A Look At The Countries With The Smallest Dicks

Countries with the smallest dicks on average

We are going to take a look at the countries with the smallest dicks. Not because we think you want to avoid these places because you are gay and want big dicks, but for other reasons.

It is no surprise that Asia is highly represented on the countries with smallest dicks list. Not all stereotypes are true, but apparently this one is.

Of course that is only if this study is really valid or not. You will see the same charts, data, and maps all based on this one study that supposedly talks about the average erect penis length in each country.

Did you ever have your erect penis measured for this study? Did anyone you know ever tell you had they had their erect dick measured? Probably not, but this is the only data that is out there so it is what everyone goes off.

Lets start with the countries that have the smallest dicks and work our way up.

Asian Countries With The Smallest Dicks

If you have spent any time in Southeast Asia at girly bars you probably are familiar of the rule of 3’s. It is a common joke around expats and even the bar girls.

They like Korean guys because they have 3 inch dicks, last 3 minutes, and pay 3k baht or pesos or whatever the currency. Basically they are small, easy, and pay more than white guys.

Maybe these girls know what they are talking about because according to the study North Korea is the country with the smallest dicks in the world. They are the only country under 4 inches, coming in at 3.8. Oddly South Korea comes in at a robust (for Asia) 4.3 inches.

Other very small countries are Thailand and India both at 4 inches even, while Taiwan and the Philippines have an average dick size of 4.2 inches.

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South Americans Have Big Dicks

While black guys may have all the street cred according to the list South America is where the biggest dicks are found. To be fair the biggest erect dicks on the list were in Congo at 7.1 inches, but there were also some African countries coming in around 5 inches.

In South America every country had over 5.6 inches, Ecuador and Venezuela were the tops on the continent. Italians are known to have big dicks but Hungary is said to be the top spot in Europe.

No surprise the US is somewhere in the middle, or better yet towards the bottom. With such ethnic diversity there it was going to be average at best.

Advantage Of Being Around Small Dicks

Lots of guys struggle to cope with the fact that they have small dicks. If you are one of them you can try using male enhancement products, or you can move to a land where everyone else has a smaller dick than you, or at least equal size.

If you are a 5 incher that doesn’t think that is enough give Southeast Asia a shot. You will now be a full inch above the local guys, plus all the ladies will assume you are even bigger then that so all the sluts on Asian Dating will want to try you out.

The older you get the more you realize that size really does matter. Girls try to be polite about it most of the time, but you know they really are hoping for a big dick.

If you wanted to read more about the smallest dicks here is a link to the study.