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Undercover Inc Sex Is For Sale prostitution documentary

Last night we were watching some stuff on Youtube and saw this come up. The first part of the video starts with some cops doing a prostitution sting.

What was really dumb is that some guy got a loitering charge for stopping for like 2 minutes to talk to the undercover cop standing on the corner. They didn’t make a deal so since the cops couldn’t charge him with soliciting a prostitute they pulled him over and charged him for loitering.

You would think you had to be somewhere for longer then 2 minutes to get a loitering charge but apparently not. Next they just talked to a few pimps and some prostitutes. The middle of the video was actually pretty boring and not much was learned. However the last part was interesting.

When The Asian Sex Massage Business in The USA Boomed

According to the video in 2006 in Fresno, California there were only 60 Asian massage parlors around town. As of today there are 230 that they know of.

What things caused the Asian sex massage business to grow so quickly. First off was the financial crisis in the US in 2008. With so many businesses going under it became very cheap to rent a space to open a massage parlor.

Secondly, a couple years before that the US had started letting women from South Korea come into the US for 90 days without a visa. This opened up the flood gates for prostitutes in South Korea to earn more money.

They did a quick break down of how this works and there are some ‘recruiters’ in South Korea that get $2,000 for every girl that they find to come over.

The girl gets charged $5,000 on credit for her flight, for being taught how to come through customs, and for having a place to stay when in the US. She then works to pay off that money at the massage parlor and once she clears the $5,000 she keeps what she makes.

A Decent Documentary


This wasn’t some great can’t miss video or anything, and we just broke down the most interesting parts. But if you got 45 minutes to kill and nothing better to do you could check it out.

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This video keeps popping up on Youtube, getting deleted, and popping up again on a different URL.  If you want to find it head to Youtube and search Underground, INC sex for sale.

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