Finding Girls For Sex in Minsk, Belarus

While it is not a great mongering destination there are still some ways for finding girls for sex in Minsk. Many guys in the US probably only know this city for the ‘Been a long journey from Milan to Minsk’ line from Rochelle Rochelle, and of course you only know that because of Seinfeld.

Well it is actually the capitol of Belarus and has almost 2 million residents. There are some guilty pleasures like casinos and gambling that draw European and Russian tourists here and many of them wouldn’t mind finding a girl to spend the night with.

The places that you can find them are pretty common the how it is in the rest of the world. Even though there is no red light district in Minsk this sex guide can help you find other ways to get laid. Meeting hookers online is one way, and there are some street prostitute hot spots also.

The discos found in the Minsk nightlife might have some prostitutes about, and swanky hotel pick up bars are always a popular spot. There are also some saunas or bath houses where you might be able to find an erotic massage parlor.

The visa in Belarus is not that kind to foreigners so you may have a tough time finding an expat to show you the ropes. This site can point you in the right directions, but this is a city where you will have to go out and explore the nightlife on your own a bit, or meet hookers online.

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Street Prostitutes In Minsk

There really is not a very big scene for street prostitutes in Minsk. Like all cities there will be some around but your odds of finding a hot one are not going to be great.

You can try at a few of these areas but don’t go there expecting to leave with a dime. The police do a pretty good job of keeping things under control here and if you are caught in the act of picking up a prostitute you might get put under arrest and face a severe penalty.

A few well known places to find girls roaming the streets are in the area around the Moscow Cinema House over on Masherow Avenue. You should be able to find pretty cheap girls here.

Prospect Skariny has some areas where there will be street hookers, some of which hang out near Skoriny Street. Also over by Nezavisimosti and a few of the other metro stations around town.

You can also try to meet Minsk hookers online on dating sites or apps.  You can also try Facebook as well.

Topless & Full Nude Strip Clubs

This is one of the few parts of the Minsk nightlife that you will definitely enjoy. Many of the strip clubs are actually located in some of the nicer hotels in town.

The Minsk Hotel features a strip club called Versus you can see some of the sexiest naked girls in the city giving a great show and the best time to go is around midnight.

Hotel Victoria has the Topless Bar, and it doesn’t really take much imagination to figure out what goes on here. The Belarus Hotel features the XO Club is is a smaller and more intimate gathering.

If you are looking for strippers that you can actually bang then you may want to book a room at the Yubileynaya Hotel and head to the Tekhas club.

There are also a few strip clubs in Minsk that are not in hotels like WestWorld Club or the Belaya Vezha is a casino that has some erotic shows at night.

These might be the best part of the Minsk nightlife and if you play your cards right (and are willing to drop some cash) you might be able to set up a meet with a girl in your room later on.

These hotels with the strip clubs are also good places to find other prostitutes. The hotel bar here may have some, and many of these have night clubs where you can find hookers.

Remember if you are ever in a city where it is hard to find girls for sex then the pick up bars at the expensive hotels are a good place to look. High end escorts wait there for bored rich businessman.

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Erotic Massage Parlors & Brothels In Minsk

Finding either a brothel or erotic sex massage parlor in Minsk will not be easy. There are some saunas around town where extra services have been rumored to go down, but again it will be hard to find.

They are all definitely out there somewhere, but since the authorities are always trying to crack down on the rub and tugs the locations change often.

Ask a taxi driver where you can find a happy ending massage in Minsk, a brothel, or a ‘kontaktbar’ and he will likely know of some. The prices might be pretty high because they are such a rarity.

You may just be better off checking out our porn section then visiting a massage parlor here.

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Freelance Prostitute Bars In Minsk

The best way to find girls for sex in Minsk is to head to freelance prostitute bars. Here you will find some hot ladies that will have sex with you.

Some of the best to go to are:

  • Dozari
  • Mojito
  • Next
  • Shtiritz

Since these hookers are freelancers it will be up to your negotiating skills how much you pay.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Minsk

The nightlife in Minsk is not the greatest but things are still possible here. Since the prostitution scene isn’t huge you may **GASP** need to try and pick up a non pro at a bar. OMG how awful. If that sounds to tough just watch some free hot webcam porn.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned above is trying to find hookers online. This is always a bit sketchy and you may expect a super hot girl to show up at your room and instead get a much uglier version knocking on your door.

But the internet is where many girls market themselves these days so Craigslist or an old fashioned Google search for Minsk escorts to meet hookers online may be your last option. First though try out the hotels with the strip clubs and meet some slutty girls there and see if any of the sluts are more like whores.

If you wanted to meet girls that weren’t hookers then use Adult Friend Finder. It is a great hook up site for meeting horny women online from all around the world.

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You probably shouldn’t go here just for the nightlife. You would be much better off in other places like Kiev, Budhapest, or Saint Petersburg, or read this eBook on the best places around the world to meet easy girls.

Good luck trying to find girls for sex in Minsk.

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