Best Cities To Meet Girls In India

Best cities meet Indian girls hook up travel for men

This post on the best cities to meet girls in India is going to do as much talking you out of visiting as it is trying to sell you on coming. We know that in this modern era everyone likes to be super positive and PC about everything, sorry we don’t play like that.

Planning a trip to a foreign country is a big deal and we aren’t the type to tell you something is great just to get you to click a link from our sponsors. Don’t worry, we will list what in our opinion are the best cities to meet girls in India, but we are also going to mention why this is not the right country for you to visit.

After going through all of the cities we will also tell you about some online dating sites you can try out to give yourself a better chance of success. This post will be filled with quick hitters, if you want to read more about any city just click on the links given where we have longer write ups.

Don’t Go To India For Girls

Look, if you want to take a well-rounded vacation and possibly hook up with sexy Indian girls on your trip then by all means go for it. The country offers a lot of exploring to be done and you can have a great time here.

Plus there are going to be other travelers from around the world passing through and women on a vacation are often looking to have a good time and get laid. But if you are one of the many men out there who likes to travel to new places because your exotic factor makes it easier to have sex it doesn’t work like that here.

This is a country full of extremely traditional girls, and by that mean they are prude as f#ck. If you think sex is a taboo subject in the US just wait until you get here.

Now with over a billion people obviously there will be some slutty Indian girls out there, but are you really going to travel to try and see a shooting star? Most of the time you will just be staring up at the sky realizing you have wasted a lot of time and money to come to the wrong place. If you want to travel and get laid that link has much better options for you.

The Best Things You Can Do

Travel guide for men hook up with girls in India

OK, so let’s say you want to totally ignore our advice and go for it anyways, more power to you. We do have some tips on how you can find nightlife and possibly meet some slutty girls in different cities around the country.

We already mentioned the biggest and best tip, ignore trying to hook up with the Indian girls and put all of your efforts towards the other tourists. Now, traveling great distances to have sex with girls who may look like they are from your home town may not seem like a good overall strategy, but if you are here you need to make the best of a bad situation.

If you only want to try to sleep with Indian women then only try to hit on them at pick up bars, nightclubs, or with online dating. You aren’t going to capture one of those shooting stars by walking up to a girl on the street at 2pm, and with how rapey the guys are here you should just forget about any street approaches.

If you see a girl at a bar or nightclub drinking alcohol after the sun is down then she may not be quite as traditional as most. We aren’t guaranteeing she is a slut, she probably isn’t, but at least you know she is a little looser than someone who is in bed at 8pm every night. If you can’t find a good place to party here look no further than the nicest hotels in whatever city you are in, they usually have a swanky bar or nightclub.

In the same vein as that choose the right online dating site, but we will tell you more about that after we cover these cities. Oh ya one last tip, stay out of cities like Surat where alcohol is illegal.

Where To Have Sex With Easy Girls

So far this whole post has told you about how prude and traditional the girls here are, well throw that all out the window for Goa. This is a party city known for raves, drugs, and slutty girls who have sex far easier than most cities here.

Now a high percentage of them are going to be women from other countries, but hey at least you are getting some booty. Are you going to find any easy girls from India here? Like that were actually born in this country? Maybe, you will have a better chance than other places, but it is no guarantee.

We aren’t even going to list any specific venues here, just go to Baga Beach or Anjuna Beach and the party will be all around you.

The Sexiest Girls In India

We aren’t exactly sure that Mumbai has the sexiest girls in India, but it sounds right. A major business hub, home to Bollywood, and close to twenty million people live here, you will definitely see some top talent around.

A lot of the top nightlife in the city can be found in Bandra West so try and stay around there. A couple cool places to check out are Drop and Monkey Bar.

New Delhi Won’t Be Too Shabby Either

The largest city in the country, you will also find some of the hottest women in New Delhi. Connaught Place would be where you can find the trendiest clubs and bars.

For the backpackers stick to Karol Bagh and Paharganj. Specific venues are The Beer Café in Connaught Place and Agni the Park.

Good Nightlife In Bangalore

Well, Bangalore is good as far as this country goes. It wouldn’t rank on any best nightlife lists, but when trying to meet girls in India you can’t be too picky. MG Road is where you will want to stay, Pebble the Jungle Lounge would be our top recommendation.

How About Kolkata?

The last city that we are going to give its own write up is Kolkata. Here you will want to try to stay around Park Street, and Privy Ultra Lounge is worth checking out.

We have also written some travel guides for men on:

Different Dating Sites For Different Girls

Meet sexy single Indian girls online dating hook up

Before we got into those cities we were talking about how there were different dating sites to use here to try and meet different types of girls in India.

If you are here traveling through the country for a short time you may not have a lot of success on it because they are more geared towards long term relationships like most dating sites. You should find plenty of girls to chat with in all of the big cities here, but if all you want to do is get laid and move on to the next one that won’t be easy on most sites.

However if you want to find a loyal and loving wife they can work perfect. We expect that most guys reading this are more interested in meeting slutty girls in India to hook up with quickly and that means you should use Adult Friend Finder.

They have a separate skin for this country called Indian Friend Finder but don’t worry it all leads to the same place. If you aren’t aware this site mostly gets promoted on porn sites or sites that talk about sex, it isn’t where you go to find a wife it is where you go to have fun.

We mentioned before that if you see a girl out at midnight sipping on a cocktail she probably isn’t traditional, well if a girl signs up for Adult Friend Finder she damn sure isn’t. If you are traveling from city to city hoping to hook up along the way use it to meet slutty girls online a few days before you go to the next town.

Then when you show up invite them to meet you at a bar near your place, have a couple drinks, and don’t be surprised when you get laid after they accept your invitation back to your place. We spent a lot of time trying to talk you out of visiting just for the girls, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some options.

Now you know about the best cities to meet girls in India, good luck on your trip!

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