What Countries Have The Most Hookers?

Countries in the world with most hookers

Whenever you are doing a list like this one about the countries with most hookers you need to do it per capita, otherwise China or India would probably win for everything. They have a billion people, they have the most of everything by a sheer volume standpoint.

Don’t worry, they still have a chance at this all important title even when we break it down by percentages. Actually we are going to talk about the stats from this article about the countries with the most hookers.

What Country Topped The List of Most Hookers?

Venezuela earned the #1 spot with 119 women out of every 10,000 working in the sex trade. Next came South Korea at 110, Peru at 102, and the Philippines at 85.

Those are your top 4, and then after that there was a pretty big drop off to who was next. Lets quickly comment on these countries while we are here.

The first thing one has to wonder is A) how did they get these stats and B) what constitutes a sex worker? Are we only talking about girls that work in brothels, girly bars, or are freelancers out every night?

Anyone who has been to the Philippines knows there are different degrees of hookers there. Some call them semi-pro’s, the type of girl that isn’t a hooker….. until she wants to buy something and then she is open for business.

Then when she gets the quick cash she wanted she is back to being a good girl, until she wants to buy something else. Do these semi-pro’s count in this list?

While every country has girls that will give up the booty for ‘gifts,’ even in the pristine western world, in the Philippines it seems that like 25% of all girls there are ‘working’ at some point.

Of course that is probably true in most poor countries. Then another interesting one is South Korea. Have you noticed how many ‘massage parlors’ have opened up in the US over the last ten years?

Where do you think most of the workers there came from? Yup, South Korea. Still, it is probably hard for anyone who has been to South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines to believe that South Korea has more hookers than the other two.

According to the stats only 20% of the hookers in Venezuela are from Venezuela. It makes you wonder: why are these hookers going to Venezuela to work when Venezuelan girls are in such a hurry to get away?

Here are our thoughts on the best cities for hookers in Latin America.

Who Else Has The Most Sex Workers?

Countries with the highest rate of prostitution

Thailand comes in at 10th with 45 out of 10,000. If you took a trip to Bangkok and spent your whole trip on Sukhumvit you probably thought this was closer to 4,500.

Germany is also on the list, they have a long standing tradition of legalized and regulated prostitution. They seem to be doing OK as a country, maybe other nations should look into this.

Malaysia apparently has more than Thailand. So why does every digital nomad that takes a visa run from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur talk about how boring of a town it is?

Brazil ranks pretty high on the list, lots of termas there with many girls working. Wait, running a brothel is illegal? Then why are there so many brothels around?

China is right in the middle of the list, and then you get to Nigeria. Africa is another place like the Philippines where many girls are glad to give it up, but all are wanting to get paid.

However the Asian girls might be too shy to ask and will just hope you give them something. The African girls will certainly be asking for it.

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Do You Believe This List?

One has to always be skeptical about statistics like this. Have you ever seen anyone out and about in any of these cities, or any city that you frequent, counting the sex workers?

It is sort of like the old Nielson Ratings on TV. When you were growing up did you ever meet anyone that had one of the boxes? Or anyone that had met anyone that had one of the boxes?

Did they just give out 1,000 boxes and assume that those 1,000 people had the same tastes as everyone else?

Sometimes the eye test doesn’t match up, of course the most glaring one would be Thailand to Malaysia. Could it just be that Thailand does have a smaller sex trade, but that it is just more in your face?

Sure, that is possible. Or could it be that whoever took these stats took some tiny sample size, and the data can tell us something but not the whole story?

Either way, for now a list like this is the best you can do if you are trying to find out which country has the most hookers. This single guy’s vacation guide tells you all about the countries with the easiest girls.

Nations with most prostitutes

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