scam takes some ‘next level’ thinking of finding a girl, setting up a plan, and executing it. Even though it really isn’t that much work it is more work then most want to do.

So what do most cops in third world countries do to scam people? Stand on the side of the road and flag down people on motorbikes who aren’t wearing a helmet, or stop people in nice cars.

They then ‘fine’ them a few bucks and those ‘fines’ end up in their pocket. That is a whole lot easier then setting up a lengthy hooker scam and being on call when the time comes.

This is the type of ‘scam’ that happens every day in these countries. The cops sit on the side of the road in the shade, every hour or so they decide it is time to make some money and they flag down a few people, then they go back to sit in the shade.

The few sharks out there that have the ability to plan out a good scam and execute it are probably going to go for a bigger score, like a drug dealer, over some small fry prostitution scam.

If you are really that worried just hop on dating sites like Asian Dating and meet non pro girls near you.


How To Avoid A Worst Case Scenario

Some may argue that the small chance of a worst case scenario happening still makes the short time hotel worth it. What if everything goes wrong and you end up in prison because you didn’t do it?

Generally the guys that end up being in prison deserve to be there, and not for getting a hooker like thousands of others in the city are doing. They are there for drugs or going with an underage girl.

So the first way to avoid a worst case scenario is make sure you never are anywhere near drugs or underage girls. If a girl looks too young then don’t go with her, or only go with her if she produces a legit ID that shows her birthday.

If a prostitute offers you drugs don’t go with her either, you are now stepping into much more dangerous waters. Third world countries generally have very stiff drug laws, if you really need to do some drugs don’t get them from the hooker you just met.

Then just be nice to the girl and don’t be an asshole. Most girls aren’t out to hurt or scam anyone, they are just trying to make some money. Unless you are a huge jackass and piss them off they won’t feel any ill will towards you.

Then if you somehow do get that unlucky knock on the door don’t make a big scene and don’t argue with the cop. Smile, remain calm, and give him $100 worth of local currency for his troubles. If he wants more tell him you only have $100 more and give it to him.

$200 will be a huge score for him and he will most likely accept it. If he presses for more then you can either try and hold your ground and say that is all you have, or you can give in and give more. That is up to you.

The key is that you need to do your best to settle up with the first cop on scene. Do everything in your power to not get taken down to the station because if more people get involved then things can get really bad.

Luckily this shady cop has more interest in making money then locking you up so that worst case scenario is very easy to avoid. Overall taking hookers to short time hotels to avoid scams is one insurance policy you don’t need to take out.  For some good budget travel destinations for a single guy check out this eBook.

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