Should You Stay On Khao San Road In Bangkok?

Should tourists stay on Khao San Road in Bangkok

It has earned legendary status in the backpacker world. The real question is: should you stay on Khao San Road in Bangkok or not?

To answer that you need to know what type of vacation you want to have in Bangkok. This city might have the best nightlife in Asia, Khao San Road can be a hot party spot, but there are lots of options in this city.

There are many reasons why one might want to stay here when you visit Bangkok, but there are also many reasons why one might not want to. Your plans for how you will spend your trip, as well as your budget, will be some of the biggest determining factors here.

Khao San Road Backpackers District

Khao San Road backpacker nightlife party district Bangkok

There are definitely some big positives to staying here. One is that you are going to be around a lot of many other like minded backpackers.

If you are traveling solo this is a good way to meet some new people to go out with. There is always something to do in this party hot spot.

It is also a good place to stay if you are on a budget. You can find many cheap hotels and hostels on Khao San Road, plus lots of cheap places to eat and drink open for long hours as well.

The nightlife on Khao San Road is great and there really is no closing time, you can head to Gulliver’s for a cool bar or ‘The Club’ for a clubbing atmosphere. Better yet just walk around and find places that look to be lively in this party district that night.

Our last reason why you may want to stay here is because many Thai girls that aren’t hookers come here to meet foreign men. Don’t get us wrong, there will be some hookers as well, but this is one of the rare spots in Bangkok where hookers and non hookers can be found in the same place.

Also you can meet girls from Thai Dating Sites and invite them to come party with you here and many will be glad to do so. For more tips on dating Thai girls in Bangkok click here.

Many Travelers Don’t Like Staying Here

The main reason not to stay on Khao San Road is because it is isolated from a lot of the other good nightlife in Bangkok. If you plan to find hookers our GuysNightlife Bangkok sex guide is all about places that are pretty far from here.

If you read just about any travel guide one of the main things everyone suggests is to stay on Sukhumvit near the BTS sky train line. This way you can travel around the city quickly and cheaply.

Getting from Khao San Road to Nana Plaza is either going to involve 250+ baht taxi fare or taking a ferry, then long BTS ride, and wasting a lot of time.

Location is key, and while there is a lot to offer here if you want to go elsewhere it is going to be a pain. We mentioned those ThaiFriendly or Thai Cupid dates you can invite over, enjoy paying their 500+ taxi fares round trip.

Khao San Road open hours closing time night market

You will be better off staying on lower Sukhumvit, maybe even at the Nana Hotel if you are going to be going to be spending time in the famous Bangkok Go Go’s like PlaySkool.

Lower Sukhumvit will put you walking distance from Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, blowjob bars, massage parlors and many freelance prostitutes. If sexy Thai girls are your motivation it is a much better spot.

Some people like staying around backpackers, others don’t. They can be loud, obnoxious, and being surrounded by them 24/7 is enough to make some people go crazy.

Prostitutes Khao San Road call girls closing time open

Check Out Khao San Road For Yourself

It is probably better off to start your stay on lower Sukumvhit and head out to this area one night and check it out. If you like it you can always move over.

But isolating yourself from a lot of the rest of the city isn’t wise. You can get cheap hotels on lower Sukhumvit as well and won’t need to spend 500+ baht any time you want to go somewhere.

So our answer to the question of ‘should you stay on Khao San Road in Bangkok?’ is probably no. Though everyone has different goals on their vacation and it may tick the right boxes for you. For more tips on taking a budget trip to enjoy the Bangkok nightlife check out this eBook guide.

Bangkok budget backpacking travel guide Khao San Road


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