The Best Types Of Cities For Guys To Travel To Meet Girls

Single guy travel advice best cities to meet girls worldwide

This post is going to be more general, not pointing and telling you to go here. Instead we will talk about what makes for the best types of cities for guys to travel to meet girls.

While much of this blog revolves around ‘working girls’ this post is more about picking up non pros. If you want pay for play action then head somewhere like Bangkok, and actually that isn’t a bad spot for non pros either.

Ideally you want to head somewhere where you can stand out without even trying to do so. If you are a white guy in Southeast Asia people are going to notice you every time you walk by.

That can have some disadvantages, but for the most part it is a very good thing. Being an ‘exotic’ person that a girl may never have ‘experienced’ before can give you a chance with a girl that a local guy may not have.

Often times girls have been burned by local guys many times in the past, maybe you are different. The truth is if you are traveling to get laid you probably aren’t, but as long as you are honest about your intentions you aren’t doing anything wrong and she still may very well like to experiment.

So the first factor is that you want to head to a city where you can easily stand out. What else makes a city good for a guy?

Guys Should Travel To Cities They Can Easily Afford

We don’t mean get a standard room in a cheap part of town, we mean get a nice centrally located apartment near the places you are going to pick girls up. Renting a condo off AirBnb is always a good option, girls are going to feel more comfortable going to a condo then a hotel room.

If you try and pick up a girl in a club and then tell her your place is 45 minutes away she might back out. If you say its just around the corner she may not. Heck some girls may want to stay over just for the convenience factor.

The less financial constrictions you have then the easier it is going to be to get laid often. As our GuysNightlife Dubai sexy girls guide shows most guys really won’t be able to afford partying in that city long term. Buying a girl a $30 drink and getting nothing out of it may make you more gun shy in the future.

Numbeo is a great resource to find out how expensive cities are.

Guys Should Be Big Fish In A Big Pond

Traveling to get laid hook up with sexy girls

There are many negative drawbacks that come from living in a big city. Traffic and congestion being the biggest ones.

On the other hand girls in big cities grow up faster and tend to be a whole lot more liberal about casual sex. Provincial girls or girls in small towns are more likely to be conservative.

Plus its just a numbers game. Even if only 5% of the girls in a city are slutty if there are a million girls between the ages of 18 and 30 you have 50,000 potential targets out partying in the nightlife.

If you are in a city you can afford then offer to pay for their taxi and you don’t need to deal with traffic. And big cities often play in to our next thing to look for also.

Guys Should Travel To Transient Towns

If you are looking to set up a home base and make meaningful connections with people then this is terrible advice. If you want to have lots of casual sex then it is not at all.

Girls get lonely quicker then guys do, and when girls move to new cities they need to find people to hang out with. If you put in the effort you can be that guy.

Take somewhere like Las Vegas for example. There are so many single girls living in Las Vegas who aren’t from there and don’t really know anyone.

It can be a bit hard to crack through their defenses at first, but once you are in then you can be their go to friend. Benefits will come easily thereafter.

Many guys are traveling to Colombia right now and one of the things that holds them back is how important social circles are there. If you aren’t in a girls social circle it can be hard to gain her trust.

In a transient town there aren’t the same types of social circles that have taken years to build. The girl either makes new friends or she stays home alone. Eventually everyone needs a friend.

Also, in some places with girls can be really shy and may not want to be seen with a guy. In a small town where she has grown up everyone will talk.

In a transient town where she doesn’t know anyone she will care about this far less.

The Safer The Better For Meeting Girls

Good cities for single men to live or travel and get laid

From a young age girls are taught to be scared of the stranger on the street. In areas of town that have a sketchy reputation it doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner and pretty clearly not a threat, they are still going to be put off by being approached.

But if you are either in a safe city or a safe area of town it makes cold approaches so much easier. Some girls are always going to be scared and timid, others will quickly realize you mean them no harm and be open to having a chat.

Travel To University Towns For Slutty Girls

This one is pretty obvious. Most guys want to hook up with the sexiest girls they can, and as girls age their looks can decrease quick.

Plus girls in college are often going to be sluttier than ‘women’ who are working. Some cities are based around a university, other cities have lots of universities located in the same part of town.

Locate yourself nearby to be in a more target rich environment. For example Adult Friend Finder is always a target rich environment if sluts are the goal.

Hook up get laid sex travel guide for men around the world

Guys Should Pick The City To Travel To Meet Girls Wisely

If you head to cities that fit the above criteria and have any game at all you should do well. Small towns are going to be very hard for a variety of reasons. Not many options, conservative girls, and watchful eyes.

If you can’t afford a place then don’t go there, otherwise it is going to make things extremely difficult on you. Head to transient towns or cities with many universities with lots of slutty college girls.

Make sure to use all of your available resources as well. If you see a girl in the day don’t be shy to say hello. Try to party in the nightlife, and online dating is the easiest way to make many contacts quickly.

Choose one of the best types of cities for a guy to travel to meet girls to have the maximum success.