Nightlife Safety Tips: Avoid Getting Drugged & Robbed

There are certain safety precautions you need to take when you travel. As a single guy you are probably looking to head out to party and enjoy the nightlife when the sun goes down.

If so this is one of the times where you are putting yourself in vulnerable position. The majority of the people you will meet as you travel will be straight shooters, but it only takes one to do ruin your trip or even worse.

Even if you read every travel safety tip on every travel blog on the web you can still be a victim, particularly if you are going out alone and getting drunk. So what is the number 1 way to avoid this?

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended

Without a doubt this is the best safety precaution you can take when you are enjoying the nightlife. Outside of hitting on the wrong guys girl or scuffing some roid raged dudes new Jordan’s you are going to be pretty safe in most bars.

But that cute girl you just met that seems really eager to leave with you? She may have ulterior motives. Well her motive is probably money, the only question is does she want to make it an honest way or drug and rob you.

Don’t give her a chance. Don’t leave your drink unattended and wait to head to the bathroom until you are between drinks. If you are playing pool set your drink down on the pool table where you can keep an eye on it as you shoot.

You may also want to watch the bartender as he makes your drink. In your local bar back home that may not be important, but when you are traveling in foreign lands you need to be taking extra precautions.

Druggings Are More Common In Some Places

Right now getting drugged in a bar seems to be more common in South America then anywhere else. Colombia in particular seems to be the worst but anywhere in Central or South America you need to be on guard.

They use a pretty dangerous drug called Scopolamine there. Of course it isn’t that dangerous if you take the prescribed amount, but the person who is trying to drug and rob you isn’t concerned about your safety and hopes you will overdose.

To much can cause death, or you can end up in a coma or with a fried brain. This drug has also been known to be used in Thailand as well. Druggings are less common in Southeast Asia then South America but still be on guard.

For some reason Sihanoukville, Cambodia has been known to have a pretty high rate of them as far as SEA goes. In the US the main place you need to watch out is Las Vegas.

There are lots of hookers and/or fake hookers that will attempt to ‘trick roll’ you roaming the nicest casinos on the strip. They will try and get you to buy some drinks and when you turn your head pour it in.

Up to your room you go thinking you are about to have a lot of fun, then boom you pass out and she runs off with all the leftover money you didn’t lose when you were gambling.

Be Weary of Taxis Outside Of Bars

Avoid getting drugged and robbed when traveling
All around the world taxis and similar kinds of public transportation (motorbike taxis, tuk-tuks etc.) are some of your main ways to get ripped off. Whether it is asking for an inflated price, a faulty meter, or driving you far out of the way to run up the meter there are many trying to rip you off.

The ones that wait around bars or popular nightlife spots can be some of the worst and may do a whole lot worse then that. Once again the majority of taxi drivers are good hard working people, but some are not.

They will wait around hoping for someone to come stumbling out drunk and fight over getting him as a customer. Once you are in the car they might do any of the already mentioned tricks or flat out rob you and dump you on the side of the road.

A good way to avoid this is to either wait for a taxi to drop someone else off and hop in that one, or walk a couple hundred meters away and flag a different one down. In some areas that hundred meter walk late at night might be riskier, in others it may save you from a bad situation.

Nightlife safety tips avoid drugged robbed

When You Drink You Are Vulnerable

And that is exactly why people will target you. When a pride of lions is sizing up wildebeests do you think they go for the fastest healthiest looking one? Or do they go for the one hobbling on a broken leg?

Well certain people are predators as well and that is why you need to do your best to follow certain nightlife safety tips. All they care about is getting your money and how this will affect you later on doesn’t concern them.

Hopefully these nightlife safety tips on not getting drugged and robbed will help you out.