Tips For Getting The Best Happy Ending Massage in Asia

Tips for getting a happy ending massage rub tug

We all love a good massage and there is no better way to end it then to have a sexy Asian girl take care of that special part of your body. A well trained masseuse can take you to heights that are hard to reach any other way.

One of the best things about being in Asia is all of the massage parlors around that have endless possibilities. You never know when you will walk by the right rub and tug at the right time and have an experience you will never forget.

But there are a few things you can do to give yourself a better shot of really enjoying your massage. Sometimes you may think that you have hit the jackpot and end up with a dud, while other times you may be with a girl that looks ho-hum and have your best experience of your whole trip.

You just never know how it will play out and that is what makes going for an erotic massage in Asia so exciting.

Sexy Massage Pro Tips

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The first tip is probably the most important of them all. If the girl you choose to give you the massage shows any ‘attitude’ or signs of not wanting to give you one then pass.

Maybe she is already in a bad mood, maybe she doesn’t like you for the most random of reasons, but either way if she doesn’t seem interested then don’t do it.

Otherwise she will just be going through the motions and won’t want to make you as happy as possible. Now we don’t mean if she is shy because that is standard for Asian girls, but if she looks ‘put off’ by you pick another girl or wait for another time.

Secondly, you don’t always have to pick the prettiest possible girl. The prettiest girls rarely give the best massages and may be just as bad at the ‘ending’ as well. Try and pick a girl that looks eager to please that you are still attracted to.

Try to clean yourself off when you head in for your massage and look presentable. Make at least a little bit of small talk. You don’t need to put on a tux and sweet talk her ear off, but the more she thinks of you the more she will want to help you enjoy.

Take off all your clothes for the massage so that she knows you are wanting a happy ending. This is totally acceptable when getting a massage and if you leave your undies on she may be shy to offer at the end.

At the same time you may want to put your boxers down on the bed where your dick will be. They don’t always change the towel/sheet that you will lay on and you don’t need to have your dick smashing into a spot where thousands of other dicks have been.

When your sexy Asian massage girl asks if you want a happy ending say yes and let her know what you are hoping for. Depending where you are some girls may only give a handjob, while others may go all the way.

This will vary from girl to girl and even vary from country to country. In Vietnam the massage girls have no problems giving blowjobs (it will cost a bit more then a hj) but many don’t want to have sex.

However, in Thailand many of the girls would rather have sex then give a blowjob. If a girl doesn’t want to do the blowjob and will only do hand don’t overpay or beg her…… if she doesn’t want to do it she is probably not going to be good at it and you will be wasting your money.

Final Erotic Massage Pro Tips

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This comes to the last bit of advice and it is not easy advice to give. When you go in for a massage you probably want there to be some anticipation about whether it will end well or not right?  The thrill of will she or won’t be is what makes it so arousing.

On the other hand you may also not even want to pay for the massage and waste your time if there will be nothing to get at the end. This is a very tough dilemma and only you know what the best answer for you is.

Should you confirm before hand that you can get a blowjob or full sex? At least you won’t waste money and get blueballed only to pay for a handjob.

But then there will be no anticipation or excitement as her hands go higher and higher up your thigh. But if you don’t ask then you may end up with nothing.

Sorry, some things just can’t have pro tips and this is one of them. If you don’t care about the anticipation and building excitement aspect then go ahead and ask. If you do then roll the dice. At the least you should know you will get a handjob.

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