How To Not Get Ripped Off At A Strip Club

Tips for not getting ripped off at a strip club

If you are a single guy that will be doing some traveling knowing how to not get ripped off at a strip club will save you a lot of money over time. Even in your home city there might be some scammy clubs, all around the world there are.

But many of them are targeting first timers and tourists who they can get some extra cash out of. It isn’t always done in the same way, for instance in Southeast Asia they will go for a small win, adding an extra drink or three on to your bill.

They are just hoping to get an extra $5-$20 out of you that you will never notice. It is a great way to increase a bars profits while having a low chance of getting caught. In Europe they will go for the home run, they don’t want to rip you off for $20, they want to rip you off for thousands of dollars and have no shame in doing it.

What are you going to do? Call the cops? Now the cops are happy because they are going to get a cut from however much you end up paying. You aren’t going to win, it is your word against theirs and you will have no one to help you out of the situation.

If you don’t want to find yourself in this bad predicament there are a few things you can do. First off do a Google search of the club in question before you go and see if people mention any scams. Heck in some cities like Budapest and Amsterdam you should just avoid strip clubs all together because scams are so rampant.

But if you must go then follow the tips in this post and you will limit your chances of being ripped off. Some clubs might be so skeevy that they still will try and find a way, but at least you tried your best.

Any time you are near a red light district there are going to be many clubs trying to rip people off.

Confirm Prices Before You Order

Strip club safety tips don't get drugged or robbed

Before you buy anything in a strip club you need to ask to see a menu or confirm what the price is and pay for it as it comes. Make sure you know how much your drink is before you buy it.

More importantly make sure you know how much any drink you buy for a girl is. This is how many clubs will really screw you over. Lots of them will have prices for a guys drink and then a ‘ladies drink’ inflated price.

In Southeast Asia the ladies drinks are generally just a couple dollars more then the guys drink and not a big deal. Although some will have ‘double ladies drinks’ that can be around $5 more, still not enough to break the bank.

In Europe some clubs make all of their profits off of the same common scam. In Frankfurt near the red light district there are quite a few small bars around the area, and at some of them there will be a door guy or girl that tries to usher you inside as you walk by.

You will sit down and get presented with a menu and think the prices are reasonable and a girl will come sit with you. She will ask if you can buy her a drink and if you say yes you are buying her a very expensive glass of champagne. Again they swing big and this might be thousands of dollars for a single glass.

Always ask how much the drink you are buying is and then follow rule number 2.

Never Run Up A Tab

Asking to run a tab is like music to their ears. You have just made things so easy for them, they can try all of the tricks in their bag and hope that you are to drunk to notice.

Is it really that hard to pay for each drink as you go? That way there is no checking of the bill later and wondering if you really did have 9 drinks like they said, or if you only had 7 like you thought.

Order your drink and give her the cash before she goes to get it for you. That way she can’t come back and say she already made you the overpriced drink and you have to pay for it.

It will take a very ambitious club to still try and rip you off after you have already paid for the drink you ordered. It is not impossible, but it definitely lowers the chances.

Don’t Use A Credit Card Or ATM

This is just asking for trouble as these places aren’t usually owned by the most upstanding gentleman in the world. While you may be able to dispute some charges on your card they will be pretty hard to get off.

Again it is your word against theirs and what proof do you have that you didn’t buy all the things they said you did. If you get overcharged at best you end up on the phone for hours trying to resolve it, at worst your money is gone after all those wasted hours.

Since you aren’t going to be running up a tab you don’t need to pay with a card anyways right? Give them cash for everything as you go and make it harder for them to screw you over.

Strip clubs will also put in their own ATM’s and can set the fee’s to whatever they want. You might want to withdraw another $100 and find out there is a $15 fee for using that ATM.

Then there is also the threat of having a camera installed to get your pin for skimming purposes, overall it just isn’t worth it. Bring an amount of cash with you that you are comfortable in spending and stop when you run out.

Common strip club scams and how to avoid

Think With Your Head Not Your Dick

You need to know what type of club you are in and if any ‘extras’ are available in the back room. If you are somewhere like Latin America the strip clubs there will often be a combination of titty bar and brothel and you really can bang the girls in the back rooms.

That is pretty common in some places around Europe as well, but do your research before you go and find out first. Somewhere like Las Vegas you aren’t going to be having any sex in the VIP rooms and the strippers there may lie and say you will so you give them hundreds of dollars to get dry humped for an hour.

When she doesn’t put out what are you going to do? Cause any kind of a scene and enjoy telling your story to the 5 bouncers that will come and defuse the situation, good luck on getting your money back.

Know whether extras are possible at the club before you go if your goal is to get any. Don’t just believe the beautiful girl who is telling you they are so you will pay her lots of money.

Final Thoughts on How To Not Get Scammed At A Strip Club

If you follow the tips here you will make it very hard for them to scam you. Only bring a set amount of cash with you and don’t withdraw any more from an ATM while you are there.

Confirm how much everything is before you order it and pay for it as you order. Never run up a tab or give them your credit card. If you play it like this then they will probably just wait and look for an easier mark.

Also try and control your drinking, the drunker you get the more tempted they will become to try something. Good luck and follow these tips on how to not get ripped off at a strip club. Or just meet a freak on Adult Friend Finder for casual sex and skip all the nonsense.

How to avoid getting scammed at a strip club