Where To Buy Sex Toys In Singapore

Buy sex toys in Singapore Orchard Geyland adult stores

If you are looking for where to buy sex toys in Singapore they will not be hard to find. All you need to do is head to the Geylang red light district or Orchard Road and you will have plenty of adult erotic shops to choose from.

These two areas were prominent in our Singapore mongering guide and they are each loaded with sex toy shops. No matter what type of kinky adult products you are looking for will easily be found here.

We will give you a nice list of some sex shops to check out, but we suggest you pop your head into any adult store you pass while in town. That way you can price compare and make sure you aren’t paying too much.

Adult stores will often have huge mark up on their products. They know the average Joe or Jane doesn’t have a clue how much a vibrator should really cost.

So they will price things way higher than they should and make a big profit off of every sale. Luckily in Singapore there are so many sex toy shops around they can’t get away with it quite as easily. Still, do some price comparing at the other shops you pass and also online before you make your purchase.

Best Sex Toy Shops In Singapore

There are many to choose from but some of the sex toy shops in Singapore with the best reputation are:

As you can see there are many located on Orchard Road, and you can easily buy sex toys right in the Four Floors of Whores at Orchard Towers as well. Another good area with some cheaper sex toys would be on Geyland Road which is a great place for budget shoppers.

Buying Adult Products Online

Some people prefer to go into a store and buy things they can see with their own eyes and feel with their hands first. Others will prefer to buy sex toys online for the ease, convenience, and discretion it provides.

Many of the Singapore adult stores we just mentioned have websites, but you can also buy sex toys online on hundreds of different sites. You can easily find a huge selection of erotic products, far more than you would ever expect.

Plus since there are so many different sellers online you can find much more competitive pricing there. You should definitely price compare online before you make any purchases in a Singapore sex toy shop.

The huge selection of online stores with dildos, vibrators, BDSM & bondage gear, cock rings, porn, sexy outfits, lubes, and many other adult products is a site to see.

The most popular in the world for men is the Fleshlight and you can get a great price on it buying directly through their website at that link.

Find Girls To Enjoy Your Toys With

If you are looking to find some adventurous girls to enjoy your new sex toys with hop on Singapore Love Links. It is the top online dating site in the country to meet singles. You can also meet many kinky and horny girls on Adult Friend Finder, in all of Asia this country has the second most users on this site that is all about hooking up.

Geylang Road sex toy shops meet kinky girls Singapore


For more tips on how to take a budget trip to this city check out our Singapore mongering guide. It breaks down everything a single guy needs to know before he visits this city so that he doesn’t spend more money than he needs when looking to have a good time.

Remember to price compare before you visit any of the best shops to buy sex toys in Singapore.

Meet sexy girls Singapore Orchard Towers Geylang

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