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Thanks for checking out this men’s dating guide on where to meet single girls in Lisbon. More guys than ever are traveling through Portugal and like always they are hoping to get some ass along the way.

We have already covered the prostitution scene in our Lisbon sex guide. This one focuses more on where to pick up girls who aren’t after your money.

The sad fact is that this is not an easy city to be a playboy. Well, at least not if you are hoping to pick up local Lisbon girls because things are very social circle oriented here.

Guys on a short vacation will have a really hard time working their way into those tight knit local groups. When girls go to nightclubs they are generally with their best friends or relatives that they have known for a really long time.

That means they aren’t going to want to have them know that they went and hooked up with a guy they just met that night. You can possibly get a lot of numbers and maybe set something up for later, but a bar pick up and one night stand right then is not going to be easy with the locals.

Luckily enough tourism is booming here and that means there will be plenty of girls traveling through. Tourists are always easy pickings, they don’t have to worry about the same social circle stigma and they will be out looking to have a good time.

Who cares if they leave the bar with some guy they barely know, they will be in another town in a few days and never see any of these people again anyways. If your time is limited here then don’t go for the local Lisbon girls, instead try to get laid with the tourists who are out partying in the nightlife.

But just because the locals aren’t easy to pick up at bars that doesn’t mean you can’t find them in other ways or get their number for later. You can sometimes still hook up with them, just not on that first night most of the time.

This Lisbon dating guide for men will begin with day game and then talk about the ladies of the night. At the end we will tell you about a sneaky good hook up dating site that works really well here.

Day Game Dating Guide

Day game can work reasonably well here with the locals if you speak some Portuguese. Girls will give out their number if they have some interest and then its up to you to eventually get the close.

Malls are always a decent spot for day game. Women love to shop, they will be in a good mood when doing so and also feel safe and secure making them more approachable.

Some good malls around the city are Centro Colombo, Armazens do Chiado, and Centro Vasco da Gama. There are also a couple of good beaches nearby to meet girls in Lisbon like Praia de Carcavelos and Praia Sao Pedro.

Beach game isn’t always the easiest but when the weather is nice you should at least see some nice booties in some skimpy swimsuits.

Meeting Girls In Lisbon’s Nightlife

One of the biggest keys to having one night stands in any city is logistics. The closer you are to the best nightlife district in town the more likely you are to get laid.

Lisbon girls might not want to hop in a taxi with a stranger and go all the way to the other side of town. The more time that they have to think over their decision the more likely they are to back out.

But if you have a hotel or AirBnb right next to the bars you met them at or a short ride away then it is much easier for them to justify their decision. The best nightlife district in Lisbon is Barrio Alto and this is definitely where you should try to stay if night game is your goal.

There will be plenty of locals coming here to party and also many tourists. Just about any travel guide you find around the web will be telling tourists that this is a good touristy and nightlife area of town to make your home base.

There are so many wine bars in this city and they are a great spot for either a date or to go grab some pre game drinks. Maybe if you meet a local girl at one of them and then venue change to a club later on you might have a better chance of scoring that first night.

Or if you met a girl who wouldn’t leave the bar with you then invite her out to a wine bar the next night. They make for a great date spot and wine in this country is very good and very cheap.

Some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet single girls in Lisbon’s nightlife are:

Really though walking around Barrio Alto and finding some good bars with pretty girls or good ratios is probably your best strategy. Another bar district is called Pink Street and it is worth checking out as well, you can find many strip clubs there.

Hook Up Dating Site In Portugal

Lisbon dating guide for men pickup bars meet single girls

Remember we told you that one of the main reasons these girls don’t like to leave with you is because they don’t want their friends to know. That doesn’t mean they are totally prude so getting their numbers is worth doing if you have the time to pursue.

Another great thing you can do is log on to Adult Friend Finder because there is a surprisingly high number of active female users in this city compared to the population. There are around 700 as of mid 2017, by comparison somewhere like New York that has a population over 5 times as big comes in at just over a thousand.

So there are slutty girls around that don’t mind having some no strings attached fun, you just have to put in the effort to find them. That effort can be done by collecting numbers in Barrio Alto, the slow and tedious process of day gaming at the mall, or by hopping on Adult Friend Finder for better efficiency.

Meet sexy call girls Lisbon Barrio Alto pick up bars

Good Luck Getting Laid In Lisbon

This city has some really good pros and some tough cons going against it. Any time the locals are hard to pull from a bar that makes things more difficult.

But there is a really good bar and nightlife district that should have plenty of easy tourists around. Plus those local girls can be scored with later on, just not directly out of the bar to your place.

Get numbers, go on some romantic wine dates, have a well located place nearby and come up with a reason for them to join you in your room. If you do that then hopefully things will go well for you.

If you wanted to read about some even better places around the world to meet easy girls check out this eBook guide. It breaks down some great cities where you can pull girls from the nightlife with ease and also have good mongering.

Hopefully this dating guide for men on where to meet single girls in Lisbon was helpful to you.

Expat dating guide Lisbon pick up bars hook up get laid

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