Tips For Finding Anal Sex In Dubai

Where to meet prostitutes for anal sex in Dubai

When giving tips for finding anal sex in Dubai there are definitely some things you need to know. Cheap sex doesn’t come easily in this city, and cheap anal sex in Dubai or anything kinky will be even harder to come by.

Most hookers don’t want to do anal, and if they are willing they will probably charge a premium for it. You are going to need to ask a lot of hookers if they will do it, get rejected by most, and hope one says yes.

In this post we will break down the best prostitute bars in Dubai where you can find the most hookers. We will group them by price, and remember don’t expect things to be cheap here.

After you find out where to find the prostitute bars then some tips will be given on how to get one of the girls to agree to do anal sex. Then we will tell you about the best dating site to meet non pros, or how you can meet some hookers on it so you can discreetly ask for what you want instead of face to face.

Prostitute Bars In Dubai

While you can meet hookers online in Dubai the prostitute bars are the better option. There are so many pitfalls that come with meeting hookers online that it is usually best to be avoided.

Lets start with the most expensive prostitute bars which would be:

  • Rumours
  • Moscow
  • Premier

Here you will find mostly Russian and Eastern European women and you can expect them to charge 1200-2000d. Of course these girls are freelancers so the price will be up to negotiation, and if you are hoping for kinky sex they may charge you more.

As a general rule the most expensive hookers around will be the European girls or the local Arabic girls, but there aren’t too many Arabic’s around. Of course you need to factor expensive cover charges and expensive drink prices into your budget as well.

Next you have some cheaper options where girls may ask for 600-1200d like:

  • Rockefella’s
  • Ratsky
  • Mirchi

And finally the York Bar is usually the cheapest prostitute bar in Dubai where girls may ask for 400-800d. Things can change and your mileage may vary, but the above is generally true.

A hot, high priced call girl could decide to try out York Bar one night, but you usually find them in the top group. You may be able to find a bargain basement deal in Premier, but don’t count on that.

Getting Anal Sex In Dubai

If you want anal sex in Dubai basically you just have to ask for what you want and hope that one says yes. There really is no other way to go about it then that. Find one of the prostitute bars that is in your price range, head in, and pop the question.

If you try and buy every girl a drink before you ask then things are going to get expensive quick. On the other hand if you just walk up to a girl and lead with ‘do you do anal?’ that might not go so well.

But, the worst they can do is say no. In some bars (like Moscow) there will be a mamasan who is like the manager of the sexy ladies. She will be an older lady who is like a ‘madam’ from the movies.

You might want to try and locate her and ask if she knows if any of the girls will do it. Or, any time you ask a prostitute and she says no ask her if she knows any other girls that are up for anal sex.

It is going to take some time and leg work but if you keep asking you can find what you are looking for.

The Easiest Non Pro Girls In Town

Meet sexy single ladies for anal sex in Dubai

What if you don’t like hookers and still want to find anal sex in Dubai? Filipina girls are always our answer to this for a variety of reasons.

The local Arabic girls that aren’t hookers are going to be extremely hard to score with. They are very conservative, and if they aren’t they are probably pros.

If you read our Dubai nightlife guide you will see how tough it can be to go out and pull in this city. Long lines, expensive cover charges and drinks, bouncers rejecting guys at the door, and so many hookers around that finding non pros is hard.

But the Filipina girls are plentiful, and they are some of the most approachable and most easy going girls on the planet. If you hop on Filipino Cupid or PinaLove you can get many dates set up quickly.

Or you could also find some hookers on these sites as well, and these Filipina hookers will charge a lot less than the girls you meet at the nightclubs. So you have two strategies to find what you are after.

First, you can just date a lot of Filipinas, get them into your bed, and then ask if they wanna try anal sex. Most will say no, but hey you got to have some other fun for free while you tried.

Or you can try and spot the hookers on the dating sites (which won’t be hard) and ask them if they will do anal or anything kinky. Most will say no, it only takes one to say yes.

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Good Luck Finding Anal Sex In Dubai

While it won’t come cheaply if you put in the effort and spend the cash you can find what you are after. Just go to the best spots in town to meet pros, ask them if they are down, and wait for one to say yes.

Or meet Filipinas online, date them and have a good time, and hope one of them says yes. If you wanted to read more about how to get the most out of the Dubai nightlife and save some money on your trip this eBook has you covered. Hopefully these tips on finding anal sex in Dubai were helpful to you.

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