Buying Condoms Online For Safe Sex

Buy condoms online practice safe sex abroad

You take a 10 day holiday to Southeast Asia. This is the trip you have been waiting for for the last 6 months. You have been counting the days and fantasizing about how great it will be non stop.

Your first night is great, you meet a sexy college aged Asian girl and she rides your cock bareback all night. It is your best night of the year so far and you are excited to see what the next week will bring.

You wake up feeling on top of the world and head to the toilet to take piss. OW! You are pissing razor blades. You struggle to find the least incompetent doctor around (good luck finding good doctors in third world countries) and are prescribed a week of meds and more importantly no sex.

Your vacation is ruined and now you are stuck in some city that is built only for sex tourism and can’t even partake. This is the type of scenario that could drive a person mad, but it probably happens more often then you think.

While that would be downright awful there are much worse fates that could happen as well. While HIV is pretty rare from vaginal sex it only has to happen once, and maybe you want to do a little back door play.

Then there are things like herpes, gonorrhea, warts, hepatitis and all other sorts of nasty things you don’t want to catch. So, how do you avoid getting sick with a prostitute or slut?

Wrapping Up Is The Safest Way

Some guys don’t mind rolling the dice and risking it for that added pleasure. Other guys would never dream of sleeping with any girl they just met without a condom. You do what you think is best.

But even if you wear a condom you can still be at risk for some things. Condoms are best at stopping pregnancy, HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and hepatitis.

They give you some protection from herpes and warts, but not full protection. Studies have said that you are 50% less likely to get herpes if you wear a condom, that is something, but not a lot.

Just because you wear one doesn’t mean you are free and clear. Herpes is for life and not something you want to get. Do you really want to have ‘the talk’ with every girl you sleep with from here on out?

Let alone dealing with the flare ups and pain that comes with it.

The Hand, Eye and Smell Test

Whether you are wearing a condom or not you always should be inspecting the girls area before you enter. The easiest ways to do this is first use your hands.

As you are making out with her and sliding the panties off move your hands all over. Use your fingers on the skin all around her pelvic region, legs, and ass.

This will work as part of your foreplay, but it will also let you feel if there are any bumps around. You will be able to feel herpes or warts or anything like that.

If you feel anything out of the ordinary have that awkward moment where you turn on the lights and take a look. If you see any sort of a bump do not enter, even with a condom. Maybe if you are lucky she will give you a BJ to cure your blue balls.

It just isn’t worth it. Some warts can last for a year or more and will be highly contagious. Some people get frequent herpes flare ups that sound brutal. This is one time where your big head needs to win out over the little head.

Now if you are debating on whether you should wear a condom with a clean looking pussy or not then go with the smell test. This is not a foolproof way at all. A stinky pussy could be totally healthy while the most pristine looking and smelling pussy could have the Aids.

You just never know, but smell can sometimes be a sign of something bad going on down there so if it stinks really bad wear a condom.

How Much Risk Are You Willing To Take?

Safe sex with prostitutes condoms STD protection

Even if the girl has HIV you only will get it 4 out of 10,000 times when you have sex with her without a condom. For anal the number jumps up to 11 out of 10,000 times.

That means it is extremely unlikely that you will get it, particularly since the girl is unlikely to even have it. You don’t really need to live your sex life being worried about HIV.

The other stuff can happen, but most of it will be pretty minor. If you get gonorrhea, chlamydia, or any type of urinary tract infection some pills can cure you pretty quickly. There have been some incurable cases of gonorrhea popping up in Southeast Asia but for now they are few and far between.

Herpes is no joke, but luckily most girls are going to be way to shy to let any guy see down there when she is having a flare up. You can still potentially get it if she is ‘shedding’ and showing no signs, but that is very rare.

For some guys the risk is worth the reward. Other guys always want to practice safe sex with any girl.

A Slut Can Be Dirtier Then A Prostitute

Smelly pussy bumps warts STD condom protection

You go out to a club and pick up some girl and bang her at your apartment or hotel later that night. She tells you she isn’t the type of girl that usually does this so she must be clean right?

Unless you are with a serious girlfriend you just never know if the girl is going to be clean or not. Some slutty girls go out and get pounded just as much as hookers do.

Hookers may do a better job of forcing guys to use protection while the slut may take birth control and not care about getting creampied every night.

Don’t assume that all ‘good girls’ are actually cleaner then hookers. That isn’t the case.

Buying Condoms Online

A lot of this site is based around where to find girls for sex. Well any time you are having sex with a girl you don’t know, whether it is a prostitute or a random girl met at a club or on a dating site, you should wrap up.

STD’s are no joke and the last thing you want to do is catch one. HIV rates can be high among sex workers, herpes never goes away, and peeing fire with something like gonorrhea is no fun either.

Before you travel anywhere you may want to stock up and buy condoms online. When you arrive in a foreign country finding a brand or size that fits you may not be easy.

And while it is very easy to find sluts on Adult Friend Finder be sure to wear a rubber with them. While we do highly advise you to bang as many of those easy sluts as you can just remember to strap up when doing so.

Certain places are riskier than others, obviously HIV is rampant in Africa.

Enjoy Your Safe Sex

You should always have safe sex with a girl if you do not know her well. There are lots of options of condoms on the above list so you should be able to find some that are right for you.

Next time you run out come back here and find a new type of condom to buy online. Variety is the spice of life.

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