Phnom Penh Or Ho Chi Minh City For A Guys Vacation?

Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City for guys vacation

Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City for a guys vacation is a pretty common question for single men backpacking through Southeast Asia. Some guys are lucky enough to have many months to travel and can hit up both, while others need to be more selective and can only visit a few cities.

Bangkok is the most common jumping off point in the region and is a can’t miss, but where should you go from here. This post will try to answer whether Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City is better for a guys vacation.

In some ways these two cities are very similar, and they probably have more in common with each other than they do with any other major cities in the region. In other ways they are quite different.

We will start off by talking about the dating and nightlife scene, this site is mostly based around girls and sex after all. After that we will discuss the mongering possibilities in both, and when it comes to mongering they are quite different.

Then we will talk about the cities and what taking a trip to either would be like. By the time you finish reading it you should have a clearer understanding of what to expect when visiting either.

We always like to mention that in posts like this we will do a lot of generalizing. Not all vacations or experiences will end up playing out the same way, but if you spend enough time in either we think you will draw many of the same conclusions.

Local Girls Not Easy In Either

Cambodia vs Vietnam girl travel comparison

We are starting off with the dating scene because it is very important to mention that the local Phnom Penh girls and Ho Chi Minh City girls are not easy to hook up with. The vast majority of the women in these cities and countries are going to be extremely conservative sexually.

If you want to take a vacation to either and plan on getting laid you have two reasonable options. You can try to pick up the foreign girls backpacking through, or you can take part in the mongering that is prevalent in both.

But if your goal is to have a lot of casual sex with Asian girls who aren’t hookers you are considering the wrong countries. Check out our post comparing the Philippines and Thailand, either of them will be much better.

This isn’t to say that it is impossible, just that the odds are stacked against you. If you do go out and pull a local girl from a bar or nightclub there is a very good chance she is a prostitute.

On the other hand these are both very good cities to find a serious and loyal girlfriend or wife. Many of the girls here are virgins or will only have had sex with a serious boyfriend in the past, they would make some great marriage material.

The best dating sites to contact them would be Vietnam Cupid for Ho Chi Minh City girls or Asian Dating for Phnom Penh girls. The dating sites will also be the easiest way for you to find that rare needle in the hay stack slutty girl.

Don’t have too high of expectations, but the more girls you contact the more likely you are to find a slut and online dating speeds up the process. While both of these have a bad casual sex and dating scene for a guys vacation if we had to give one the edge it would be Saigon.

There are at least more nightclubs around to go party at, and more of a nightlife scene in general. Day game isn’t good in either.

It should be pointed out that the girls do not look similar at all. Cambodian girls look more like Filipinas with dark brown skin and round eyes.

Vietnamese girls have lighter skin and more Asian style eyes. We can’t tell you which you will find more attractive, maybe do a Google Image search to see which appeal to you more.

Or just check out the selection of girls on Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating and compare them that way.

Meet sexy single Ho Chi Minh City girls pick up online

Mongering In Phnom Penh vs Ho Chi Minh City

Mongering Phnom Penh Saigon prostitutes sex massage

Just because the girls won’t be easy to pull for casual sex and hook ups doesn’t mean you can’t get laid here. Both of these cities have more than enough mongering to fill the void.

However it is done in different ways. Mongering in Phnom Penh mostly revolves around girly bars and freelance prostitutes. That link we just gave you breaks down the scene in full and has a good map to help you navigate your way through the nightlife.

Street 172 has a bunch of hotels and restaurants on it and is perfectly located between the main area for freelancers and the girly bars. You can find cheap sex for around $20 with relative ease, but expect to pay more like $30-$60 most of the time.

The Ho Chi Minh City mongering revolves more around sex massage, but there are also blowjob bars and some freelance prostitutes around. Many nice hotels in the city have spas where you can get all forms of a happy ending massage.

You can also visit the cheap blowjob bars to get your dick sucked for a little under $20. The freelancers are mostly picked up at Apocalypse Now, the prices will be higher there often in the $50-$100 range.

It is important to note that many guys don’t have great impressions of the mongering scene in either of these countries, at least not compared to the other options in Southeast Asia. The Cambodian hookers are often very inexperienced and bad in bed, the term starfish gets thrown around often.

The Vietnamese are better in bed but are known to have really bad attitudes and finding even the slightest bit of a girlfriend experience is a rarity. They are about as cut throat as you will find anywhere in Asia.

You might end up getting a porn star experience in Phnom Penh or find a hooker as sweet as pie in Ho Chi Minh City, but don’t count on it during your guys vacation.

Comparing The Cities

Phnom Penh Cambodia travel mongering guide for men

Both Cambodia and Vietnam had violent second halves of the 20th century and that appears to have held both countries back. They are trying to play catch up, but from an infrastructure standpoint they are quite far behind many of their neighbors.

They are also both very poor countries, the average Cambodian earns under $100 a month. That makes for cheap places to visit, but don’t expect high end luxuries in either.

If you are on a backpackers budget then you will be in heaven. Hotels, food, and moving around town are very cheap in both. If your goal is to ball out then you might be a bit underwhelmed.

Don’t expect great levels of English to be spoken by the people in either country. Communicating with Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City girls is often a struggle.

Always try to speak slowly and remember that Google Translate is your friend. In some ways this can be frustrating, in others it can work in your favor. When dating a girl in either place you aren’t going to need to ‘game’ them, you just need to smile, be friendly, and get them comfortable with you.

They both have some cool touristy things to do but that isn’t our specialty. In Phnom Penh you have depressing places like the Choeng Ek Genocidal Museum or the Killing Fields.

In Ho Chi Minh City you can just roam around District 1 and the Bui Vien backpackers district, the city definitely has a unique feel to it. We would have to give it the edge, you can feel the poverty all around you in Phnom Penh and it doesn’t offer much at all in regards to nightlife.

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Which City Is Better?

Not every guy will feel the same way but we bet if we did a poll most guys would have better things to say about Ho Chi Minh City than Phnom Penh following their vacations. It has a hard to explain vibe about it, and just more to offer overall.

Neither are good from a dating and casual sex perspective, but both can be great if you want to find an Asian bride. The mongering in both aren’t great as far as Southeast Asia goes, but a guy from the western world will still feel like a kid in a candy store.

If you are taking an extended vacation and want to see as much of the world as possible then you might as well check out both since they aren’t that far from each other and flights on Air Asia are cheap. If you only have time for one then we made it pretty clear which we think is better, but you may not feel the same.

We wrote some traveling and mongering guides to both Vietnam and Cambodia. They will give you a better understanding of all of the available nightlife in both countries and which cities you may want to visit or avoid.

Hopefully we were able to answer whether Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City for a guys vacation would be better for you.

Vietnam travel guide for single men mongering

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