Finding Girls For Sex In Hiroshima, Japan

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Welcome to this guide to finding girls for sex in Hiroshima, Japan. As most know finding Japanese hookers can be a bit hard for foreign men, but in case you don’t we will start out by breaking down the prostitution scene here.

There are two main drawbacks to finding sex in Hiroshima. The first is that selling sex is illegal, hookers are allowed to give handjobs or blowjobs for money, but sex is not allowed.

We didn’t really want to title this ‘finding blowjobs in Hiroshima’ so felt like we should point that out first. Secondly, many of the best adult entertainment venues in this country don’t allow foreigners to enter.

Foreign men are known as gaijin and that is why you may have seen the words ‘gaijin friendly’ when trying to research the nightlife in this country. Whether you are looking for bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, brothels, soaplands, massage parlors, or delivery health services most of them will not allow foreigners.

We think most guys who find this page are probably tourists visiting the country since we are writing in English. That means most guys reading this are going to have a tougher time mongering here.

But there are some things you can do to try to improve your chances. If you can find a local Japanese guy and go to a place with him that will help, but obviously that won’t be easy.

Trying to learn a little Japanese would also be beneficial. More doors will open for you if you can speak a bit of the local language.

Also, just be low key and discreet. A lot of the adult entertainment venues don’t want the local guys to know they service foreigners. But if you just slip in and slip out unnoticed they might let you in.

After all they are a business and your money spends just as easily as a locals. Don’t draw attention to yourself, speak a little Japanese, and hope that they let you in.

There is one main red light district in Hiroshima where most of the prostitution will be found and we will give you directions to it. We will also cover the best nightlife in the city and don’t worry there is no lack for places to party.

Plus we will mention the best dating site in Japan so you can try to meet some cute girls interested in foreign men before you even arrive in town. But lets start off with the mongering scene.

Hiroshima Sex Guide

Gaijin delivery health service Hiroshima sex massage

The easiest place for a local guy to find sex in Hiroshima is the Kanayama-Cho red light district. You can find it just east of Nagarekawa cho and Maruko Inn Hotel is just blocks away.

You can find a map at that link because we know that logistics in this country can be very hard to figure out. This is where you will find all of the best adult entertainment for single guys in the city.

There will be soaplands where you can get a world famous soapy massage. You know how you watch those hot Japanese porn videos of the sexy girl staring up at the camera while she rubs her naked soapy body over some lucky guy?

This is how you can finally live out that fantasy. There are many soaplands in the Kanayama-Cho red light district, unfortunately not all of the soaplands are gaijin friendly and remember your happy ending will be a blowjob not a full service sex massage.

In fact most won’t be, a foreigner will have to walk up and down the area until he finds a tout or guy at the door who lets him know gaijin allowed. There should also be some street prostitutes and short time hotels in this red light area.

The easiest way to meet Hiroshima escorts online is to Google ‘delivery health service in Hiroshima.’ If you aren’t aware of what delivery health service is we explain it in detail at that link.

A cliffs notes version is you are ordering a hooker for a happy ending massage to your hotel or apartment. The happy ending will either be a handjob or blowjob depending on how much you pay.

Finding a foreigner friendly delivery health service in Hiroshima may not be easy but if you contact enough escorts you should find one that will take your money. Overall finding prostitutes in this city isn’t the greatest, like in most cities in Japan the local guys get the hottest girls and foreigners don’t get a great selection.

Meeting Single Girls In Hiroshima

On the other hand foreigners do have some things going for them when they try to meet single girls here. There are some gaijin pickup bars where you can meet Hiroshima girls interested in foreign men.

Maybe they are looking for a serious relationship, maybe they are semi pro prostitutes, or maybe they just want to experience something they haven’t tried before. Whatever the reason, any time a guy travels to a new place and looks different than the local guys he is going to get noticed.

If your plan is to try to pick up girls at bars we suggest you stay as close to the Nagarekawa nightlife district as possible. There are so many places to grab a drink and party here, the second best spot in town would be in Shin-tenchi.

Really though, get a hotel or AirBnb as close to Nagarekawa as you can and you will be perfectly located for bar pick ups. Some of the best bars and clubs to meet single girls in Hiroshima’s nightlife are:

If you prefer day game Sunmall and Fuji Grand are two malls located close to each other where you could try to approach during the day.

Meeting Japanese Girls Online

We just mentioned day game, well you better know some Japanese to pull that off. Day game is all about conversation and most girls won’t speak much English.

The nightlife might be a bit easier, at least there the music will be so loud that you aren’t expected to have much of a conversation. Just walk up, smile, and try to dance with them.

But not all guys like to go out to nightclubs. And most of the girls seeking foreign men at the gaijin pickup bars in Hiroshima are the same each night. Wear a rubber if it is coming to easy.

When you meet Japanese girls online you aren’t going to be going after the same gaijin hunters everyone else is. Sure, some of them will be on the dating sites but you will be contact plenty of girls who have never even meet a foreigner before.

The best site to meet single girls in Hiroshima is Japan Cupid. It is the top online dating site in the country and there should be plenty of girls using it here and in the bigger cities you might visit as well.

You can start to pipeline a week or ten days before you arrive in town. Get as many numbers as you can and see who is up for meeting with you. One of the nice things about the site is that they even have a built in translator in case communicating is hard.

This will be the best way for you to find whatever type of girl you are looking for. Want a serious girlfriend? There will be plenty of girls wanting that as well.

Want to find a quick fling with a local girl who hasn’t been with a foreigner before? There will be girls on Japan Cupid who want to experience something new, and why shouldn’t that be you?

Meet sexy call girls online Hiroshima escorts blowjob massage

Good Luck Finding Sex In Hiroshima

This is actually a really easy city to figure out. If you want to monger then visit the soaplands at the Kanayama-Cho red light district.

If you prefer to meet girls that aren’t hookers then stay in the Nagarekawa nightlife district. You will find so much adult entertainment there you won’t need to venture anywhere else in the city after dark.

If you want to meet girls online use Japan Cupid and start to pipeline a week before your trip. As a foreigner some things will be a little more difficult for you, but other things might come a little easier.

If you wanted to read more about how to navigate the tricky nightlife in Japan check out this eBook guide. It breaks down the Tokyo scene in great detail and gives all the tips a guy needs for many of the other biggest cities around the country.

Hopefully this guide to finding girls for sex in Hiroshima was helpful to you.

Kanayama-Cho red light district Hiroshima soaplands

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