Picking Up Girls In The Koh Rong Nightlife

Picking up girls in Koh Rong for easy sex

This guide to picking up girls in the Koh Rong nightlife for easy sex can help the single guys locate what they are really looking for. Cambodia has become a very popular country to visit when people backpack across Southeast Asia.

Sure, you can have a good time on a nice relaxing beach without getting laid. But any time you get it in you probably are going to enjoy that day more than a day where you didn’t.

We have previously written about where to pick up girlsĀ in Sihanoukville, Koh Rong is an island that is easily accessible from there. You probably will have more opportunities to get laid over in Sihanoukville, but this island is worth visiting.

In the nightlife here you are going to need to try and pick up a drunk partying backpacker chick, or maybe get lucky with a local Khmer girl. Lets get the boring travel stuff out of the way before we delve deeper into the nightlife.

Logistics Of The Koh Rong Nightlife

The best way to get to the island is probably to use Speed Ferry Cambodia and make sure you take the speed boat. That will get you there in a little under an hour, the slower option takes closer to 3.

There are different options around but Speed Ferry seems to be the most reliable for the price of $20 round trip. From 9am to 4pm they make trips to and from the island roughly every 2 hours.

You will get dropped off on Tui Beach and luckily this is also the main area for nightlife in Koh Rong. Try to get a hotel or a bungalow near here if you plan to try to do a lot of partying and want to meet girls.

Most tourists are going to stay in a bungalow and they are pretty expensive by Cambodian standards. You might pay $20-$40 for a room with no electricity, pretty much just a mattress with a mosquito net over the bed.

Considering over in Sihanoukville you can get a hotel room with a TV and no aircon for as low as $5 you definitely are paying a markup. A decent budget place to stay will be Smile Bungalows and there is some more local oriented nightlife near that hotel instead of the normal backpackers you see at other spots.

There are some nicer hotels around like Paradise Bungalows and Orchid Resort but they are going to cost closer to $100. If you are on a tight backpackers budget this island may not really be worth visiting.

You pretty much just walk anywhere you want to go here. There aren’t any roads on the island (yet) but most things are close enough that you wouldn’t need to drive anyways.

If you wanted to try scuba diving the guys at Koh Rong Dive Center can set you up.

Meeting Girls In Koh Rong Nightlife

Pick up bars Tui Beach Koh Rong girls easy sex

There are plenty of bars around the Koh Rong nightlife to meet girls, but you aren’t going to see too many local Khmer girls. You are mostly going to be partying with other tourists and backpackers.

You might find some Khmer girl tourists, but there won’t be near as many as the foreigners. Most of the bungalows will have a bar and you never know where the best party will be on a given night.

A list of bars in the Tui Beach nightlife are:

Then you can also head over to party at Nest Bar on Long Set Beach as well. Long Set and 4k Beach are both a lot less touristy and have less adult entertainment.

If you want a more laid back beach experience check them out, but other people may get the same idea and spoil it.

Good Luck Having Sex On Koh Rong

If you don’t mind hitting on drunk backpackers and want to pull some tourists then you might have success here. But don’t forget it will probably be easier in Sihanoukville.

Come here for a unique experience of staying on an island. Somewhere with no roads, little electricity, a place to get away from modern society for a bit.

There is some adult entertainment but if the right crowd isn’t in town when you visit then you might not have many options. You could always try to meet a Khmer girl on Asian Dating and see if she wants to join you on your trip.

Best dating site in Cambodia to meet girls for sex

In general they are very conservative and aren’t likely to put out quick. However if one agrees to go on a vacation with you and share a hotel room then she probably isn’t the conservative type.

If you do decide to visit good luck trying to pick up girls for sex in the Koh Rong nightlife.

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